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It’s 20 years this year’s since I ‘left home’ properly. Properly, as in I had a narrow escape and came back after the first attempt!

It’s still home when I’m there, and I get roped into stuff just the same and i love it!

Thanks mum & dad!

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      • Yep, definitely lookin’ a young lass, wi’ a good-looking young lad there, too. 😃 Done Dewsbury again yet? Hope they’ve still got your white fabric!

  1. Do you find you ‘regress’ a bit when you’re home. I only have my Mum left now and she’s quite elderly so I have to behave like an adult now but, when my 22 year old comes home, despite living in a flat in another country, she suddenly becomes 12 again and lounges around in p.js and fluffy slippers and wants her favourite food and her ‘own’ corner of the sofa.

  2. Very sweet photo! I always, always tell my husband and children that ‘I’m going home to Mum and Dad’s’ mch to their collective annoyance/confusion x

  3. Congratulations on your twenty years. But great that your mum and dad’s is still home too – mind not a surprise, they clearly are fabulous parents 🙂

    • They certainly are! The furtherest I’ve ever managed to move away is where we live now and it’s only a mile! It’s fab that H is just a home there too. 🙂

          • Hopefully your excellent example will stop him going too far. My two are chalk and cheese. My eldest has real itchy feet and ‘doesn’t like the UK’. Youngest loves to come home, but all the film industry work is London based – a least while she’s trying to make her mark. Although she does love London too. Hopefully in the future we’ll close the geographical gap with her, but I really do think eldest will settle down NZ and that breaks my heart 😦

  4. What a great picture, and it must be a great memory. With my mom moved in, I think she feels at home, and that’s so rewarding! Home is such a subjective and often changing concept, isn’t it?

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