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Top 3’s of 2016

I’ve been blogging now since September 2013, but this is only the 2nd time I’ve looked back and posted on the previous year.  I tend not set myself any goals or targets, and  generally just amble along and see where my sewing takes me.

I was surprised to read I had named 3 garments that I said I would make in 2016 when I was just looking back at my 2015 review .  None of which I did!

Lets home my #2017makenine that I’ve posted on IG is more successful!  



I’m basing my post around Gillian’s Annual Roundup but only doing the top 3 of each category and I’ve tweaked them a bit too.

So here’s my top Threes………


1  – The GBSB Drapey Knit Dress

Is this really me!!!

This was made,  blogged and given away in 2015 but was THE most popular post on my blog in 2016 as well and in 2015. Lets hope it doesn’t make 3 in a row!

 I don’t have many regrets in life except maybe not putting some make up on, doing something with my hair, and using the self timer – I don’t scowl at myself like I do when H is attempting photos  on this particular day!

drapey dress GBSB 7

2   – The Yorkshire Spoolette Meet Up in Dewsbury

Yet again the Spoolettes meet up I organised in Dewsbury made the Top 3 most popular posts.  The 2 meet ups I’ve organised have been quiet affairs compared to Sew Brum and Sew Up North, but Dewsbury still is an ace place for shopping and there will be another meet up in 2017 – watch this space!


3   Inspiration From People Watching

A post I wrote after people watching and taking lots of photos at York Races Ladies Day in the Summer.


It just goes to show it’s not just my handmade garments that bring readers to my blog!


1  Butterick 6390

I only completed this in November but have worn it to death and have received so many compliments.  I think if I’d have made this earlier in the year it would have been in the top 3 most viewed – it only had 2 months on my blogs but wasn’t far off.  I’ve shown it with my Holly Jumpsuit which was a favourite but didn’t quite make my top 3.


2  Vogue 9082 – Made for the Big Vintage Sewalong

My all time favourite frock. Umpteen (2!) muslins, though it felt like umpteen!  The fit was spot on and I just know no one out there has a dress like mine!

#BVSEWALONG #V9082 #Vogue9082 686

3    – The Brooklyn Hoodie from SCBB

No where near as glamorous as the other 2 in my top 3 but worn probably the most out of everything I made in 2016.  Comfy, stylish, smart when needed and can wear it with jeans, a maxi dress or my gym gear!  A definite winner!


1   Simplicity 1873

Unfortunately only worn 3 or 4 times. I had high hope for this pattern with the fabric.   It was the style not the fabric, it just never hung properly and I felt I was forever adjusting myself.  I still have it and it’s free to a good home if anyone would like it!

2  Vogue 8805

Another garment that I had high hope for.  it’s all finished except for buttons and has some stunning edge stitching, but I just felt like I was in theatre scrubs when I put it one!!

3  Jersey Top that came free with love Sewing

I won this gorgeous gingham from Girl Charlee but it just doesn’t fit properly.  I think I might have sewn up the wrong size, so again free to good home if theres someone who’s a RTW size 10 it should fit you.thimberlina-sewingblog-1257


I met up with a patient from over 10 years ago.  He fell from of about 2-3 storeys and wanted to say thankyou for saving him.  I remember the day it happened like it was yesterday, and it was very humbling to meet him again.  It had suffered life changing injuries but how he coped was an inspiration.

Another year as a none smoker!

I can’t think of anything else that I’d call a proper highlight – does that sound bad or ungrateful for what I have, I hope not!

So that’s 2016 gone in a flash!  I’ve just had a count up and I made 27 garments, I baby quilt and quite a few other bits and bobs.  They call all be seen on my Handmade in 2016 page.

I’m hoping to carry on the Sunday Sevens in 2017, as well as focussing on making garments that will be worn lots, and not just filling my wardrobe with orphans.  I’m also going to carry on thinking about quality and not quantity, which I think I managed to do in 2016.

So in 2017 may your seams be straight, your collars pointy and your reader be full of inspiration!

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I sew and play golf. I blog about my sewing as I don't think you'd want to read about my golf. It's bad enough watching it on telly! Contact me via email -


    • Thanks Cathy! I need to add that – definitely! I used to dread inserting zips until I watched the free zip class on craftsy. I still refer back to it if I’ve not added one in a while. Here’s to lots to smile about in 2017 🥂 😆

  1. Have loved following you in 2016 and learnt so much from you. Thanks for that I am looking forward to seeing your makes in the new year K xXx

    • Thanks Karen! One of my highlights of 2016 was making new sewing friends in real life not just on the internet, and you’d be in my top 3 😘

  2. Love reading your blog, and really enjoyed the spoolettes meet up in February. I’m going to use your zip tutorial this this year to conquer invisible zips!

    • You should, they’re not too hard! Just remember if it’s not invisible enough just keep doing another row of stitching a bit closer until it is. Will be announcing the next Spoolette meet up soon so hopefully you’ll be able to come along again 😃

  3. Well done on the no-smoking – I well remember how hard it was. Did you follow a particular Craftsy zip class? I must beat the dread this year.

    • It’s the free class, I think there’ll be only one zip class in the free section.
      I sometimes still can’t believe I’ve stopped, I’d say I was a proper one, it was the first thing I did when I got up on a morning. So glad I did 👏🏻😃👏🏻

  4. Great round up of the year, I like your people watching blog and the little denim style jacket best! Well done giving up smoking, I gave up about 15 years ago but still have the occasional 1 about twice a year, I can live with that!

    • Thanks Alison, the people watching was something else. I wish I’d taken my big camera with a zoom, it’d have been much more fun, and less dangerous. I thought once or twice I’d be in bother!!
      Don’t think I’d dare even light a cigarette for someone never mind some one. I’d be too scared in case I started again! 😃

  5. The Vogue dress is divine! And I love the hoodie. Your little denim jacket looks so well made too! Great highlights… and congrats on not smoking! That is a milestone for sure!

    • It sure it, I sometimes still can’t believe I did it! I just wish I’d have stopped years ago. But never mind! I really enjoyed making the little jacket as much as I do wearing it so I think there’ll be more! 😃

  6. Love the hoodie and the denim jacket. And I’m sorry the lips top didn’t work out – it’s so cute. So much good stuff on your blog….I’ve enjoyed immensely it even those times I didn’t comment. And congrats on the smoking stop!

  7. Your blog is always so much fun to read. I always enjoy it and actually look forward to seeing all that you have going on. I am looking forward to more in this new year.

    • Thanks Robyn! That’s lovely to know, here’s to more fun posts in 2017!! I used to find it hard when I first started and found a glass of wine help to get the words going but it’s gotten easier now I feel like I ‘know’ everyone!

  8. Yours is my favourite blog so I’m glad to hear you’re keeping going at least for this year! Do you know what happened to Teresa from Navy Blue Threads? I spotted her in your Spoolettes pic and miss her presence on here.

    • Aw thanks Sheila, your’re mine too and I wish you were my next door door – or mine yours – your village sounds a gorgeous place to live.
      I got in touch with Teresa a couple of times – I sent messages to her but the only email I have is her blog one, not a private one. It’s a bit worrying that she’s just disappeared. Have you got her address – did she do last years SS?? Just had a thought, I created a spoolettes Facebook page, I wonder if i have her on there…I’ll go check. x

  9. A great year for you Ali, and even the ‘misses’ will have been useful to teach you things (always look for the silver lining!).
    Can I add ‘May your seam ripper weep through lack of work in 2017’?

    • SOL (smile out loud – just made that one up😂), that’s a good one! I need to compile a list if sewers good wishes! 😃

    • God, it’s hideous! My mum was looking back on the post today over lunch and nearly wet herself!! Photo to come on this weeks Sunday Sevens!! It’s good for people to know I’m ‘normal’ don’t you think and that i don’t glam up for the photos!! 😂

        • Haha, reminds me of when I had my Make up done ‘properly’ for my lady captains photo at the golf club. She asked what sort of look I wanted, so I said like I hadn’t got any on. I was really good, but everyone thought I’d had the pic air brushed and it wasn’t me!! 😂

          • Ha ha! I was in a magazine once and, like you say, although the makeup was good, I didn’t look like me and, yes there was an airbrushed quality to my skin that looked rather alien and a bit reptilian 🙂 I’ll stick with being me any day. Mind in the 80s, being me meant putting eyeliner on with a trowel – so maybe I’m just getting old 🙂

  10. Congratulations on such a successful year of sewing – and non-sewing stuff, too. And how amazing to be able to meet up with a patient whose life you saved, and find out how they’re getting on. Bestest wishes for another great year in 2017!

    • Thanks Janet! You too! Every year gets better for us sewers as we learn more and get more adventurous so hopefully it’ll be a fab one! 🙂

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