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Hi!  A belated happy Sunday Sevens!


Fancy having this in your back garden!  A 253ft chimney, known as Wainhouse Tower. Those of you who watched Happy Valley will have seen it or maybe not noticed it.  Despite it’s prominence it’s quite hard to get a decent photo of the tower – I’ve been trying for ages – but last week I went to a job nearby just as it was getting dark.

It’s open to the public on bank holidays and other selected dates and those who dare climb the 403 steps will be rewarded with an amazing view over Happy Valley!

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Quite a bit of rain last week.  H and I went out for a run/jog but it was a definite run past this puddle before any cars came and splashed us!

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I won the first prize in the Easter raffle at the golf club.  A much better prize than the wine I didn’t win last week!  Or was it the week before!?

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Shopping for a new suitcase – H went to Austria with the school on Saturday.  I might need a big one too for my golf trip! Only 16 sleeps!! 

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On Saturday I had 2 forgiven pieces of post. Some goodies from Del and a quilting pattern from Kate.  This cheered me up as I was gutted that I couldn’t see H off on his trip as I was working.  Thankyou ladies!  πŸ˜” (the feature pic is my sewing box after it’s had a tidy up and a home found for my new quilting ruler.  It’s perfect for sewing up the splendid sampler blocks). 

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Curry night out with some work buddies. 

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Whilst shuffling the vehicles round at the start of my shift I spotted the most amazing sunrise.  It didn’t come out too well and I wasn’t able to persevere for a better one, sorry.  

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The cafe featured in Happy Valley is in Elland which is in ‘my patch’.  When they showed it they had the real staff serving on which i thought was brill’.  And best of all it opens on Sunday mornings when every where is closed! 

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 I tried to cut out a pattern whilst parked up in Elland.  It was a bit tricky and I soon got a call so had to abandon that idea! 

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If you’re not sure about Sunday Sevens and want to give it a whirl head over to Threads and Bobbins to find out more – link on previous Sunday Seven posts!

Cheerio for now!

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  1. Gorgeous sunrise & sunset photos, Ms. Ali! What a great prize for you – hope it was all proper chocolate. πŸ˜‰ That sewing box looks wonderful, too. But in a different way. Lol! When does H get home? Hope you aren’t working & can meet his plane. Can you id that pattern? You’ve left us tantalizing hints – or is it a secret. . .

    • Hello! The pattern is one you sent – the one for jersey fabric with a bit of a cross over. I’ve been looking at other online and think I might lengthen the bodice. The choccie was gorgeous and we ate loads in no time at all but none since last Tuesday when I was brainwashed by a health freak colleague and I’ve not had chocolate since!!!! I’ll be home for H. They’ve gone by coach and ferry, a 26 hour journey! 😳

      • Duh! Thank you for reminding me it’s the same pattern as on my cutting table unopened. (hitting head with hands) Will be interested to see what you come up with. πŸ˜€
        Sugar. Am not a fan of it meself, and cut way down on it in recipes, but will do a bit of chocolate just because. πŸ˜‰ But I’ve never been a processed food fan, so figure a little choc is a good trade off. (Now you know how that bar you sent lasted so long.)
        26 hours is a long time to be traveling, & no doubt H will have wonderful times. Glad you’ll be home to greet him! πŸ˜€

  2. Some really dramatic photos this week–love your sunset and sunrise ones! And lots of lovely treats to cheer you up. I hope H had a fantastic time on his trip!

    • I’m sure he’s will, he was soooo excited! School have a Twitter account and add photos everyday so I get the odd glimpse of him πŸ˜ƒ

  3. Great photos again. I had no idea the tower opened to the public. I have added it to my list of things to do. Need to know more about the no chocolate brainwashing!! K xXx

    • The sewing box is one of my favourite sewing goodies! I’m looking forward to having a go at making one. πŸ˜ƒ

  4. So is that area actually called ‘Happy Valley’? I thought it was an ‘ironic’ name made up for the programme. Pardon my ignorance.
    I first thought H was going to Australia and wondered how you were being so calm about it but then re-read it and saw it was Austria so not quite so far from the nest πŸ™‚
    There is lots of scaremongering about sugar at the moment isn’t there? I remember when it was salt. I think the main thing to beware of is all the hidden sugars in food and drink that you wouldn’t even know was there. I try to read the ingredients on things in the supermarket but either my eyes are getting worse or some of the manufacturers are making the writing smaller and smaller on their packets. Best to try to avoid processed foods altogether which is much easier in France as they don’t have the range of ‘ready meals’ they do in the U.K. – although I’ve noticed that is changing fast.
    Love your sewing box (of course ;)) and I see you are making excellent use of it.

    • As far as I know the areas been known as happy valley because of all the wacky backy smoked – it’s geared more towards hebden bridge I think. And I LOVE my sewing box. I’m looking forward to making one too. I’ve spied some white smooth strong card at work – they’re old Union banners from previous strikes! I might have to recycle one!! πŸ˜ƒ

  5. Fantastic prize! Hope your son has a fab time, and gets home safely if he’s not yet back. Nothing like a huge puddle to make you pick up your pace!

  6. You capture some stunning sunsets and sunrises! That Easter Egg basket looks awesome! I loved your little sewing basket it is so well organised – how long will it stay that way I wonder? if you are like me then five minutes is a good record!

    • I think working shifts and being up at ridiculous-o-clock helps capture the sunrises, otherwise I’d be in bed like β€˜normal’ people. I’ve 12 days off so not planning on any mornings soon! The basket is so special I always keep it today, it’s the rest of my sewing space that’s proper messy! πŸ™‚

  7. corrineappleby says

    The picture of you cutting the patten made me chuckle! The things we do when we’re desperate to sew!

  8. Aw, I’m chuffed to see that you actually use the sewing box – I really should make one for myself as it would sit nicely next to the G&T on top of my vintage sewing table. What makes me laugh is that the thought actually went through your head that it would be possible to cut out a pattern on anything less than an expansive flat service!! I hope pics of H enjoying his trip make up for the fact that you weren’t able to see him off, but that suitcase is huge – I went to Milan with my sister for a few days with no luggage at all, just a handbag stuffed with clean knickers and essential toiletries. I’m the queen of travelling light!

  9. Debbie Jones says

    You lead such a busy and varied life, I always love seeing your Sunday Sevens updates. I had to smile at the photo of you trying to cut out a pattern while parked, it just goes to show how ingenious we sewers can be. I hadn’t realised that Happy Valley was a real place until your posts. I bet the tourism has shot up since the two series have aired.
    Enjoy the rest of your week
    Debbie x

    • I wouldn’t recommend cutting out in a car, I never finished it! I got some funny looks from passers by too! Happy valley gets its name from all the cannabis smoked up the valley heading up towards hebden bridge. πŸ˜ƒ

  10. Ha! Glancing through the photos, my first thought, oh my goodness! who in the world can cut out in the car??!! Love your sewing basket, the beautiful sunsets/sunrises, your handsome youngster off on adventure, lovely prize basket, lovely chocolate surprises. Another grand week! πŸ™‚

    • I was only cutting out the paper, not the fabric, but I didn’t even get it finished. It was a struggle doing the bit I did, and nit something I’d recommend! πŸ˜ƒ

  11. Thanks for the Happy Valley posts. Was gutted to hear that there might not be another series, although maybe that’s just a vicious rumour?! Fingers crossed!

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