Sunday Sevens
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Slightly earlier than last week’s Sunday Sevens but only just!

I spotted this lady whilst doing a road side stand by at work.  It’s not  just me that has busy days – at least i usually have time to get dressed before I go out!!  I think the onesie craze changed everyone’s view of night wear and it’s seen out and about more and more!

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H had a problem with his foot, but luckily big H (my H is little H – or was!!) loves manky feet and had him walking on fresh air in no time!  (it’s my sister if anyone’s local and is in need of any foot care, or just a tidy up ready for summer).

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Sometimes I just can’t help taking snaps of a suddenly unexpected views – another one from Happy Valley.

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And here’s something else unexpected which made me chuckle, this time in Huddersfield – you can just about make the sign out in the bottom right hand window.

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The weekend was I think my busiest ever.  We had an early start – 12 girls from work – and headed to Grantham to take part in a Tough Mudder – well, half a one – only 5 miles of muddy craziness.

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It was smiles and laughs all day, but we didn’t look clean for long!  Here’s one of the big walls we have to negotiate.

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And here I am contemplating how I’m going to do it.

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It only took me 6 attempts! And here i am in action!

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We had such a laugh tho and not too many serious injuries, though one is off sick with a nasty finger injury.  Luckily I just got away with a few aches and lots of bruises.  Great fun and we’re definitely doing it again next year!

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I arrived home at 5:30 pm and after a quick shower, well as quick as you can be when your hair needs 4 shampoos!, I was off to Sheffield to watch Bryan Adams in concert.  We had to get there early as we were in the hospitality having a posh meal and wine.  We missed the starter, I wolfed down the main course and savoured the gorgeous pudding!

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Hubby and me, scrubbed up not too badly and a stone lighter than we were 2 weeks ago – he’s on the diet too!

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And here’s Bryan, singing his heart out..

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Sunday was another busy day.  H was in the semi finals of the trials to get into Yorkshire Cricket again, then off to a family do, then back to our cricket club to watch the mens team which H usually plays for on a weekend.

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H’s trial went ok and he’s through to the final selection this Sunday, so we’ve everything crossed, Good luck H!!

Monday couldn’t come fast enough – the start of 4 night shifts but after the hectic weekend it was definitely a slow down in pace from what I’d already been up to!



………..Sunday Sevens is the brain child of Natalie from Threads and Bobbins. If you’d like to link up with her too you can – it’s easy! Just share 7 ish photo’s from your week that don’t necessarily warrant a blog post of their own.

Cheerio for now x



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  1. Sam says

    Phew, I’m exhausted reading all that! That tough mudder looks mental but you must have enjoyed if you’re going back next year. I love Bryan Adams, he’s absolutely brilliant live isn’t he, I’ve seen him at least 5 times now. Good luck to H playing for Yorkshire, you must be really proud of him getting so far.

  2. Hee hee, I love that you had to go back to work for a rest! I’ve never heard of a muddier but I bet it was hysterical. I wouldn’t have got over the wall for laughing, I don’t think. Four shampoos?! Fingers crossed for H again this year, although I’m sure he won’t need it. More lovely food pics to make us drool again – love seeing these. The fart photo is a scream….!

    • Gosh, I wondered what I’d posted when you said about the fart photo!! Thought i’d had a disaster like the jump suit escapade! Then I realised! Hopefully he’ll get in and we’ll be going to taunton again so might be able to catch up at long last, only trouble is I’ll need to beg to get time off work. 🙂

  3. Good for you & H for losing those stones! Know you both are chuffed & will continue… am certain you split that pud, didn’t you. Lol! Will cross extremities over here for little H getting onto Yorkshire again this season. Hope you’re having easy shifts this week, gearing up for the weekend.
    Mud? Over here it’s red clay & too slippery to walk on. Hope you didn’t have any of that. 😲

    • I never split my puds Del!! Never ever!! Hence why I’ve a few extra pounds to loose. Thanks for crossing everything, I don’t think I’ll watch this time, it’s awful cos they all want it so much. 🙂

  4. Wow well done on the tough murder it looked great team fun. The food later looked scrummy. Well done you 2 on the weight loss. Good luck on selection day K xXx

    • Tough murder!? I think that’s a better name for it even tho its a typo – or is it!? Thanks for your good luck wishes xx

      • Haha typed it again and it still changed it. Looking at those photos murder seems a better name. Total respect. It looks exhausting K xXx

  5. What a week! Tough Mudder sounds great, apart from the injuries! You are still looking so well after your holiday 😊 Sounds like H is doing brilliantly too!

    • Thanks! I think it must be the mud packs that’s doing my skin good, lol! It was fun, I’d definitely recommend it if you’ve got a crazy few mates who would be up for a challenge 😀

  6. Karen Dodgson says

    What a fab week, you must be exhausted though! Good luck to H, I hope he gets in X

    • My life’s definitely steadied down since I started my run of nights this week! I’ve got a 5k colour run this Saturday so the madness will resume! Thanks for H’s good luck wishes! 😀

    • We’ve lost a stone between us both, not just me! we’ve been doing Rosemary Conley – the 28 day inch loss diet. It claims people loose an average of 1 stone in the 4 weeks. It’s basically reducing volatiles, and eating low GI and low fat food. 😀

        • It’s the only diet I’ve ever tried (I did it 10 years ago too) and it works for me, and makes me realise my portion sizes are waaaaay to big!

      • You speak in foreign tongues! What on earth is a ‘volatile’ in this sense and isn’t a GI some sort of American soldier? Whatever it is, it’s obviously working 😉

  7. Good luck to H, although he sounds as if he doesn’t need it.
    I like the diet you’re on – the dessert looks yummy.
    Still I expect you needed to get your strength back after your session with the mud 😉

  8. Your making me feel exhausted reading that! It must be strange for your body clock doing nights. Looks like your muddy day was a great adventure.
    This is Thursday and I’ve just started a new job working full time after 20 years, I’m tired already!!

    • A bit late replying, but hope you’re new job isn’t taking its toll too much.
      My body clock is shot! I’ve worked shifts since ’93 so don’t know any different. On a positive note though I can survive on minimal amounts of sleep when there’s a party or a girlie weekend! 😃

  9. Never heard of a muddier but it looks like you had so much fun. Best of luck to H😃

    • It was crazy, we’re planning to do it again which is even crazier now i know what I’m letting myself in for 😃

  10. Extremely jealous of you seeing Bryan Adams, I usually go when he’s playing in the area but I had to go to the Lake District with my in laws instead!!!

  11. Well done on doing the mudder, you deserved the pud after that! Bryan Adams is brilliant live isn’t he

  12. What an exhausting week. I’m well impressed with the Tough Mudder – even if it was only a half it is still brilliant! You really deserved that pudding 😃

    • It was a crazy day, will be doing it again, but think it’ll be another half. Not brave or daft enough for a full one! 😃

  13. Tough mudder! Even a half is grueling. Good job! And yes you cleaned up nicely and looked to be enjoying your evening out. Good luck to H. Loved the action shot of you on the wall (you might frame and keep it out for those days when you’re in need of some inspiration). Loved your Sundays post, but I might need a nap now just from reading it! 😉

    • Haha! They are a bit exhausting aren’t they? I shock myself sometimes when I see what I’ve been up to! 😃

  14. You’re brave! I watched my husband doing one of these a couple of years ago and vowed never in a million years 😉 Glad you made it round, and even managed to enjoy it! Looks a busy but fun week!

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