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The Brooklyn Hoodie by SBCC

In January I took park in a Giveaway on Instagram hosted by Skinny Bitch Curvy Chick to win their latest pattern – The Brooklyn Hoodie.

#brooklynhoodie #sbccpatterns #sbcc   351

I’m a big fan of their patterns so was over the moon when I discovered I’d won.   It did take a few days for me to notice the PM in Instagram as I’d never had one before!

Their patterns are drafted for petites. At 5’4″ I always feels I’m somewhere in between – not quite a petite but not tall either.

Previously I’m made their Lemoncello Cardigan (unblogged for some crazy unknown reason) so here it is at a Presentation Night when I was Lady Captain (the second time!):

#sbcc #lemoncellocardigan

I’ve also made the Manhattan Pants and the Cabernet Cardigan.  Oh, and I’ve made a few of their free tonic t shirts too!   All the other patterns I’ve bought (except the free one of course!!).  The paper patterns come printed on proper paper in a plastic A4 folder which is really neat.

As soon as I won the hoodie pattern I was on the look out for fabric.  I have some grey in my stash but wanted something a bit more special.

I stumbled across this when I was out and about in Dewsbury sorting things out for the recent Spoolette meet up.


I must’ve been distracted as I never bought any at the time, but aptly named Lucky Fashions still had some in stock when I returned with the Spoolettes.

#yorkshirespoolette #fabworks   330

I cut out the fabric quite quickly after the meet – pre-washing it first at 40 degrees. After all a white hoodie was going to be having regular washes at that heat I should imagine!

#sundaysevens   324 (2)

It took me quite a while then to get round to making it up.  Partly because I was undecided about which zip to use and whether or not to use a contrasting top stitching thread.  It was this Hoodie on the Prolific Project Starter’s blog that got me going with the fancy top stitching!

#yorkshirespoolette #fabworks   349

I did a ridiculous amount of practicing and testing which stitch, colour and even got to grips with using a twin needle.

Eventually I decided that it was all going to be cream with no contrasting.  As I’ve said before I’ve loads of clothes that don’t really go with each other, and I didn’t want this to be another casualty!

The fabric was a dream to sew and all the pieces went together really easily.  Some of the seams were quite bulky, but trimming back the seam allowances meant top stitching wasn’t such an ordeal.

#brooklynhoodie #sbccpatterns #sbcc   336

When preparing the pockets I basted the short edges before stitching them to the front.  The intention was to remove these stitches but once finished they were hardly noticable.

#brooklynhoodie #sbccpatterns #sbcc   328

I used loads of pins when attaching the pockets.  Wonky pockets were not going to be an option!

#brooklynhoodie #sbccpatterns #sbcc   329

This is the stitch I eventually chose for all my topstitching – everywhere – number 16 below.  It was wide enough to cover most of the raw edge inside the hoodie, and the tiny bits it missed I was able to trim off.


A few more constructions pics:

#brooklynhoodie #sbccpatterns #sbcc   330

#brooklynhoodie #sbccpatterns #sbcc   335

#brooklynhoodie #sbccpatterns #sbcc   332

#brooklynhoodie #sbccpatterns #sbcc   337

#brooklynhoodie #sbccpatterns #sbcc   338

didn’t bother using the zipper foot.  I sewed a row of stitched with the walking foot as I needed it not to shift at all.  I intended to run another row of stitched with the walking foot but didn’t need to.  Once I turned the zip inside it was fine and I was able to top stitch it with my fancy stitch.


All in all this was a really satisfying make.  It’s gone along with my small plan in my head to make more wearable clothes and to try and stick to solid colours.

I finished it yesterday morning, just in time for a stroll around Harrogate in the afternoon. Hubby’s getting less embarrassed about taking photos in public, but as we were just in the town centre the back drops aren’t the best!

#brooklynhoodie #sbccpatterns #sbcc   339#brooklynhoodie #sbccpatterns #sbcc   340#brooklynhoodie #sbccpatterns #sbcc   341#brooklynhoodie #sbccpatterns #sbcc   342#brooklynhoodie #sbccpatterns #sbcc   348#brooklynhoodie #sbccpatterns #sbcc   349#brooklynhoodie #sbccpatterns #sbcc   344#brooklynhoodie #sbccpatterns #sbcc   345#brooklynhoodie #sbccpatterns #sbcc   346#brooklynhoodie #sbccpatterns #sbcc   347



So that’s my first garment from the Spoolette’s recent trip.  We’re all hoping to complete a garment within 4 weeks of the trip and I’ll be linking them all together.

Cheerio for now!






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  1. That is the poshest hoodie I have ever seen – just as well if you were in Harrogate! It looks just brilliant in that fabric and the topstitching is a tour de force. Well done you! It goes so well with your jeans too. Did you go for tea in Betty’s?

    • Thanks Lynn! No I missed out on Betty’s – there was a big queue as usual, which would have meant less time in the fabric shops. I made do with a coffee and a pasty from Greggs! πŸ™‚

  2. Your hoodie looks fabulous and such a versatile colour you will get plenty of use out of it. I loved your choice of top stitching – it never occurred to me to do anything other than two rows of straight stitch. Think I might β€˜borrow’ your idea in the future.


  3. Oops, now I feel bad for slowing you down. But not too bad πŸ˜‰ That hoodie is cracking! I love how the honeycomb stitch makes a mini quilted effect on you seams that mimics the overall fabric. Great choice. I’m sure it’ll get lots of wear.

  4. Wow Ali! This looks so amazing. The topstitching is fab. I like your idea of basting in the zip before sewing it on. You made the right call to keep ot all cream – it goes so well with your Stylearc jeans too. Beautifully done! I am inspired! Hila. X

  5. Looks great. And I liked the other cardi too!
    Is that boy, I’m assuming yours, doing a runner, but not quite fast enough, to get out off that photo!!

  6. Looks great. Such a great texture to that fabric!
    I see you are championing the latest fashion craze – ath-leisurewear. According to the Times it’s the latest thing worn by the youngsters. I see it as an excuse to wear my trainers and track suit bottoms around town although my OH sees it more as ‘letting yourself go’.
    I’ve a couple of white tops. They are great for lifting a winter complexion this time of year, to hell with the washing.

  7. The texture of the fabric makes me want to touch it – is it as quilted as it looks? Love your choice of top stitch, too, it really works well. Hubby is obviously getting used to taking pics of you as there are quite a few in a very public place!

    • Yea, it’s quite squishy with the pattern embossed on it – I think that’s the right way to describe it! It would make a great lining for a coat too. Hubby is now resigned to the fact that I will take advantage of him when the need arrises as sewing and blogging keeps me happy!

  8. LOVED seeing this make – looks great with those jeans – but could also be dressed up, don’cha think? Am soooo glad to know you liked the pattern as I’ve been eyeing it. And also veeery grateful to know you’ve given thumbs up on the limoncello, too. Was undecided about cutting into my fabric until now. Think you made the right choice on top stitching, as it looks great with that woven pattern giving loads of texture. FAB make! xx

    • Thanks Del! I think I may have to nip back and buy more fabric – I’ve not taken it off for 2 days and think it will be worn out in no time, I love it so much! The lemonchello is lovely but not something I’ve worn a lot so I wouldn’t use expensive fabric, but it’s a quick make. πŸ˜ƒ

  9. This has turned out so well! I just love your fabric choice and how professional it has turned out – you’ve achieved a really great finish as it looks just like a RTW garment! Bet you will get loads of wear out of it. PS – Harrogate is lovely isn’t it?!

  10. Great hoodie and great photos too! Who’s the young lad? Is that your son or some random young un who’s jealous of your hip top?!

  11. I’ve never thought about making a hoodie, but this is brilliant, you have done a great job! It will be really versatile too. I’m hoping to cut into my Dewsbury spoolette trip fabric soon!

    • Thanks Trisha! It’s not something I’d buy normally – white outer wear!! But when we can make stuff ourselves rules seem to go out of the window! πŸ™‚

    • It’s gone in the wash after 3 days of constant wear. Think I’m going to be more choosy when I wear it – it was only cheap fabric and I’ll be gutted if it bobbles. πŸ˜€

  12. corrineappleby says

    I love this! You picked the perfect fabric for this project. The top stitching looks fab. How great to use one of those fancy stitches that usually gets ignored! This looks so wearable that I’m very tempted by the patten. I’m not petite though!

    • It’d be easy peasy for you to make one – a walk in the park after all those shirts and jeans. I bet your boys would like one – H was quite surprised at how mine’s turned out. πŸ™‚

      • And I even have a lovely New Zealand merino ponte that arrived recently – maybe that’ll get used for such a project. Mind you, for me, not for the boys πŸ˜‰

  13. poppyinstitches says

    looks fabulous!! Going to have to try one of their patterns for my Ma, I’m too tall for Petite.

    • Thanks! There’s lengthen lines so you easily be able to make it bigger if you both wanted one. I’ve just seen your email – I’ve made 1 but not 2 yet – I need some spray starch according to the tips. I called into a big tesco last night but they didn’t have any πŸ˜” Good luck with yours πŸ˜€

  14. Claire Ross says

    Looks great and not at all self made which I always think is a good compliment !!

    • Thanks Claire. the ladies at the golf club today were surprised, and I don’t surprise them so often these days as they just assume I’m wearing handmade clothes. πŸ™‚

  15. Looks fabulous – although surely you need good thick coat on in town at the moment. Hope you had your vest on πŸ˜‰ That fabric does look lovely to work with.

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