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Mini Meet Up in Happy Valley

Since accidentally discovering The Fabbadashery in Halifax  (photos and post HERE) I’ve thought it would be a lovely place to have a mini meet up for the Yorkshire Spoolettes.

So, the date is Wednesday 4th May – the day before the first episode of this year’s GBSB!!!

Are you as excited as me!!! I keep wondering if I’ll ‘know’ any of the contestants.  I’ve got a bit of a feeling that there might be a certain lady who doesn’t live too far from me who might be in it, but it’s only a hunch and I’ve no evidence, and I’m not saying who!

Anyway, back to the meet up!

Chrissy has kindly offered tea, coffee and bikkies (which auto correct keep trying to change to bikinis!!) and afterwards I’ll arrange for us to have lunch somewhere – venue dependant on numbers., but there’s plenty to choose from.

The sewing/teaching room which opens up from the shop won’t be in use so there is somewhere for us to sit,  natter,  bring a bit of hand sewing or crochet – whatever takes your fancy!!

If anyone wants to have a pattern/fabric swap that’s ok, but could we limit it to bringing only 1 of each  – I’ve still got the bag to drop off at the charity shop from the last one!

It’ll be quite different to our Dewsbury meet ups, as in we won’t be going between fabric shops, although there is a market with a wool shop nearby if yarns your thing, and I’m sure Fiona and Del will be able to point us in the right direction for any of our other shopping needs!

I thought  we could stay there until about for an hour or 2 then head off and find a spot of lunch. It’ll be quite flexible so if you can’t get there til later or whatever we won’t leave you behind.

There’s also the possibility of jumping on a train and having an hour or 2 in Hebden Bridge – it’s only 14 minutes from Halifax – again dependant on numbers and what you all fancy doing.

Leave a comment if you’d like to join us. New Spoolettes welcome!! And if you’ve any suggestions or ideas about the day they’re welcome too!!

Once I know how many are interested and spoke to Chrissy again I’ll confirm times and eating place.

And for those of you who’ve followed me for a why you might feel like you sort of ‘know’ my mum a bit too, and she’s hoping to make one in on the day!

Enjoy the rest of your Easter Weekend!

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  1. Karen Dodgson says

    Hi there, I’ve been reading your blog for a while and a day out sounds lovely. I sew, crochet and am learning to play golf so we have lots in common!
    I live in Batley so not too far from you. Count me in!

    • Brilliant, and you’re only down the road from me!! I have 2 other golfing friends who both sew too, a hobby when when its sunny and one for when it raining! Look forward to meeting you! ⛳️✂️🏌

    • It would be rude not to!! I’ll keep my eyes peeled and let you know who’s coming from Leeds, are you coming in on the train? And no panto to spoil your plans this time! 😀

      • Holly Gwilliams says

        I will be on the train. And no Panto… Stress free now 🙂

    • Hi Holly. I am coming from Morley so I will have to travel into Leeds to change. We can plan to meet when we know times if you like K xXx

  2. Lovely idea. Sorry I can’t make it – too close to Helen’s wedding and I’m likely to be sewing like a maniac! I have a class on a Wednesday afternoon.

    • That’s a shame, we could’ve sat round and done some hand stitching for you round the big table. Good luck with it all 😀

  3. Chris says

    Hi, I’d like to join. I live in huddersfield so not too far away. I can’t wait for the GBSB to start. My husband died 9 days ago so I’m looking to keep busy and give myself things to look forward to. I’ve been to Faberdashery ( with hubby, he was apatient man when it came to fabric) and it lives up to its name it is fabulous fabric.

    • That would be lovely for you to join us Chris. Sorry to hear about your husband, you do need things to look forward to and making new friends will be good too. Are you on Facebook? I created a page for those who go so we can all keep in touch. 😀

  4. That has to be the most original reason for finding a new craft shop. Count me in please. It’s very close to the station so that’s probably how I will come. Thanks K xXx

    • It’ll be lovely to see you again Karen, it is really easy from the station – can you get there direct or will you have to go into Leeds? ✂️✂️✂️

  5. corrineappleby says

    Won’t be able to make this one unfortunately. Not that I need anymore fabric – I have more than enough to be getting on with! I also have a hunch about a certain person being on this year’s Sewing Bee but I’ll not say anything here. My husband knows my hunch though so he can back me up in any future “told you” moment (or perhaps not as the case may be)!

    • Aw, that’s a shame, but it is a really long way for you. We need one a bit closer for you – is Harrogate any good – that a lovely place too for fabric shopping. About the Bee. Shall I Message you and see if we’re both thinking the same? It doesn’t narrow it down me saying someone near me as there’s quite a few. 😀

    • corrineappleby says

      Oh yes, that’s a good idea! I wonder if we’re thinking of the same person.

    • Oh no!!!! That’s terrible, youll have to come back for the day. I hope it’s not abroad otherwise you’ll miss the gbsb!! 😳

  6. Oh also, Cafe Passion just behind Fabbadashery might work for lunch for you, food is lovely and you can book in advance, lots of space upstairs

    • I’ve heard that’s good – I think we’re spoilt for choice in Halifax. It’d be great if you could skive off and meet us! 😃

  7. Dee Weaver says

    Definitely count me in, and I’d like to nominate Cheese & Wine (or is it Wine & Cheese?) in Westgate Arcade for lunch.

  8. Your meet-ups sound like such a good idea – I’m thinking that I’d love to do something similar in Oxfordshire with fellow sewers. Not sure that our county has got such good fabric shops as Yorkshire has though…..

    • I think it’s the social side that everyone enjoys probably more than the shopping so go for it! It’ll be great… The Oxford Spoolettes! The Dewsbury meet ups worry me more when arranging as this one as there’s less choice for nice meeting places in Dewsbury but we’re spilt with the shopping. 😃

    • Sorry Lynn 😟. Could you ‘expand’ you’re Wednesday get-togethers with your friend? There must be other crafty ladies in the vicinity?

    • Not sure yet? I think it’ll be 10.30/11, but fairly flexible. Glad you can make it. Have you seen the Facebook page – look up the Yorkshire Spoolettes and request to be added. 😃

      • Fiona M says

        No, sorry, I don’t do Facebook. Dee will keep me posted though!

  9. I’ll be there in spirit if not in body. Unless I have a site to visit over there on the day 😉 Have fun. I know who would be great on the GBSB. Wonder if it’s the same person?

    • There must be some site visits in happy valley – do I need to find a group of men in hard hats for you!? (we’ll all be there!, lol) 🙂

  10. Mandy says

    Hi there!
    I would love to come along and meet you all. I need to make some sewing friends!
    I’m Mandy and I live in Morley x

    • Fab!! Karen’s coming and she lives in Morley too. I think she’s planning on getting the train into leeds then into halifax. I’ll be posting details in the next week or so if you look out for it. Also we’ve a Facebook group. If you look up Yorkshire Spoolettes you should find it – send a request to join and i’ll add you 🙂

  11. Rachel says

    Hi Ali,
    I’m hoping to be able to make it this time (as it is only down the road there is really no excuse not to!), so count me in. Look forward to seeing you.
    Rach x

  12. Hi Ali sorry I am backing out of the meeting. Very sad but will be travelling back from hols that morning. Booked a late availability. Sorry Holly I said we would meet in Leeds for the train. Sorry Mandy from Morley. Hope you all have a great day and see you at the next meet K xXx

    • Mandy says

      I’m not going to be able to make it either 😦 I have to take my Mum for a hospital appointment on that day.
      Sorry, and I really hope to meet you all one day.

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