Sunday Sevens
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Hope you’ve all had a lovely week and the weather’s been kind to you wherever you are.  I really don’t know how I did what I did last week.   There’s no way in a month of Sundays than I could narrow it down to just 7 photos for you – so what’s new!


Natalie from Threads and Bobbins thought up the Sunday Sevens nearly 2 years ago as a way of posting snippets of your week that maybe wouldn’t warrant a blog post all on their own.  You don’t have to sign your life away to join in – just jump in and out as you please – or go for the long haul like me.


I got stuck into making my Belize shorts as a fitting lesson for making the skort. I spent all day and night sewing. It was ace! I made the shorts and almost finished the skort too.

Here’s a tip if for any reason you need to stop sewing, for example when sewing the waistbank on the belize shorts – stick a pin right in the way so you don’t sew too far!  I spent all day and night sewing.  It was ace!  I made the shorts and almost finished the skort too.


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I was playing golf at 10am on Tuesday but got up early and finished my skort.

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The water lilies on the pond on the 11th are in flower and look stunning….

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After golf we went out for tea with the MIL, and brother in law and his misses.  I felt I’d earned a pud and had a sticky toffee pudding, with cream and custard!

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When we arrived home I set about making my PJ’s in liberty fabric using the Belize shorts pattern.


I finished my PJs before going of for lunch

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– again I couldn’t resist a pudding.  I was almost full after my omelette but thought the lemon meringue pie could be included in my 5 a day.

#sundaysevens 726

We went to a cafe that used to be an egg farm and they have a small holding with a few animals….

#sundaysevens 727

Afterwards I took the MIL to boots for some new makeup for the wedding in September.

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In the evening I made a start cutting out my next dress – a hack of Vogue 9082.  Here are my new pattern weights:

#sundaysevens 729


A whole day of sewing!  And an evening cricket match.  H was playing cricket for Rastick at home – aptly named Roundhill cricket club ……. Sorry for the naff photo, but I was watching from inside as it was a bit windy.

#sundaysevens 730

When we got home I tried on my dress so far.  Ignore miserable face, I wasn’t really!  You get the idea but think it needs taking in quite a bit.

#sundaysevens 731


Friday was an early start.  I was taking H, his cousin and 2 pals to a new water park in Scarborough.  We were leaving at 8:0, at 7:30 (before I’d made the picnic) I decided I needed a new boob tub and made this in less than 30 minutes.

#sundaysevens 740


I had gotton in touch with Corrine from Appleby makes and had arranged to meet her for a coffee and a catch up.  She took us to a cafe with the most amazing views over the south shore.

#sundaysevens 732


#sundaysevens 733

It was lovely to have a catch up, and we squeezed in a bit of shopping too. I bought a new zip for my pink dress, and 2 pieces of cotton for my next skort.  the green spotty is going to be the shorts and the flowery fabric the skirt.

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Saturday I worked a shift on the ambulance for a pal who needed the day off.  We were so busy!  I had to call assistance from the air ambulance as we went to a patient who was in quite a remote area, and needed to be take to the Leeds Infirmary.

#sundaysevens 734

I managed to get to see H play cricket for a couple of hours after work, luckily the sun was shining.  It was only on the tops above Todmorden that was a bit bleak.

#sundaysevens 736


An early start – we took the jet ski to Whitby.  It’s 22 years old now but still works like a dream.  It’s 7 years since I last rode it but hadn’t lost my nerve and managed to jump a few big waves.  The wet suit was a bit tight though!  Probably due to all the cake I’ve eaten this week!

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So that’s it – my week in one big nut shell!

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  1. You don’t half pack it in girl. Wow. You have made some lovely clothes this week. Great that you all have sports you can share as a family. Yummy looking puds but you deserve them with the calories you must burn off. Looking forward to seeing that dress complete the fabric is lovely K xXx

    • I’m getting a move on with the dress as today I’ve found out I’m off to York races on Thursday for ladies day, eek!! We’re all pretty sporty only maybe not able to keep up with H, but I can still beat him at golf – for the time being! XxX

  2. Even grander week than when we last nattered – WOW!
    Like your pin tip, except sometimes I’ll sew right over one pin. Have learnt to criss-cross 2 pins. To-die-for pic of 11th hole lily pond & greens! Oh, my ~ I read about these rich puds in novels & cannot imagine so much sweet, but that’s me & no sweet tooth. Cream. All over lemon meringue?? Does the UK have a glut of heavy cream? If so, they should get some over here! That Liberty fabric is so ace (my tongue’s hanging out). So I’m looking all over the photo trying to see what new pattern weights you’ve found. Silly me. (Hi, Corrine!) The remainder starts blurring… but always love the green green Yorkshire grass! ⛳️ A great boob tube – what pattern? (Must have been an interesting experience calling for the copter. Know all went well for the folks involved.) A bit of fabric therapy after a solid week of sewing? OYE! Is it time for an intervention? Or am I just green with envy?? LOL ! ! ! 💕 xx

    • My pin tip went wrong for me today when I sewed up no 4 – I sewed just the bit that should be left open – the wrong side of the pins, doh 😬. Cream over everything for me Del! I could even have it on my breakfast cereal, or straight from the carton 😋😋😋😋 and the boob tube was just thrown together without a pattern. I could do a tutorial, it’s really easy! xx

      • Ahhhh! Hope I didn’t unintentionally jinx you, Lovely One! 😢 My friend Karen might really like a tutorial… but absolutely no pressure… she could be wearin it in December, given our weather. xxx
        Urgent Note re CREAM: Bring it with you if you leave home! Suspect what we call “heavy cream” ain’t nothin’ in comparison. 💕

  3. Tammy says

    Productive week for producing clothes. I especially liked your pattern weights.

  4. Gosh, I’m exhausted just reading it! Love your fabric weights, knowing me I’d probably knock them over 🙂
    Hoping to get over to Fabberdashery next week 😀

    • You’ll love it! Do you know when you’re going yet, I might be free, and I’ve got a voucher that’s burning a hole in my pocket! 😀

  5. And you were in Scarborough too! At my favourite fabric shop as well. That’s twice through Pickering. Next time please stop and I will treat you to coffee here! Your dress is simply amazing. Did you like the water park?

    • I had 4 boys with me on my Scarborough trip, but will definitely take up your offer another time. You’re not do far away. Are you going to the knitting and stitching show in Harrogate in November? 😀

  6. Good grief woman, you are a human dynamo! What a week. I feel exhausted reading about it. You are very intrepid on that jet ski!

    • I used to be super brave and do all sorts of tricks, but now I just jump medium size waves. My body aches too much afterwards! 😀

    • It was going to be another practice for the wedding as I was combining another skirt with the vogue 9082. But today I found out we’re off to York races on Thursday so on with finishing it super quick! 😀

  7. Blimey – makes my Sevens look utterly dull by comparison! Love the jet-ski action shot, but what’s the point of a wetsuit without long sleeves?! Have you made the sticky toffee pudding recipe yet? It’s one of my family’s faves, too – I’ve got a mean lemon meringue pie recipe as well…..

    • It was a crazy week, I font know myself how I fitted it all in! Shortie wetsuits are OK for jet skiing in the summer – I never went in the water past my waist. And luckily I didn’t fall off! The sticky toffee pudding ison the menu on Friday for our wedding anniversary, I’m whispering this as I don’t want the hubby to read it 😀

  8. Ali, good gracious, do you ever sleep? Your pattern weights are dandy, and dangerous, just a bit? Love the dress…the fabric is lovely and the pleated skirt is so becoming! Can’t wait to see it all finished up. Such yummy sweets – if I start up golf, can I have some, too? At the rate I’m going I’ll not fit into a train seat. 😉

    • Haha! I’m sure you’ll I’ll fit in just fine, on the way at least. Maybe on the way home after coffee and cake I’m not so sure! I don’t think I sleep enough, After working shifts for so long I get by on 6 hours, then my mind wakes up and I lie in bed wondering what I’ll do next! I always doers better when we’re away from home as I turn over as I can’t get up and go anything! 😀

  9. Goodness I’m exhausted reading this! And a bit guilty too, as all I’ve done since our grandson went home is potter about catching up with three weeks sleep deprivation lol! But I have managed to play golf, and I’m playing again this morning… maybe this afternoon my sewing machine will make a welcone return to the dining table. You’ve spurred me on!

    • Go girl! Hope you have a fab game of golf, perfect day for it. I’m playing with H today – 3 days on the trot, not gone that since Portugal. Hope you’ve done energy left to make something lovely when you get home ⛳️😃⛳️

  10. Thanks….well, I played the back nine then ended up staying for lunch, pootling about on the practise tees, having a drink and finally getting home at four…..only to find hubby fancies a game after work so I’m off back again!! Maybe tomorrow I’ll sew lol!

  11. What a wonderful week with such delicious treats! You’re a much braver sewer than I am if you’re having wine with your fabric cutting–can’t even imagine the mess I would make if I did that! I look forward to seeing the dress when you get it done. Have a great week!

    • I only intended having a glass and ended up only leaving a small glass left in the bottle! Luckily it’s not something I do often 😀

  12. corrineappleby says

    How did I miss this post? Did the boys have a good time at the water park? We’re thinking of going mid-term (hopefully when all my ex student lifeguards are back at uni!)

    • Yes, they did. When you dropped me off H rung me to say they wanted another hour, so it must be good. I end up having a walk down to the front for an ice cream 😎

    • I must have had, or it must work out like that when I only sleep 6 or 7 hours, I accumulate another day nearly after a week of not enough sleep! 😀

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