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Belize Skort Hack

I’ve had loads of compliments this week wearing my different variations of Itch-To-Stitches Belize Shorts and Skorts – both on and off the golf course.  My favourite feature of all the 5 variations is the curved back skirt on the skort version.

I thought I’d have a go at making a version with a curved hem at the front as well as the back.  It was really successful so I thought I’d share it with you.

#belizeshortsandskort 745

First of all I measured the width of the back curved skirt and compared it to the front short pieces – the ones without the pleats.  I couldn’t use the pointy skort pieces as these overlap so I would have be hard to work out the width.

Taking the seam allowances into consideration the skort back piece was near enough the same width as the shorts front so I felt able to just use the back piece for the skort front.

I compared the shape of waist/hip curve of short piece to my new skort front (i.e. the skort back!).

I’ve drawn an orange line on the edge of the top pattern piece – the short front – so you can see how it compares with the skort front (the curved skort back with no adjustments).

#belizeshortsandskort 722

I didn’t think the light different would make any difference except I’d need to draft new pocket pieces.


First lay the original pocket facing on top of the back curved skort.  The yellow coloured in part at the top is what needs adding to the new pocket facing.  Draw around the original pocket facing but true it up with the top level of the skort.

#belizeshortsandskort 724

When you’ve cut your new pocket facing out, place it back in position and draw the curve onto the back skort.  Trace of a copy of the back piece but with the added curve for the pocket.

#belizeshortsandskort 725

We now need a pocket back.  Place the pocket facing onto the back piece and draw around the facing.

#belizeshortsandskort 726

Trace of the pocket as shown below.

#belizeshortsandskort 727


To make the curved fronted skort you will now have the following new pieces:

  • curved front piece with cut out for pocket – cut 1 on the fold
  • pocket facing – cut 2
  • pocket – cut 2


With the exception of the pocket pieces and the pointy front skort pieces all the other pieces need to be cut out the same as view E.

I bought 2 x 1m pieces of 90cm wide fabric as I wanted to have a matching sort of clashing thing going on underneath my skort.  I was just able to manage it, but I didn’t measure my fabric before and after washing to see if it had shrunk any.

I wasn’t able to make the skirt facing in the same fabric back and front.

#belizeshortsandskort 728

I really wanted them to be in the spotty fabric, but couldn’t make it work, so had spotty on the front facing and flowery on the back. But this only just fitted, well it didn’t really but it work – the stitching line is the lower part of the facing.

#belizeshortsandskort 730

I’ve made 4 pairs now and for all of them I’ve not had enough fabric to cut the waistband on the foldline.  If you’re the same don’t forget to add a seam allowance.  And also, position the seams at the side – apply the interfacing in the centre of one of the pieces, not where it’s shown on the pattern piece.

#belizeshortsandskort 732

I was on a bit of a tight deadline making this skort.  I’d finished cutting out at 8:20 and was teeing off at 10:50, and wanted to wear them!

The shorts were sewn up in less than 10 minutes – all except hemming. Although the instructions say to hem at this point I like to try them on when finished and just check the length of the shorts against the skort.

#belizeshortsandskort 734

Sew pockets onto the front piece as per the instructions, and then sew the facings on the the front and back skirt pieces, as per the instructions.

The skirt front facing should just tuck under the pocket bag.

#belizeshortsandskort 735


When you sew the facing down, as per instructions, just lift the pocket bag and of the way.

#belizeshortsandskort 736


Finish each side of the skirt front and back with a zig-zag or overlocker.


#belizeshortsandskort 737


Stitch side seams  – stopping at the stitching line for the facing. Press open.

#belizeshortsandskort 739

On the right side stitch as shown below to create the slip in the side seams.

#belizeshortsandskort 740

Add the waist band as per instructions, and then your finished!!

I managed to get these finished at 10:15, – so just under 2 hours after cutting out.  So quite a quick make, but after making 3 pairs already I didn’t need to consult the instructions.

So here I am strolling along towards the 5th green:

#belizeshortsandskort 743

And a few close up on the hanger after they’ve been washed – yes, they’re ready for their next round!

#belizeshortsandskort 746


#belizeshortsandskort 747



#belizeshortsandskort 748


#belizeshortsandskort 749




  1. Lovely. Thanks for this they have turned out really well. Hope the dress turned out OK and you have a great day at the races K xXx

    • Thanks! A change of plan though, I’ve ended up giving up finishing the dress for tomorrow due to not having time to buy new shoes. I’m going to wear the one wore for ripon races with my sisters shoes, and my mums handbag and fascinator! The pink ones nearly done tho šŸ˜€

  2. Lovely makes, and am grateful for the tutorial on this hack. xx Sorry about the pink dress, but am eager to see you & a fascinator at the races, so please take pictures! (And post over on Fabworks newest page?) šŸ‡

  3. Lynsey says

    Great idea, I think they look fab on you. Thank you for the tutorial, it’s excellent.

  4. That is just the cutest! I love it. I prefer shorts to skirts in the hot, sticky humid weather that we have been enjoying this month. Adding this one to my list.

  5. Andie W. says

    Love it. Thanks for the tutorial and the curved skirt looks great on you. I love the pattern mixing with the floral and dots. šŸ™‚

  6. Fiona M says

    They are fab, and just the job for Golfing. I love the fabrics you chose for this set too.
    No sewing going on here these days. I got a puppy mid June and my life is revolving round him at the moment!

  7. They look fab, and thanks for the tutorial. You’ve inspired me to add it to my wishlist of patterns to make! Have a great time at the races x

    • Have you seen the price of skorts in the pro shops? You really do need to add them to your list you’d look fab in them šŸ˜€

  8. I like shorts too, my fav sport is cycling & cycling knicks are not at all flattering! A skort has appeal, thinking I might try this idea in a spandex.

    • These would be fab for cycling, probably the original skort version with the overlapped front, as they wouldn’t be restrictive šŸš“šŸ»

  9. corrineappleby says

    Fantastic! The fabrics look great together. I may have to look into this pattern for myself especially after seeing the pink chambray shirts in person!

        • We’re having a dilemma at the moment. Everything’s passed and we’ve spent a fortune already but now umming and arrring over what to do! Move house, different plans, nothing, convert part of the garage….mind boggling at the moment :-0

          • Oh no! It is a big decision though. You’re right to take a step back. Sounds as if you’re not totally happy with what’s been drawn up, so you at least need to tweek the plans?

            • We love the plans but the cost of it won’t all add to the value of the house, as there’s only so much a semi could be worth. And we’ve lived here 13 years and managed and H won’t be with us forever…. too much to think about!

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