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Sunday Sevens 64, MeMadeMay & The Spoolettes Visit Halifax


In other words it’s a photo heavy catch up of what I’ve been up to in May.

Errrm, where do I start?

Almost a whole month without blogging!

It’s not that i’ve lost my sew-jo or blog-jo, or would that be blo-jo, I’ve just been busy getting fit and playing lots of golf.  And I feel so much better for it.  I’ve lost 12 pounds and 9 inches!  Now all I need to do is try and get a balance in my life with my family and everything else I love to do.  So I thought I’d do a round up of May incorporating everything I’ve been up to, so really it’s a bit like a big Sunday Sevens.  I’ve still been sewing, not quite as intense as usual but the main thing I’ve struggled with is reading all my favourite bloggers’ posts. Hopefully over the next week whilst  I’m on holiday I’ll find to catch up – fingers crossed there’ll be wifi.

My Me Mad May effort was poor. Well, it was the photography that was poor.  I think next year I’ll set up my tripod near the back door and snap on the way out on a morning.

#thimberlina 608

On work days my SBCC Brooklyn Hoodie was worn.

#thimberlina 616

Polly Top and GBSB Capri pants

#thimberlina 618

Brooklyn Hoodie

#thimberlina 619

Yasmin Yoke skirt and Dimpsy T from Laura after midnight

#thimberlina 620

Dimpsy T and GBSB capri pants

#thimberlina 621

Brooklyn Hoodie and self drafted top

#thimberlina 622

Vogue 8757 pants

#thimberlina 624

Drapey top hack from GBSB book 2

#thimberlina 628

Simplicity 1738

#thimberlina 636

Jasper Cardigan and Lekala Drapy Top

The Spoolettes Mini Meet up……

Not quite as hectic as previous trips we’ve had to Dewsbury, but just as enjoyable.  Some new faces too.  We met at the Fabbadashery in Halifax, then went for lunch at Cafe Passion which I can highly recommend! Unfortunately I’m struggling with this post as I’m writing it on my iPad so links are such a pain in the butt.  Hopefully when I’m back home I’ll be able to fill in more info on the pix.  But just to mention, Chrissie one of our new Yorkshire Spoolettes has had one of her quilts she made featured in a book! How cool is that?!

#thimberlina 609#thimberlina 610#thimberlina 611#thimberlina 612#thimberlina 613#thimberlina 614#thimberlina 615
Now to the Sunday Sevens-ish part of the post. I’m a bit gutted I lost my way and missed some Sunday sevens but life’s too short to dwell in that so I’ll just crack on!

H had his final trial. Unfortunately he didn’t make the team this year but he’s taken it on the chin and not gotten disheartened.  The main thing I was gutted out was that we won’t be going on tour to Taunton. I was hoping to meet up with SEWCHET who doesn’t live too far away.

#thimberlina 623

Moon the Spoolettes trip I bought fabric to make a small quilt for a baby that was due”. It’s almost finished, and the baby is now overdue! All that’s left to do it make the hand stitched label once I know it’s name and date of birth.  In the meantime here’s a sneak peak of what it will…

I joined in a 5k colour run to raise money for our local children’s hospice. A great cause and a great laugh!

Remember shed gate?  Well, we now have a shed and the hubby is happy!

#thimberlina 633

A healthy concoction for tea.

#thimberlina 634

A stunning sunset….

#thimberlina 635

Another healthy tea!

#thimberlina 637

View over Halifax from Southowram.  I just had to pull over to snap this one.  No I wasn’t on a call!

#thimberlina 638

I’ve been helping out with some pattern testing…… More to follow!

Whilst we’ve had some amazing weather in May, we’ve also had some really chilly days too.  It’s not deterred me though, I’ve won a trophy comp, Mr Captains day and come second in another comp!

#thimberlina 640

H captain West Yorkshire under 14s against the Yorkshire side he didn’t get in.  He played really well, and got 48 runs.

#thimberlina 642

I’ve played a few team matches in the last month.  One of the ladies who plays at a local course had to feed the birds.  They came out of the bushes as soon as she rattled her box of goddies!

#thimberlina 643

This is a pic of one of the other ladies bags in the same team. We all loved it.  She bought it for five pounds at a local charity shop. The hard wear to buy would cost more than that!

#thimberlina 644

Yet another healthy meal.  I’m liking black Thai rice- it makes the water go deep purple when you cook it!

#thimberlina 645

Bruised below my waist sutained whilst doing a power hoop session!  Great exercise but not something I’d rush back and do, well not before my holiday at least.  Not a good look to have wearing a bikini, I’d look like a battered wife!

#thimberlina 646
Well, that it’s for now.  Hopefully I’ve passivised my mum.  Every time I see her she asked if I’ve done my Sunday sevens yet.  With a bit of look there’s not too many typos, our planes about to board so I’m not going to have chance to read back over it!

Essentials packed, Cheerio for now x



  1. Healthy meals galore!!! Your Polly top looks so good- I have had that pattern for a long while. I may need to make myself one soon- or 2. It is so freaking hot in Texas. When I get up in the morning it is already 80 degrees F…. I also really like your Brooklyn jackets… and those cropped denims! Looking good!

    • Thanks Laurie! The heat thing is a crazy thing, we all want it but then it can be hard to deal with when its here. We’re away in turkey and it’s been over 100 every day, I’ve never been anywhere so hot! The polly in a nice floaty cotton would be perfect 😃

  2. I think you did pretty well for MeMadeMay – I chickened out altogether! Nice that you had another Spoolettes meet up but sad that you won’t be coming to the West Country any time soon. Another golfing holiday or a holiday with a bit of golf thrown in? Sorry, again, to hear that H missed out this year. 12lbs lost – great achievement!

    • Thanks Sheila, the hubby took H not getting in worse than H did. But he’s been asked to play for them next Monday (H not the hubby, lol), and at Cleveland too which do the best cricket teas and cake ever! Just hope I can get the day off work so can go too! 😃

  3. Great to see you back! There’s just never enough time to do what you want is there! I have been sewing, my approach at the moment is to make the same garment about 3 times, as it’s so much quicker the 2nd and 3rd times!

    • That’s a good idea, I saw your dresses you made from itch to stitch on their FB page, they’re lovely. When making the 2nd and 3rd ones do you do them together, cutting out etc? 😃

  4. I’ve missed you! I even went back looking thru the feeds to see if I had overlooked a post. (Oh, wait…..it’s been even longer since I have posted anything–Oooops!) You look fabulous. Congratulations. Have an awesome holiday. Can’t wait to see your post of it.

    • Aw, thanks Robyn, it’s strange how we miss our blogging buddies, I feel a bit out of it at the minute as I’ve gotten way behind with my feed and now I’m not even sure if I’ll ever catch up! It’s been nice to get some if my old clothes out that now fit me again, but most were pre sewing and a lot of things I’ve made in the last couple of years are too big! I’ve got a big alteration pile now! 😃

  5. Great weight loss! Have a terrific holiday. My daughter’s wedding has been and gone – if you get the chance have a read at some of my posts (more to come after we have a little break) as I know you were keen to see the final results.

    • Thanks Anne! I’ve seen the dress, your daughter looks the most stunning bride ever! Amazing job, you must be very proud of her and yourself 😃😃😃😃

  6. Grand to see you posting again! Have a wonderful time on vacation (emailed you a link assist). How wonderful you’re looking!!! Great work on everything & know you’ve been super busy sewing ✂️, cooking (yummy!), golfing & running. 👟 Give H a big hug for taking his disappointment so gracefully. Hope you have a WONDERFUL & S-U-P-E-R Relaxing time! xx 🌞 😎 👙

    • Thanks Del! Crazy busy but lovely times! I tried to add the links to the end of the post but the wifi was so slow I was worried I might end up pressing something and loosing the original post!! 😳 xxxx

  7. Have a wonderful holiday! So you’re cooking all that delicious-looking food and losing weight, too? Great job on getting fit and thank you for all the fun photos!

  8. Karen Dodgson says

    Great to hear all your news, and well done with the golf and weight loss.
    I’m in Cyprus visiting my son and his family, so no golf for me for a few weeks. Hope I can remember what to do when I get back!!
    Have a great holiday, and well done to Chrissie too on her famous quilt. It was lovely to meet you all in Halifax xx

    • Thanks Karen! I bet it’s scorching over in Cyprus, it’s been over 38 degrees here in turkey every day.
      It’ll all come flooding back when you’re stood on the damp cold fairways! We’ll have to have a game when you get back. Enjoy your break xx

  9. Great to catch up with you! looks like you had a great May and goodness me you are looking GREAT! well done the fitness is definitely paying off!

    • Thankyou! It’s weird that I’m actually enjoying this fitness malarkey and even more now it’s starting to show 😃

  10. Lovely to have you back Ali. I know what you mean about blogging, just no time when you’re juggling everything! Poor H, I hope he doesn’t feel too bad, he’s done amazingly welland you look fantastic too!

    • Aw thanks Nee. H is doing ok, I think it’s character building when they get the odd set back. But we had some good news last night, we had an email asking if he could play on Monday for Yorkshire B so they’ve not written him off altogether. I’ll have to let Amanda know I’m up here way 😃

  11. Wow Ali, no wonder you have been a bit quieter than normal – you have been so busy and you are looking great too! Well done on all the weight loss! Hope you are now having a relaxing holiday, looking forward to hearing all about it 😎

  12. corrineappleby says

    Congrats on the weight loss – that’s a huge achievement and you’re looking great! I’ve gone and signed up for the Yorkshire Cost 10k again this year so I’d better get out running again. I’ve not been out since November – oops! 😃

  13. Busy, busy!!
    I have an earlier edition of the Lynne Edwards sampler quilt book that your new Spoolette is featured in and it is an excellent introduction to many different patchwork blocks – I’ve used mine to death.
    Have a great holiday – I expect you’ll be wearing teeny, tiny bikinis after all your dieting ;

  14. What delicious meals you’ve shared – that salad on the square plate looks absolutely fabulous. As do you, by the way! (I’m giving the healthy lifestyle a good go, too, as I don’t want look like a potato with batwings for my daughter’s wedding in Oct.) Love the pink golf hat, and what a lucky charity find for your friend. Mum looks so happy to be feeding you some cake! So much to see in this “catching up” post, wonderful!

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