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Oops! Accidentally Adding To The Stash

A couple of weeks ago the Tall Boy went on a cricket tour to Arundel in the south of England.  We didn’t have to go with him as the whole team went together on a coach.  But the hubby and I went to to watch, took our bikes and golf clubs and expected to make the most of the warmer southern weather that we’d heard about.

Unfortunately the only good days weather wise were the day we arrived and the day we left.  So we played no golf, rode zero miles, and only saw 1 hour of cricket.

We did however stumble across 3 different fabric shops in 3 different towns!


First up, and totally by chance – Sarah Louise Designs in Arundel


#fabricaddict #fabraholic 646

The hubby still doesn’t believe me that I didn’t plan the visit to this shop!

How cute is this chicken tea cosy!?

#fabricaddict #fabraholic 647

I just love this gold spotty cotton! I didn’t buy it but I’m still in 2 minds and might have to buy a couple of metres online as it’s a bit of a trek!

#fabricaddict #fabraholic 648

Every corner of the shop had something which caught my eye

#fabricaddict #fabraholic 649

The only purchase I made was this yarn, I’ve started making a scarf. I’m thinking it’s going to be the start of my Christmas pressies but I bet I end up keeping it!

#fabricaddict #fabraholic 650


On one of the cricket/golf/bike-less days we headed into Horsham.  We didn’t really know what to expect and again I didn’t google fabric shops – honest!  But I found one – C & H Fabrics.   At first I thought it was just a curtain fabric shop until I spotted the stair case leading to the dressmaking fabric dept.  I ran up the stairs, and wasn’t disappointed.

Totally out of character I didn’t take one photo.  Not one!!  I wish I’d have taken a pic of the remnant  table – it was FAB!!  Big and small pieces.  A lovely assistance called Jan was really helpful and didn’t bat an eyelid when I messed up the neat piles.

Here’s what I bought:

I metre of this quite thick, soft and stable jersey.

#fabricaddict #fabraholic 661

And 3 metres of this for another Vogue 9082 and maybe the jacket for my nieces wedding.

#fabricaddict #fabraholic 663


On our last day we headed into Brighton on our way home. It was warm and sunny – not sure why the sky looks so grey.

It wasn’t by chance we stumbled upon Ditto Fabrics.  In fact it took some finding  – only because we were looking in the wrong place!

#fabricaddict #fabraholic 651

Ditto is an Aladdin’s Cave!  And if you have the patience to rummage amongst the vast rolls of fabric (which for us sewists is a pretty painless task!) you will be rewarded!

#fabricaddict #fabraholic 652


#fabricaddict #fabraholic 653


#fabricaddict #fabraholic 654


#fabricaddict #fabraholic 655

I found this stunning stripy organza and went in search of some fabric that could go underneath it as it’s see through.

#fabricaddict #fabraholic 656

Upstairs I went and found the same fabric in a different colour way.   This was the one!!  I’d been looking for something special to wear to my niece’s wedding in September.   I thought I’d found ‘the one’ in Horsham )the pink above) but this was now ‘the one’!

#fabricaddict #fabraholic 657

And I found this linen with a really unusual sheen which looked fabulous with it.

#fabricaddict #fabraholic 662

And 2m of this stretch cotton: (you may recognise this if you follow me on IG)

#fabricaddict #fabraholic 659

And 1 metre of this horsey fabric for my work buddy Martin – not sure what I’ll yet, probably a peg bag for a change!

#fabricaddict #fabraholic 660


And then today I took the Tall Boy and his pals to Scarborough today to a new water park which opened in June.  Corinne, a fellow Spoolette from Appleby Makes, lives in Scarborough so we met for a cuppa and a little bit of shopping!

I was quite restrained and only bought a zip, and a metre of each of the 2 fabric below from the Sewing Centre. If you’re into cotton and quilting it’s the place to be.

#fabricaddict #fabraholic 665


I was only on the look out for an outfit for the wedding and came away with a lot more on my impromptu fabric hunting trips. It’s a bit like going to the shops just for a loaf of bread and coming out with 3 bags full of groceries! Oops!

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  1. Well done you – it seems like time well spent!
    Wasn’t there this clip (I believe way back in the Fast Show?) when she asked him if he’d got the eggs and he would invariably answer something like: “Even better than that: I got 12 candle stick, a tin of machine oil and an original copy of the bible!” We sewists are a bit like that whenever we go on a supposedly non-sewing trip, don’t you think?

  2. Oops indeed. Lovely additions to the stash. Especially loving the stripes from Ditto and the jersey with the rosebuds. Looking forward to seeing what you make K xXx

  3. I love the fabrics you found, Those little out of the way places are so wonderful. Tell Hubby you need to go back. He can play golf and you shop.

    • That was my train of thought too! I’m regretting already not buying the gold spotty one. I feel an online purchase coming on! 😀

  4. I have some of that linen, I do! Love the Horsham pink patterned piece. And thanks for the pix of ye olde england. It seems so full of people! It is lovely to stumble upon great fabric places, especially those with large discount tables.

    • It was a great place, especially as it’s part of a small chain of stores. The staff were lovely. Sometimes the personal touch is lost in the bigger stores. 😀

  5. seweverythingblog says

    Beautiful fabrics all! Waiting for when you make something up and post it here. Worth the detour out of the rain and straight into fabric land.

  6. Lol! So sorry ’bout rain. ☔️ ☁️ And so glad for the silver lining. 😀 Definitely get that cotton as I can see you wearing it – blouse or dress? I’m seeing blouse, but don’t know the feel & weight but YOU DO! Go for it! Love that chicken, and your other choices look great, too. Now awaiting the reveals!

    • The first reveal is out…. The skort! Though for some of my makes this week I’ve been good and there’s some stash busting being going on! xx

      • Good for stash busting! I went through my stash last night & made a few snips for you… but only snips. 😉 Going straight over to check out the skort!! xx

  7. Ooh that fabric hung on the washing line is gorgeous. I do this when I go into Fabworks, they had a flash sale on Facebook a couple of weeks back so I ordered 2 metres of fabric for £4 per metre but didn’t want to pay postage, so when I went to collect ended up spending another 20 quid, it’d been cheaper to pay the postage! Mind you I got 3 pieces out of the remnant bin and 2 2 metre lengths, so I didn’t do badly. Looking forward to see what yours all become.

    • Haha, it’s crazy! How we blow our hard earned cash knowing that we’ve far to much to be getting on with already! It keeps us sane tho 😀

  8. Looks like you were in Brighton on a particularly busy day. I hope you didn’t drag round the modern shopping centre before you discovered Ditto in the North Laine.
    I see they still have some of the gold and navy fabric I bought when I was there – just behind the bin with rolls of fabric in on the bottom shelf – the one Jade used for her dress in GBSB – I still haven’t made my skirt with it.
    Lots of lovely fabric to keep you busy – you had a very big accident indeed by the looks of it 😉

    • I did, it’s a good job I’m used to dealing with emergencies! I can’t quite make out the blue and gold fabric, but I’ll have a look on my computer with full resolution and will be able to spot it I’m sure! 😀

    • PS we go lost in the lanes in all the tiny street. I just wrongly assumed it would be done there. I just wish Brighton wasn’t so far away, I loved it💜

  9. corrineappleby says

    It was lovely to see you! Can’t wait to see what you make with all that fabric especially as you seem to be on a roll at the moment!

    • It was good too see you too! We’ll be at Whitby on the beach from 10am if you’re about, our friends have a girl and a boy same age as yours 😀

  10. I don’t blame you for adding to the stash! What amazing fabrics to get to see with. I’d love to visit Ditto Fabrics in person, but I doubt if I’d fit my purchases in the car for the trip back home!! 😀

    • I know what you mean, we’re like kids in a sweet shop! I don’t think I’d have only had one bag of fabric if my hubby hadn’t been there. Well, not there, he’d gone to a cafe!😀

  11. Sounds like a great trip away to me & it’s always best to have lots of fabric on hand… Just in case!! They are great fabric too

  12. Ooops, eh? I wonder…… 😉 Wonderful, wonderful fabrics! The new “the one” fabric for the wedding is dreamy, especially in combination with that linen.

    • I can’t wait to get going with my dress for the wedding, but a bit scared of cutting into that ‘dreamy’ fabric! 😀

    • I’m really pleased with how that’s sewn up, and even have enough left for something else, but not decided what yet 😀

  13. Not that I am encouraging you… (who needs it anyway) but if you ever come to this neck of the woods you must find Eternal Maker near Chichester. When I was writing for magazines they always had fabric that brought my projects to life. We are so lucky here, clothkits also have a shop in Chichester as well as CH fabrics!

    However, you certainly have a homing instinct all of your own!

    • I’ve just had a quick browse around their website (ta for the link!) They do have some lovely stuff! Thanks for the shopping info too, if we do get down there again, we’ll definitely stumble across your suggestions! I should have done a ’shout out’ for shopping places in case the cricket was rained off.

  14. You did well with your fabric shopping! Love that floral Jersey and the two fabrics for your wedding outfit look lovely too. Look forward to seeing your makes 🙂

  15. I’m working backwards trying to catch up – is the dress you’re making the fabric that’s on the line? Looks like a good day was had:)

    • Yup, it is. But on the line it didn’t look do good, it reminds me of pink sick, but in small pieces it looks so much better 😀

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