Sunday Sevens
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Yup, I’m late again, but I’m only just catching up with Tuesday and really don’t know what day it is!  Those nights shifts again playing havoc with my world!

Sunday  Sevens is the brain child of the lovely Natalie over at Threads and Bobbins.  I think there’s quite a few of us now going in, I wonder if he thought it would take off like it has when she first thought it up??

1     A late entry from the week before. I was looking for a pic of me at my BIL wedding and this was the best I could find!  My dress was a bargain at House of Frazer – £10.50!  More than what a pattern would cost!  think my niece’s dress on the right might have costed a bit more!

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2   Rory our cheeky cat – I didn’t know she drank out of glasses!

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3  The first pop of colour in the garden.

#sundaysevens 330

4    A trip to Harrogate meant I could go to one of my favourite real life fabric shops Fine Fabrics of Harrogate.  I’m not sure what the owners name is but she’s lovely and I always end up spending ages chatting to her.  I bought some blue silky fabric and 3 jersey remnants.  I’ll show you another time.  If you’re ever over this way call in.  A different shopping experience to Dewsbury but equally as enjoyable!  And she stocks Indie Patterns!

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5  At just over 5’10” H nearly went head first over the post when attempting a leap frog!

#sundaysevens 333

6    A UFO that I’ve unearthed.  I’m hoping to get it finished for this months challenge over at the Monthly Stitch. It only needs the edges finishing and the neckline lowering, so fingers crossed I’ll get chance.

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7   My mums doing really well after her knee surgery 3 weeks ago today.  She’s still in pain but is keeping herself busy with the crochet hook.

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8  On Sunday I woke up about 45 minutes before I had to set off for work.  And I had 2 parcels!!  All the way from Del in the USA!    Thankyou Del!!  I’d left my phone at work so couldn’t take any photos, but H took some for me. It was like an early birthday pressies!!

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The feature photo is of a cute little crocheted heart that wrapped the attached card.  Love it loads – I’m going to hang it I’m my sewing room!

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  1. Your wedding dress was lovely. As is your ufo. I keep finding then hiding in piles of fabric!! Your mum is keeping busy wow that’s grown. Hope it get easier for her soon K xXx

    • She’s doing really well, fingers crossed she’s ok tomorrow – it’s the Xfactor concert and we’ve been trying not to be too excited in case she’s not up to going xx

    • They are cheeky – we never feed our anything other than his cat food and I don’t usually find him up to mischief like this! 🙂

  2. What a lovely package to start the day off right! Glad to hear your mom’s doing well and keeping busy. Have a great week!

  3. Even tho we’ve just spoke pre-your tea, me mind was in other places as I scrolled down to see the first photo.
    “My, what a nice heart,” I thought to meself. ‘Wonder if she (assuming improperly) used the same pattern I do.” And looked at the hidden address, but no clue, & scrolled down further to see whose post it was.
    OH. Yours! Quick scroll back up to 1st photo, which I then recognized. Duh.
    Am relaxing with a cuppa & dark chockie McV’s, so am in no hurry. Hope you all enjoy your pizza!
    H is 5’10”? Oye!
    Lovely crochet that CyberMum is working, and good for her for keeping busy. Hope that wasn’t beer in “Rory’s glass!” Can’t believe your bulbs are up. Mine indoors have fizzled out and there’s none outside in my neighbourhood. Must expand it, if it ever stops raining, high winds, etc.
    Have a lovely week & don’t work too hard, Lovely!

    • Thanks Del! Been a busy week, but as you know my own doing – earning extra pennies for my girlie golfing trip so can’t complain! Rory is a bit cheeky and i can safely say it was water, honest! x

  4. Lovely post but all I am left with is a craving for Hersheys chocolate….cookies and cream…….😂. Glad to hear your mum is feeling better.

  5. Aah, now that is a posh fabric shop. My only excuse for going to Harrogate would be to visit my in-laws and that isn’t happening any time soon!
    Your Mum is getting on with her blanket isn’t she bless her. What with that, and the driving lessons, she mustn’t have a minute to herself. I hope she’s doing her physiotherapy – I hear that’s very important after knees and hips are messed with.
    I was going to ask what a BIL was but I’ve just remembered your multi-married brother-in-law. At least he gives you lots of opportunities to glam up!

    • Haha, you’re right, mums really busy – we’re off to the Xfactor concert hopefully tomorrow – hope she can fit it in!! I’ve never seen my mum crochet ever, even though I know she can (we had a magic blanket when we were small) so it’s good to see her doing some and hopefully she’ll get the bug! 🙂

  6. Oh Rory…..what would we do without our feline companions? (And the canine companion I’m hoping for soon) Love the color blocked UFO, look forward to seeing it all finished up. Sweets make a sweet present, and those patterns will be perfect for you! What a way to start your morning. 🙂

    • It was a lovely start, but such a shame I had to dash off to work – I’m looking forward to some days off next week to have some sewing time. Clothes, that is – I’m hooked on these little patchwork squares at the minute. Hope it’s not gonna take over from my dressmaking! 🙂

  7. Your wedding outfit looks lovely – I really like the neckline. Spring flowers are just gorgeous aren’t they? The parcels sound delightful and I am keen to track down that fabric shop next time I visit Harrogate!

    • It’s really worth a visit! It’d be lovely to have a wander round harrogate with your mum. There’s the Remnant House too. If you do go there’s parking outside. Through the week it’s permit holders only but if you nip in the shop she’ll give you a permit. 🙂

      • Thank you for the tips – I think I should make the effort to go in the next couple of months, an annual visit to the Knit & Stitch show doesn’t leave much opportunity to seek out other places.

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