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Hello and Happy Easter! 

Hope you’ve all had a lovely week!  We’ve had some good news – the plans have been pleased for our house extension, so now all we have to do is find a builder! 

I’ve just enjoyed a late breakfast of coffee and chocolate before heading off to work.  With a bit of luck your Easter Sunday will be more nutritious and you’ll have time to spend  with your loved ones.


Natalie from Threads and Bobbins thought up the Sunday Sevens as a way of posting snippets of your week that maybe wouldn’t warrant a blog post all on their own.   As usual for me there’s one or two foodie photos!
I really can’t help proper laughing every time I see this photo.  It was taken last Sunday evening whilst waiting to go into the hotel restaurant for dinner. I asked the hubby to take my photo, which he obviously did. We were sat in a beautiful quiet room with huge high ceilings. As he took the photo the anti red eye flash appeared to light up the whole room and hubby’s camera then snapped a photo of my look of horror and embarrassment!   I wasn’t expecting the flash to be on 😳

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My starter  – Spinach soup served with a poached egg, salmon and under the salmon there were 2 slices of sautéed potatoes.  It really was the best soup I’ve ever had! 

#sundaysevens 532
The next morning my Northumbrian breakfast. From the bottom – eggy bread, sausage, black pudding and caramelised Apple.  I also ate 2 slices of toast and 4 Danish pastries! 

#sundaysevens 531
Out on the course the Greenkeeper had his dog working with him! 

#sundaysevens 530
Still smiling despite the hubby beating me 2 days running! 

#sundaysevens 529
I played in my Styl arc misty jeans which were really comfy.  As there not really denim jeans they’re OK to play in – proper jeans on the golf course are a big no no! 

#sundaysevens 528
Back home and back to my sewing machine.  I think Rory missed me, he doesn’t usually try and sit on my overlocker
#sundaysevens 527
I’ve had this chocolate quite a while (weeks not months!).  Del sent me it so I could try some American chocolate. I’d heard bad reports but was pleasantly surpised and enjoyed all three.  H drew a chart and we all tried each one and put them in order of preference .  We all had the same answer….. 1. Ghirardelli, 2. The Organic and 3. Hershey’s. Without look back at what Del told me about each one I’m not sure if that’s the order of best to not as best chocolate. I can’t say worst as I really liked them all, but not as much as a Galaxy bar from back home!

#sundaysevens 526
I’ve managed to get out twice this week running. I did 5 1/2 km but had 1 minute walking after every 5 minutes running as I’m not quite as fit as I was. I always pass this house with the fancy privets but am normally running, but as I was walking for a minute I could snap a quick photo. 

#sundaysevens 525
Yesterday we had a lovely lunch at Jeremy’s in Brighouse before I started work.    

#sundaysevens 523
Family selfie at Jeremy’s… My lip smacking new top having its’ first outing.

#sundaysevens 522
Last night I came across a new family of chicks, how cute are these! 

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So another week and another Sunday Sevens showing what I’ve been up to. If you want to join in too head over to Natalie’s blog and see how you can join in too. 









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  1. I love the photo of you – its like a scene from a scary film where the lead actress has just spotted the spook! Looks as if you have had a fab week!

  2. Debbie Jones says

    Now those are my dream breakfasts, a box of chocolates and Danish pastries.

    That private hedge is brilliant, it must take some work to look after. Do they have any other shapes in the garden?

    Lovely to see your new lips top getting its first outing.

    • They do have more shapes, not many, but I’ll try to take another this week – it’s an excuse to run! The lips are having a night out on Wednesday too! 😃

  3. You do find some yummy meals. That soup looks amazing. Hershey bars yuck. Like cooking chocolate nice you got to try different types. She is a good pal. Don’t we see some great sights whilst running. Glad you are back at it. Another good week. Thanks for sharing K xXx

    • I didn’t realise st first that the Hershey was the cheap one but it was the first one to try. Then we ate some more after the others and it was ok. We are lucky over here with our choice of ‘candy bars’ x

  4. Am amazed that you actually liked the choc!😮 Another flavour’s in mail now… CONGRATULATIONS on your reno (as they say on the diy cable programmes here) approval!LL Love that top, once I got my eyes below your amazed face (te-hee!) & thanks so much for including it. 😘 Finally remembered to add malt vinegar to me shopping list so’s I can practice proper egg-prep. And love the topiary photo – what a hoot! Good thing I’ve just finished eating, else all those food fotos would have tipped me over the edge. Ta for now & hope you all have a lovely Easter! (You, too, Cyber Mum & Da!)

  5. Looks a great week. Ive just finished watching Edward Scissorhands and it looks like he has visited&shaped that bush into a ship! Haha great photo though 🙂

  6. Just wanted to say that your paramedic colleagues here in West Sussex looked after my dad so well this week when he was admitted to hospital. You do a great job – so reassuring in a crisis.

    • That’s good to hear (about how he was looked after not that he’s ill😳), I hope he’s ok and on the mend 🤒

  7. Thanks for all the delicious food pics – now I’m going to have to have to crack into an Easter Egg!

  8. My favourite photo – the cat with luminescent green eyes – alien cat?!
    I was born in Northumbria, we emigrated to Australia when I was 4 years old! I still have loads of family there. Didn’t know there was a traditional Northumbrian breakfast – mine is soy latte!
    Had to take a look at your ‘about’ page… I’d be proud of my kid wearing a York county cricket jacket too – wow! My son went to the UK on his gap year with his cricket fanatic friend. Their friend’s family organised an Aus vs UK cricket match on the village green. A ball came flying at my son and he moved his hands out of the way just in time – he plays piano, not cricket! Needless to say he was subbed off by someone’s mum – demoted to water boy, he wasn’t upset!

    • I’m not sure if the Northumberland breakfast is something that the hotel made up themselves but it was lovely and the first time I’ve been brave enough to try black pudding. Still not sure if i like it!
      Your tale about the cricket made me style – it’s a bit like marmite, and I really didn’t like it before my son played, but I love it now and even watch it in tv! 😃

  9. Haha I do the exact same face when the flash goes off unknowingly! Your foodie pics look yummy once again 🙂

    • It was a shock! And what would Sunday sevens be if the odd howler didn’t make its way in to the collection too! 😂

  10. What a delicious week! I’m wondering about the eggy bread–is that like what Americans call French toast (bread dunked in beaten egg, then fried)? I’m embarrassed on behalf of the U.S.–we do have some good chocolate here, but Hershey’s isn’t it! If you ever get the chance to try Theo brand chocolate, do; it’s really wonderful and maybe makes up for the Hershey’s. 🙂

    • Eggy breads are the same but don’t sound quite as posh! Because my expectations were quite too I think it must have improved the taste of the Hershey’s. 😃

  11. Looks like you had a lovely time away – I love Northumberland. The soup sounds delicious! I’m never sure about American chocolate although Hershey’s Cookies + Cream is pretty good. I think we’re all too familiar with Cadburys which takes a lot of beating 🍫🐷 Great to hear you’ve got back into running this week, and very exciting news about your planning permission – I’m looking forward to updates!

    • It’ll be a while before its finished, I should image Christmas time. I’m more excited about having a proper sewing room than my new en suite bedroom! 😃

  12. You seem to be forever eating out!
    Lucky girl.
    Hershey’s is horrible. Are you just being polite?
    They are a bit snobby about chocolates here in France and most of the ‘posh’ stuff is dark which I have come to like myself now. However, if I can persuade a French person to put their prejudices aside and taste some Cadbury’s Dairy Milk they are usually converted. I think the U.K. has the best chocolate bars. I miss Flakes although my daughter bought me over a 4 pack when she arrived for her Easter visit so I’ve hid them in case anybody forces me to share.

    • We’re surrounded by eating places and fabric shops, and my hubby isn’t a cook tho he does if he has to. I think my taste buds were maybe too appreciate if the Hershey’s with them going first and me going a whole day without chocolate! 😃

  13. LOVE that Jeremy’s buttie 🙂 Now what’s all this about hubby beating you at golf? – we can’t have that. And as for ‘coming across chicks’, I need more explanation.

    • I went easy on the hubby, didn’t want him sulking and I want him to get back into it – he lost his golfing mojo. And the chicks…. Well, they were in a home for people living with dementia. They’d bought the kit to hatch the eggs for the residents. I’ve never seen such young ones 😃

      • Ah Ha! In that case I won’t tell him you let him win. Thanks for the chick explanation – hope the patients are enjoying them.

  14. Oh, this was a delightful and delicious week for you! Love the little chicks. The scary pic is so funny. All those meals are so decadent and wonderful. The running conversations regarding chocolate. My Nana used to send some every Christmas from the UK and it was fabulous! I couldn’t agree more about Hershey … it is generally rubbish. Ghiradelli is pretty good. It seems you must go to small chocolate makers (ie local) to get some really great stuff. And it must be dark chocolate,imho. And what in the world are Flakes? They sound quite amazing…….

    • the scary pic….when I went out for the curry the other day I showed my pals – they couldn’t believe I’d not deleted it off my phone. Didn’t like to tell them I’d shown it on my blog! Flakes are crumbly flakes of chocolate all formed together. Crumbs are always falling off so you wouldn’t eat one on the couch! 🙂

      • Oh, isn’t it funny how we can actually post those pics that would have horrified us pre-blog days! I actually found a Flake here (at an Irish import shop where hubby bought a shillelagh). It wasn’t very flaky, more like layers of chocolate…not bad, not great. I wonder if it wasn’t imported at all, but just another knock-off. (should have saved the label) The Irish marmalade on the other hand was fabulous!

  15. All that lovely food! The soup sounds amazing and I’ve got to try and recreate it. I only like really dark chocolate so probably wouldn’t like any of those. Opinion seems to be divided about the quality of the US variety, doesn’t it? Lovely idea to hatch the chicks in a dementia care home, just lovely.

    • I just hope they find homes for them, the staff weren’t sure what was going to happen to them! I need to try and like dark chocolate as I’ve heard it’s healthy! Maybe I won’t eat at much if I don’t like it! Let us know how you get on the soup – it was a water not cream based soup in that helps 🙂

  16. Love the opening photo! And you sharing it even more 🙂
    Glad to see the lips top getting some wear. sounds like a lovely week filled with good food and company.

    • Looking at it now I can’t believe i shared it either! Oh well! No point just putting the nice photos on otherwise it wouldn’t be a proper look at how my week was. 🙂

  17. All that food looks so Yummie that its made me hungry now. Well done for managing to let your husband win!! Happy Easter

  18. Hey Ali, looks like you had a truly fab week. It must be Yorkshire folk who love their topiary as I pass a neighbours garden with a massive rabbit shaped hedge on one of my training rounds. Speaking of which, I’m getting ready to do a 10k at the moment and still at the walk/run stage too. If you fancy a bit of company on one of yours just give me a shout.

    • Will do! Every week’s different for me as to when I go, it just depends what shift I’m on and I generally go first thing.. otherwise once I’ve eaten I can’t be bothered! When’s best for you?? 🙂

      • Sorry Ali, it’s been such a busy week at work and can you believe I even went out for a run tonight before the 100mph horizontal sleet cut it short! I dont mind what time of day either, just not after 7pm (won’t sleep) and Friday to Monday when I’m not working. Could do one of the drier days later this week if you like. Sunday morning?

        • This weekends my first one off in 3 weeks so we’ve things planned. It’ll be a mad dash round the block if I get out at all over the weekend. When’s your 10k? 😃

          • I’m still not decided whether to join my friends, one doing the Glasgow 10k in June, or the Jane Tomlinson one in Leeds in July. I have a recurring injury, which kicks in when I try to do more than 4 miles, so trying to keep my options open. How about you?

  19. Tough Mudder? The clue is in the title. Ha! Wow, that’s brave. It looks fun though. The latest craze at work is going to the Insanity workout. Why do they give them these titles?

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