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Spoolettes Next Meet Up Details


Just a quickie, I’m playing catch in in advance of everything before I go on my holidays in the morning! Sorry, I don’t mean to rub it in, but that’s my excuse for this being short and sweet.


Our next Spoolettes meet up is on Wednesday 4th May in Halifax.

We’ll meet around 11am at Cafe Passion and drink coffee and say our ‘Hellos’

12 noon we’ll head to The Fabbadashery to swoon over their fabric and all the other goodies dotted around. Β There’s also a large table which they use for their classes.

#fabberdashery 413

It will be free so we can sit and natter. Β Bring a bit or crochet or hand sewing, or just yourself!

#fabberdashery 415

Whenever we’re ready we’ll head back to Cafe Passion for a bit to eat. Β I should imagine that will be around 1:30-2pm.

It will be an easy going afternoon, a little shopping, nattering, and generally catching up and talking all thing sewing.



  1. It all sounds WONDERFUL! And sooo nice of the shop owner to be so accommodating to everyone! Hope you all have a lovely crowd and a good day for your visit! We’re all green with envy across the pond ~ 🌎 xx

    • One day Del….. I’m sure one of the spoolettes will win the lottery soon and buy plane tickets for all our lovely friends across the pond to a special meet up πŸ˜€

  2. Hope you have a great holiday and a good meet up. Sorry I can’t be there but will be travelling back from my holiday. See you next meeting K xXx

  3. Enjoy your holiday. I hope the meet-up goes well – I’m sorry I can’t make it. Looks good and I’ll be thinking of you all.
    See you at the meet-up after that. A x

  4. Hi Ali, Following my email to let you know it was me who had made and designed the patchwork sewing bag, I’m just letting you know that the fabric picture at the top of this post is mine too ! This is another course, ‘Applique Pictures’, which I run both at The Fabbadashery and also from my studio in Halifax. Have a look at my website , which is about to be updated with new details since my move to the studio. My blog is part of my website too.
    Have a good holiday ! Annie x

  5. Hi Ali, it all sounds fantastic but I won’t be able to join you this time. Mum visiting!!!! Hope you all have a great time. Xx

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