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There’s no rules to Natalie’s Sunday Sevens!  Head over to Threads & Bobbins if you want to read more about it, and join in too!


This week has been all action packed!  H has been to Austria skiing, I’ve walked/jogged 42 km in 7 days making a conscious effort to get out there at least 45 minutes a day, and the hubby’s been busy in the garden!

Apologies for the next photo – it’s not mine, it’s an advert for my golf club.  But after organising the Spoolette trips I’ve been really surprised to find out just how many people read my blog who are almost on my doorstep.  So to those of you who aren’t so far away I thought you may be interested in this……  Free taster sessions and cheap golf for those who fancy trying it.  You don’t need clubs or golf shoes or anything.

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A visit to Jeremy’s bar again in Brighouse.  This time with Glennis, cyber-mum and MIL.  I really can’t think of anywhere with a better view.

H skiing…..

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Earlier in the week I pegged out my bedding on the line and went for a run.  Gorgeous blue skies.

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10 minutes later it’s looking rather dark.  I ran faster but by the time I got home my bedding was wetter than when I pegged it out 😦

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Saturday I did my first park run in ages.  It was my 7th one and the time I ran was exactly the same as my first one – to the second!  How weird is that!  This is the long slow drag towards the end.  Slightly blurred as i wasn’t going to stop!

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The hubby and H have been busy in the garden today.  They’ve been digging out a place for a new shed at the bottom of the garden.  The garage will be demolished soon and we need somewhere for all the gardening things.

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The last couple of days I’ve been making my first self drafted top for golf.  I chopped up an old one that was a bit small and tatty.  After copying the pieces and making a few adjustments I ended up with this.  Definitely a bright and sunny top!  Do you recognise the yellow tape Del?  It’s perfect!   When H saw it he asked if I was going to the circus??!!  Cheeky!

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(feature image at the top, everyone limbering up for the park run!)

Until next time….x

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  1. We did the same with the first pegging out of the year and we ended up having to spin it again before resorting to the tumble drier! Love the fabric for the new golf top – blog post to follow I hope?

    • It’s so changeable the weather, but today I got 3 washer loads pegged out and dry!! It’s the small things that make us happy!! Yup, post to follow…this was my first go at a polo shirt type top. I’ve added bust darts but they need lowering for the next one which I’m hoping to do tomorrow. And yes, there’ll be a post, I’ve taken lots of piccies, just need some of me in it! 😃

  2. Karen Dodgson says

    Love the golf top, it’s really cheery! I tend to wear black to look as inconspicuous as possible until my golf improves 😂😂
    Your golf club ladies were so lovely and welcoming the other night, please tell them thank you from me. And it was lovely to meet you too! It’s funny after reading your blog, I feel like I’ve already known you for ages!
    Those offers look brilliant, for anyone wanting to give golf a try….go for it!

    • Thanks Karen, I’ll let them know! Hope you didn’t spend up! I managed to resist but only because I’ve so much fabric at home to make golf gear. Let’s hope we get some new ladies, I think we’ve 3 names down already so fingers crossed. Was lovely meeting you too! 😃

  3. Action packed for sure! I love the golf shirt with that yellow tape! Love that you can hang out wash, I miss that around here. H looks to be headed to the big time with his skiing. Good job getting back with your running. Great fun reading about your week! 😀

  4. 42km!!! That’s amazing Ali! 🙂 H looks like he’s a natural at skiing! Love the bias tape you’ve used on the top…Is the measuring tape stuff from Del? I’m wondering where she got it from!

  5. That ribbon looks perfect – such a good use!!! And I love the colours in the fabric – H must ha’ been teasing. 😉 Aw, so sorry your first pegging out didn’t end well, but am delighted you’ve gotten back to your running as you like it so much. Gee, if I were only closer, that annual golf fee looks quite reasonable… Have a grand week, Lovely!

    • H is such a joker and very witty I often can’t tell if he’s joking! Natalie was asking in the last comment where you got the tape from,……. 🙂

      • Will catch Nat’s comment & answer – thanks for the heads up! So long as H doesn’t keep you guessing for too long . . . lol! 😉

  6. I’ve never fancied golf really but I would never have imagined my sister playing either and, now she’s moved to Southern Spain, she has a set of clubs. So, never say never. Love the way you’ve used that tape measure ribbon.

    • It’s a strange game, and most people who play have gotten into it by accident and end up loving it. I bet your sister will be hooked in no time, especially as she’ll have great weather for it 🙂

  7. Debbie Jones says

    Oh I know that frustration only too well, getting all your washing pegged out only to have the weather change and it end up wetter than when it went out!

    Well done you on running 42km in a week – I feel exhausted just thinking about it!

    I love the fabric for your new golf top – it will look so bright and cheerful on the course. Looking forward to seeing the finished version.

    Debbie x

    • Thanks Debbie! It wasn’t all running in and amongst all the miles, lots of walking. Just need some sunshine now so I can wear my new top! 🙂

  8. Your park run is an inspiration – every monday I think I am going to do it, but then Saturday comes and I can’t get out of bed! LOL Your top looks fab! Perfect for Golf!

    • Aw, you must give it a go, it’s really worth getting out of bed for, and I bet you’ll be hooked in now time. I’ve only got mine to go by but everyone says how friendly they all are and will bake you welcome. 🙂

  9. corrineappleby says

    Check you out with your self-drafting top! How clever are you?? Love that tape measure tape you’ve used on it! You’re so good at keeping up with the running. I’ve not been out since November. I’ll have to sign up to another 10K – that will force me to get out there! Oh, and it looks like Scarborough may finally get a Park Run although still in the very early stages. One recently opened at Dalby Forest but not had a chance to get there yet!

    • Yay! That’ll be fab for you when it starts. Which park are they going to use? I might be able to do it next time we come camping over your way. 🙂

  10. I have wrestled with the idea of hanging laundry outside but decided against so far. Great pictures, and well done getting to Parkrun on Saturday. I was scanner at our event this week.
    I’m planning to run this evening but won’t manage to cover as many km as you did last week! Well done.

    • All the extra km’s I’m managing to do it playing havoc with my time for blogging, but it’s getting me off my butt so I mustn’t complain. Instead of staying in bed until 9am reading blogs on my iPad i’m up at 8 and straight out of the house. Mostly just for a walk, but it’s putting me in a better frame of mind for the rest of the day. 🙂

  11. Lots of lovely out and about photos this week! I HATE it when the weather changes and you have to bring in wet washing – it’s so nice to get it dried outside isn’t it? You almost make park runs sound appealing – I know they do them at Clumber Park near me. Well done for being so active this week. Looking forward to seeing your completed top!

    • You want to give it a go, some people walk it with their dogs, it’s just about getting out there and being sociable not about having a super quick time. 🙂

  12. Worth the risk pegging out even if sometimes you get it wrong. Always smells so much nicer when you get it right 🙂 Well done n getting active again, a bit of better weather always helps…

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