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Hello from a tropical part of the world – Yorkshire!  Temperatures are well into double figures (12 degrees C) and everyone is smiling, despite H loosing his football match 5-0.

Here’s my Sunday Sevens – a few photos from my last week, linking in with Natalie from Threads and Bobbins, and all the other lovely Sunday Seveners.

I started the week on my blog with a Vlog – egged on by one or 2 o you (you know who you are!).  I don’t think vlogging will be a regular feature here on my blog but I’m a sucker for trying anything once!

1  The few from the back of our local co-op where the car park is.  I popped in and was almost blinded as I parked my car.  Quick photo…. and when I came out of the shop the sun had disappeared, so I was lucky to catch it.

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2  I didn’t get any running in this week but did manage 2 rounds of golf.  In winter we put the ball on a little plastic mat to protect the soft ground.

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3   Out for lunch with mum.  Double egg n chips weren’t on the menu but they rustled up my mums favourite.

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4  This is the farm shop where the above cafe is.  Good job I’d eaten my lunch before I had to walk past all those cakes!  I couldn’t totally resist, a pack of bakewell slices sneaked into my basket!

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5  Prior to my quilting escapades I couldn’t see what all the fuss was about needing the expensive quilting rulers.  I managed with a 50cm ruler which cost less than a pound and a french curve.  But now I have 3 proper different sized quilting rulers and they needed a home – my cute toast rack that hasn’t seen toast for yonks!

#sundaysevens 401 (1)

6  A tunic/dress in need of a refashion.  8 inch removed from the bottom and hemmed with wundaweb! This is the before picture.  I’m thinking maybe I should add a bit of embellishment using what’s I’ve chopped off??

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7   Me and H went swimming.  It’s that long since I last went the swimming cossie took some finding.

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All these pics were taken Monday to Thursday.  I was back to work on Friday after 8 days off and was hoping to take some pictures for the Happy Valley fans out there, but I’ve either been sent in the wrong direction or it’s been dark.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, must dash, working in half an hour!!

PS the chunky knitting in the feature pic is what arrived from Wool and the Gang.  it weighs a tonne!


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I sew and play golf. I blog about my sewing as I don't think you'd want to read about my golf. It's bad enough watching it on telly! Contact me via email -


  1. Vlog was great. It made me chuckle. Hope your mum is OK and getting literally back on her feet. Positively balmy these temps long may it last K xXx

    • She’s doing amazing, thank you! Next time we have a spoolettes meet up I might do a vlog post for that and you can co-star! 😀

  2. Hope the sun lasts til Easter, we’ve had a barbecue outside at easter once, it was so warm. Lunch looks yummy! Is the knitting a jumper?

    • I’d be happy it if lasts til my day off tomorrow! Yup, it’s a jumper, I’ve nearly finished the front, it’s knit up so quick with those jumbo needles.. They’re just a bit of a hand full! 😀

  3. My quilters rule collection is increasing too! Good idea to put them in a toast rack! It’s nice to have a bit of warm sunshine, actually managed a couple of days in the garden this week – well over due but I’m a fair weather gardener!

  4. Lovely week – apart from the 5-0 loss. It’s a slippery slope this quilting equipment malarkey, one day you’re buying a ruler the next you have a room full of quilting ‘notions’.

    • I think I’ll even end up having a separate stash. What’s happening to me!!! And then the sock thing will be the next thing to take over my life, lol 🙂

      • Oh yes, you don’t want to mix quilting fabric with dress fabric and clearly yarn needs separate storage. Strikes me there’s absolutely no need to visit bathroom showrooms for what to do with this extension you’re having. You just need to fill it with shelves for your stashes and a nice area for your sewing machine, room for a cutting out table, an ironing board and a big comfy chair.

  5. Looking forward to seeing the jumper finished. Is the jersey yarn easy to knit with – despite having to wield those jumbo needles?

    • The yarn’s easy enough, as it curls I thought it might look uneven but it doesn’t. The needles are crazy to handle! I think if I use this yarn again I’ll find a crochet pattern instead – I think I big hook will be easier to manage than these 2 tree trunks!! 🙂

  6. Sorry for little H’s score… and thank you for explainin’ that little plastic thingy on tee. Musta been cold, considering that hat you’re wearin’. D’ya have enough Heintz packets on table? We’d get maybe 2, & not Heintz. But what’s on your plate, luv? Waffles along side salad? You’re gonna be a proper quilter w’ all those rulers. 😉
    I’d leave the tunic w/o extra for a wear or two, to see what you think. You can always add. How d’ya keep your knitting on those huge needles? They look quite short, considering.
    Have a lovely week, Dear One! May your warm sunny weather continue! 🌞🌞🌞

    • The knitting needles are a handful Del! And noisy! It’s a wonder the hubby doesn’t complain and the clattering when he’s trying to watch telly! I ended up keeping the refashion simple by just shortening it and have worn it loads – you’re right, it didn’t need anything fancy xx

      • Oh, didn’t think about that part. 😮 Guess they would be a handful, and noisy – clatter-clatter,clatter-clatter. So glad your refashion was successful! 😀

  7. You always seem to squeeze so much nice stuff into a week – meals out, gorgeous views plus exercise AND crafting – I’m always in awe!

    • It’s probably because of the long days I work it means I get 4 days off each week. We’re changing to 10 hours shifts in April, which I’m really pleased about, it’s mean working an extra day every other week but getting rid of the 12 hours will be a relief. 🙂

  8. Great idea using your toast rack for rulers! They’re so big and awkward, I never know what to do with them. I wonder if you could use a strip of the gray fabric to add a little ruffle around the neckline of the top? Or a cowl neck?

    • I’m ashamed to say my refashion was very minimalistic. I shorted it to hip length and used tape to hem it. It was very quick though and I’ve worn it so much. 🙂

  9. Love the action photo on the golf course! Hope you had more success than poor H. I haven’t had much chance to be online these last couple of weeks so have yet to see your Vlog but will search it out as it sounds interesting! Great use for the toast rack, made me smile. How about a vertical ruffle running down from the neck of the tunic for a bit of subtle decoration?

    • I ended up being not so adventurous with my refashion. I chopped the bottom off and shortened it with wonda web! I’ve worn it loads since though! 🙂

  10. Fiona M says

    Definitely nicking the toast rack idea for keeping the rulers in order!

  11. There will apparently be a run on toast racks now on both sides of the pond, I need one, too! And I’m not even a quilter yet. Good job catching that sunset, it is glorious! And your vlog “encouragers” whoever they may be 😉 were right, everyone is enjoying it!

    • Lol, I bet they are, probably the charity shops will be the best place. They’d be good to store patterns too, I might keep my eye out for some more for when I have a proper sewing room 😀

  12. Love your golfing in action picture and the toast rack which made me look to see if we had one at home to use in the same way, although I don’t have that many rulers haha. Great chunky knit!

  13. I think you should definitely do another vlog, I loved it! Your Mum’s egg & chips looks amazing! Definitely having that for tea one night this week!

    • Thanks for the vote of confidence Natalie, I’ve recorded a few snippets when I swing last week so I might….. 😀

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