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Well blow me!  It’s Sunday and a very long time since I’ve actually written my weekly Sunday Sevens post on time!

This week has been a fab one!  I’ve been on annual leave all week as it’s been my birthday. When I first started working on the ambulances over 20 years I had a bad day on my birthday and have since always booked it off. Initially it was the day, but then the week!  So lots of me time and not very much housework!

Summer has finally gone and the weather has a definite Autumnal feel to it.  Sue is no fair weather golfer but braved the weather with a few additional layers.


We had wind, rain and sunshine when we played in the Yorkshire Challenge at Pontefract Golf Club.


Our team won!  Sue was a bit of a ringer in our West Yorkshire team as we battled to beat North and South Yorkshire Ambulance in our annual challenge.


So my run of 2nd places finally came to an end, but the 2’s continued to be of significance in my game – in  a good way though this time.

As well at competing for the trophy, there were also individual prizes to play for, including £40 in the pot to be shared out amongst those golfers who got a 2.  IE got down the hole in 2 shots, which isn’t easy to do!  Out of all the 30 players I was the only one to get a 2, plus I won £15 for getting my tee shot nearest to the flag on the 17th hole!.  So all in all a good day!!  My winnings……think it is destined to be new fabric!


Here’s a shirt I bought from Debenhams a few weeks ago for about £8.  It was too big and the belt was missing, but the fabric has a gorgeous heavy drape to it.  It’s had a slight refashion – removing the sleeves, taking in the side seams and adding a wide belt.  I just love it and it’s fired my up to make more shirt dresses.  Hopefully I’ll have some pix soon so I can show you it in it’s after form.


When Sue and I go to our gym classes we travel to different sports centres in our area.  On Wednesday it was a trip to Dewsbury for a Body Vive class, with a detour to Fabworks on our way home.


Sue has a new car so I found this piece of fabric to line her boot to protect it from her soggy golf clubs.  It’s thicker than a laminated cotton and is more like a textured vinyl flooring.  At £5 a metre it was just the trick.


Sue gave me these shoes as they were too high for her.  The colour matched this recently purchased fabric (from Abakhan when I met Jenny) so I decided to whip up a Holly Jumpsuit to wear at the Golf Club presentation night.


I won’t drive you made showing you all my birthday pressies, just this one….. how cute is this….


An exciting delivery arrived yesterday.  When I attended the Sewbrum meet up I met loads of lovely people, including Lucy from Sew Essential.  She’s since been in touch and offered to sponsor a blog post.  To say I was over the moon is an understatement.   Thanks Lucy!  I can’t wait to get started on this!  I chose a faux silk dupion to make a evening/going out jacket with a modern sort of take on it.


My jumpsuit…..!   Finished an hour before we needed to leave and worn with pride as I collected my trophies at the Presentation evening.


Guess how many I collected.  Yup, TWO!!  Both won earlier in the season before my luck ran out.


Joining in Natalie’s Sunday Sevens – sharing a little bit of what else goes on.

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I sew and play golf. I blog about my sewing as I don't think you'd want to read about my golf. It's bad enough watching it on telly! Contact me via email -


    • Thanks Manju, I’m on a bit of a roll with the sewing malarky but just need the camera to keep up the pace too so I can share them. 🙂

  1. Frabaab-jus week, Lovely! Congratulations on great golfing and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 🎉🎈🎂
    What wonderful fabric for Sue’s car boot – and that glorious rainbow at the golf course – and Fabworks! Truly lovely days over your place. But wait a minute – where’s the full piccies of that Holly & how’s the jacket doing? Don’t keep us in suspense ! xx 😘😘

    • The Holly will be shared soon, but I’ve some crazy leggings to show you first. And I’ve just been reading through the instructions for the jackets – all exciting times ahead! I managed to be very restrained in fabworks due to actually knowing how many metres of fabric i have in my stash!! Scary realisation of my slight problem!! :-0 xx

  2. Looks like you had a great birthday week! You have shown that we should all make a bigger occasion out of our birthdays 😉

    • I’m a big kid at heart and see it as the only day in the whole year that’s mine! And you can’t get into trouble on your birthday, so that’s good too! 🙂

  3. Happy belated Birthday. Looks like you had a full and fun week. Looking forward to seeing the full Holly and your sponsored jacket K xXx

    • Thankyou! It’s been a super duper week, and I’ve not even got my pressies off my hubby yet – hopefully soon! Can’t wait to tell you all but I’ll keep you in suspense till I get it! 🙂 xx

  4. corrineappleby says

    Happy birthday! When was it? Mine was on the 8th. I wish I could have taken a week off work. You’re really teasing us with that glimpse of Holly! Can’t wait to see that. Especially paired with those heels!

    • A belayed happy birthday to you too, a fellow Libran! It wanted to changed it to Libyan!! Oops, good job I spotted it! I don’t think college would want you missing for a week, maybe you could be like the queen and have 2 birthdays, and have one in the school hols! 😀

    • Thankyou! I know, I must be on a winning streak, maybe I should buy a lottery ticket this week and make it 3 in a row! 😀

  5. Hayley Stitches says

    Hello from a new reader!

    Really love those shoes! You’re so lucky they we’re given to you!

    Happy birthday 🙂

    • Hi Hayley! Thanks for stopping by and for commenting too! I am so lucky – my friend buys shoes like I buy fabric and is the same size as me! I’m on with a refashion of a dress for her as a thankyou 🙂

  6. Happy birthday! I’m with you, I don’t work on my birthday! I love the fabric you’ve used for the jumpsuit, can’t wait to see it. I was thinking of making a jumpsuit for my Christmas outfit.

    • You should! They’re so easy to wear and flattering too. And they might not be ‘on trend’ for long so you defo need one! 🙂

  7. Lovely week off! Congrats on returning to your winning streak and Happy Birthday for whenever it was. Great shirt and shoes – although I couldn’t get my feet in them or stand up if I did.

  8. What a great week off you’ve had. Happy birthday wishes & love the shoes. Looking forward to seeing more pics of the jumpsuit.

  9. Happy birthday lovely! Hope you had an amazing day! I still haven’t tried that jumpsuit pattern, but I just saw a velvet Victoria blazer on Instagram and I think I’m in love; guess what I’ll be shopping for on November 5th!

    • Thankyou 😊
      For you….. A jumpsuit with a velvet Victoria blazer for your Christmas do….sold!! I’ll help you spend your money on the 5th! 😀

  10. A first – well done West Yorkshire and on your two trophies! I know that Holly jumpsuit is going to be stunning but I can’t wait to see the photos, all the same. Happy Birthday!

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