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Public footpaths.    There’s absolutely loads round and about where I live.  Not quite as spectacular as some I’ve seen posted this week but serve their purpose just the same.

Here’s my nearest one – it runs down the side of our house.

#photochallenge 553

And opposite our house it continues on it’s way.  This footpath I used every day when I walked H to ‘little’ school and made an otherwise 20 minute walk to school only 5 minutes.

#photochallenge 554


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    • The signpost on the top picture is at then end of our drive pointing down the path at the side of our house (on the right). Our extension will come just less than a metre away from the wall and we’ve bee given strict instructions by the council that we mustn’t interfere or close the path at any time! 🙂

      • Chuckling ~ Am remembering an episode about a house built smack in the middle of a public path, and the police having to open the front & back doors so protestors could continue to use the public foot path. So glad this one’s to the side! (Episode of “Pie in the Sky”)

        • Haha… I’ve not seen that, but I can imagine! It’s a bit like the farm house in the middle of the M62 that wouldn’t budge when they built the motor in the 1970’s.

          • Fiona M says

            It’s an interesting story, which I heard repeated many times when I came to live round here, but having seen the farmer interviewed on TV, it seems it’s an urban myth. It was never intended that the M62 should pass through their farm (which in those days was owned by the present incumbent’s father) and apparently they were never approached to sell or give up the land!
            A disappointment really, I rather liked the idea of the resolute and feisty farmer waving his shotgun and shouting ‘git off my land!!’

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  2. Chrystal says

    There is a 50ft public footpath in Paddock Lane, Hx, that goes down someones drive and out through their back fence (via a 3ft drop. They have to leave their gates open for access. They’ve applied for re-routing which would only mean a 3 minute , flat diversion to the parallel road/path but there are some objections. You have to wonder why planning/legal searches didn’t spot this before they built the house….

    • We’ve loads of these. And call then snickets or ginnels too. Not sure if that’s what they call them in other places tho 😃

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