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Another Brooklyn Hoodie & A Refashion 

Remember the white hoodie I made last month?  The only time I don’t wear it is at work, it’s just so cosy and goes with everything.  So I thought I needed to remedy the situation!

Obviously with wearing a uniform I can’t just go out and buy fabric and make something to wear for work.  But I did come across 2 old fleeces with broken zips that were quite large and would otherwise be going in the bin!


From start to finish it took about 3 hours to make. I didn’t go to town with the top stitching like the white one, mainly because it was for work, but also because my machine struggled with this thick fabric.


The double ended zip was from Fabworks – 25p! The pattern was won an the fabric upcycled! So all in all a cheap make!

I used twill tape to neaten the seam where the hood is attached. I won’t be using a contrasting one again – it wasn’t as neat as I would have liked. Passable, just!


I stitched my epaulettes directly onto the hoodie as they often fall off when I’m carrying the heavy rucksack on my shoulder on my other jackets.

All in all its a winner. During the cold spell last week it was an extra layer – 3 coats I had on at one job was I was outside for ages. And this is the only one with a cosy hood.


Well, that’s it!   Just a quick one tonight – I’m on my break and I’m trying to eat my chicken kebab! 😃 

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  1. That is great. Win win all round. Refashion, prize win and OK for work. It’s great when we can make what we really need K xXx

    • There’s some more would like one, I’ll be taking orders soon! Maybe I should just make old fashioned ‘bonnets’ that match our fleece coats! X

  2. GREAT (re)make ~ CONGRATS!!!
    Bet your co-workers are digging through their closets as I type…
    What a grand example for them to recycle & get sewing!
    Next thing you’ll be teaching classes. 😉

    • I hope not, but it’d be an excuse to fetch my machine to work. I used to in the ‘olden days’ when nights were quiet 😃

  3. This pattern is so versatile, love how great it works as a fancy hoodie and more practical one for work. Great use of the old fleece jacket, it looks really warm. Maybe they should commission you to design appropriate outer wear for your work hehe!!

  4. Gosh, this is so clever! It is making me think about what old bits of workwear might be available where my husband works – Tesco warehouse.

  5. Debbie Jones says

    What a brilliant way to use up some old garments. Your new hoodie looks so cosy and I bet you have been glad of the extra layer of warmth with the weather we have been having of late.

    I’d love to have a go at a hoodie, would you recommend the Brooklyn pattern as a good one to start off with?

    Debbie x

    • I really would recommend the pattern. I’m made 4 SBCC patterns and they’ve all been spot on. There’s a sew along for the hoodie which was really useful too. 😃

    • Yea, I used the walking foot and it worked great, until I wanted anything fancier than a zig zag. The thread kept snapping.. I changed needles, thread, the usual but nothing worked, so I kept it simple. Really pleased with it 😀

      • Probably a silly question but did you change the tension to a higher number? I use my walking foot for almost everything now and, if I’m piecing patchwork, I have the tension on ‘3’ but, for the dog collars I make to raise funds for our local rescue centre, I whack it up to ‘5’ and it goes through two thicknesses of webbing and a ribbon.

  6. Brilliant use of a redundant piece of clothing – but you should perfect the use of contrasting tape as it looks great in the hood and you need to do it again:)

    • Thanks! I think the fleece was just a bit thick and bulky to work with, but a learning curve for next time….and there be more! 😀

    • Back in the day I used to take my sewing machine to work on nights, I’d love for it to be quiet like it used to be, 😀

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