Sunday Sevens
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A Sunday Sevens Double Bill, on time if you count this one as this weeks and not last weeks, …… Sunday Sevens as thought up by the lovely Natalie over at Threads and Bobbins…..


1.  Watching Yorkshire play cricket at Headingley, Leeds. This should have been in my last Sunday sevens post but it got missed.  The sky was too amazing to not share it with you.  I’ve not edited this pic at all, but I think the spot lights have cause a bit of havoc with exposure. 

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1. Pokemon even at the golf club! 

#sundaysevens 629 (1)

2.  Time for me to touch up cyber mims roots.  Can’t imagine why she was camera shy! 

#sundaysevens 630 (1)

3.   Last year the cricket club was turned into a cafe through the week and it’s a lovely place for lunch, with scrummy homemade cakes. 

#sundaysevens 631 (1)

4. This last academic year I’ve been a  mentor to a first year student paramedic. Here’s Matt on his last shift with me. Next year he’ll be stationed elsewhere – all the best Matt! 

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5.  Saturday 30th July was a sad night – the Frontier in Batley (Previously the Batley Variety Club) opened its doors for the last time.  Unfortunately I was working so couldn’t go, but I was in the area and it was absolutely buzzing as I drove past – just like a proper night out in the 80’s.

#sundaysevens 633 (1)

6.  Last week we were in Arundel for H’s cricket tour, I spotted this on a house in the next town.

#sundaysevens 634 (1)

7.  Seaside Selfie!

#sundaysevens 635 (1)

8.  I stumbled across a fab shop, quite by chance – though hubby didn’t quite believe me. Yarn, fabric, haberdashery and some wonderful hand made gifts.  (I’m going to write a separate post about my sunny southern shopping experience). 

#sundaysevens 636 (1)

9.  The boys at Arundel Castle cricket ground.  

#sundaysevens 637 (1)

10.  Breakfast….I just couldn’t resist. 

#sundaysevens 638 (1)

11.  The fabric I didn’t buy…

#sundaysevens 639 (1)

12.  Bubble Joe on the streets of Brighton.

#sundaysevens 640 (1)

13.  I’ve bought the latest pattern from Itch To Stitch and got it taped together in my break at work.  It’s a skorts pattern which look perfect for golf. 

#sundaysevens 641 (1)

14. Sunday Sevens wouldn’t be the same without a bit of Yorkshire Scenery.

#sundaysevens 642 (1)

15.   Little H is almost as big a his dad………Dad’s 6’3″!

#sundaysevens 644 (1)

16.  H gave me selfie lessons….though I don’t think I’ve had any problems in the past, he thought there was room for improvement.   I’m not sure I agree! 

#sundaysevens 645 (1)


Cheerio for now! 

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  1. Haha love the selfie lessons from your tall boy. Mine was 6 2 at last measure but either he is growing or I am shrinking. Might be the latter. I am a Batley Lass so mourn the end of Batley Variety Club. My everlasting memory though was the Three Degrees at Wakefield Theatre Club (I was only 16 thought, shush don’t tell anyone!!) Looks like you had an interesting break K xXx

  2. It all looks so yummy, including your newly & completely trained paramedic – congratulations to him! Can’t wait to see more that surrounded that humorous chicken. The night sky photo was outta sight (he-he!) and love the scenic always! Plus the scrummy food. Hope you’re having a lovely week with some good golf after all that cricket. xxx 🌞 ⛳️
    PS Friend Karen read your card, silently had a think, then burst out laughing & immediately asked me to copy it so she could send to her mother. A winner! (And a bit too risquΓ© for online – my apologies, gentle readers !)

  3. I’m pleased to see you ventured down saarf for a visit – I see you secretly felt guilty though and put in a gratuitous photo of Yorkshire scenery to make up for it. Brighton is one of my favourite places ever – I have had connections to it since babyhood – though I’ve never seen Bubble Joe. Did you get to ‘Ditto Fabrics’? I see you’ve shown us the fabric you didn’t buy but what about the fabric you did? Or didn’t you?
    I can’t abide having my photograph taken in most circumstances so I hate selfies with a passion. If I ever mistakenly have my phone camera turned round to ‘selfie position’ and take a photo of my fizzog by accident I give myself a fright and delete immediately πŸ˜‰

    • Hello, a bit late catching up so you know I found Ditto, and what a place it is! We lived Brighton too, but it was soooo windy, which I can’t imagine is normal. Just a shame we only had 1/2 day there as we didn’t have chance for a proper look around πŸ˜€

  4. So the cheery chicken…is she a tea cozy? Very cute at any rate. Love the Brighton Bubble Man. Love your scenic picture, and the sky at cricket is tremendous! The hiding mum pic is pretty funny – I like to hide when my roots are out, too, one day I’ll just let them take over! The Corner Cupboard is lovely – white birds in the window? It must be a shop? Wonderful week, once again! πŸ˜‰

  5. Great catchup. I saw the late Rik Mayall at the Frontier, such good memories, they’ve had the best acts over the years. Can’t wait to see your spoils.

    • The whole night out in Batley used to be fab, people just don’t seem to go out like they used to. God, I sound old, lol! πŸ˜‚

  6. Blimey, H is SO tall and he hasn’t even stopped growing yet! Lovely cricket photo of the team at Arundel. I’ve been following your skort progress on IG, but I cringe at the thought of printing and taping together all those pieces of paper only to have to cut it up again, lol. He’s right about the selfies, though – there’s no way you’ve mastered the obligatory trout pout yet:)

    • I just wrinkle up if I try and pout, too scary!! I struggle with anything other than a cheesy smile! Could the boys do the PDFs for you? πŸ˜€

      • I can’t do the pout either, and wouldn’t want to – it’s not exactly attractive, is it?! I dread to think what patterns would end up like if The Boys pieced together a PDF! I would do it myself if I came across a pattern I loved enough. I do print off small things like dolls clothes or toy patterns which are fine, so I’m probably making a mountain out of a mole hill:)

  7. Arundel! That’s my backyard! Looks like you had a great time, was that Littlehampton I spotted in the background?

    Wow, you pack a lot into your week!

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