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Good Golly Miss Molly

Does Molly need any introduction?

Molly line drawing

I don’t think so.  There’s Molly Tops everywhere, all over the internet, and probably in a city near you.

SS16_Sew Over It_Book_Cover.indd

It’s part of Sew Over It’s new capsule wardrobe for a city break.   And whilst it’s not the first of their patterns that I’ve bought (I have a paper copy of the Pussy Bow blouse) it’s the first one i’ve made.

I’m a bit of a sucker for buying ‘bundles’ of patterns as even if I only make 1 from the bundle, as a Yorkshire lass I need to have felt like I’ve had value for money.

I’m not here to promote the patterns, but in case you’re wondering, there’s a top, stretch jeans, skirt, shirt/shirtdress and cardigan in the collection.  Apart from the cardigan, I can see myself making all the garments.  And soon!

So far I’ve made 2 Molly Tops.  It requires 1.6m of 140cm wide fabric.  I had 60cm of some gorgeous floral jersey and about the same of a coordinating soft grey.


Both were bargain remnants when I last visited Fine Fabrics of Harrogate.

I cut out the front.  The fabric wasn’t quite long enough but at this point I just wanted a quick make so thought an inch or 2 lost on the length was no big deal.



After I’d cut out the front, even on this 150cm wide fabric there was no where near enough to cut out the back.


Mmmmm…. what to do?  After several deep breaths I cut the sleeves out of the grey fabric.  Some colour blocking may be needed, but I had to see how much I had left.


Sleeves cut, there wasn’t quite enough for the back to be grey.


I decided to piece what I had left together until it was big enough to fit the back pattern piece on.


It was all quite random….


As I went along I trimmed edges so they would be square and tried to keep the grainline running in the same direction.




Random photo of my machine to remind me of which stitch I used.  I used the super strong, there’s no way you’ll ever unpick me, triple stitch, and my walking foot.



Super neat with no puckering and enough ‘give’ for this stretchy fabric.


Below are the other stitches I auditioned.


Back to the colour blocking……


The last piece was added…..


And now the back piece will fit.  Can I just say, I can usually get a T shirt easily out of 1/2 metre of fabric, but it’s those sticky out arms that cause this pattern to be fabric hungry.


Back all cut out…..


But now my big problem was the front looked rather boring.


I decided to add a bit of interest with some fabric that was left and sewed it diagonal….


then pressed it the right way….


And trimmed off the excess……


Much better!!


And before I show you it all finished and me wearing it, here’s Molly number 2.  Another Krypton Factor make (for those of you old enough to remember it). I had 1.4m of this fabric and it just wouldn’t fit.  But then I turned one of the pieces upside down, and Voila!  It fitted, absolutely exactly!  I wouldn’t recommend only buying 1.4m to try it out though.  I drunk 1 1/2 glasses of wine whilst I sweated over this!


The only thing I did different on this was to top stitch the should seams. I’m still on the fence wether this long shoulder seam needs stabilising?  have any of you Molly makers out there stabilised yours?


So now on to the fashion shows.  For Molly No 1 it took place in our local shopping centre, on the stairs in Debenhams and in Nandos.


soicitybreak-mollytop-985H was chief photographer and mortifield he had to hold my purple phone.


So I’m quite chuffed we got some photos at all never mind half decent ones!


Some close ups….

It was all a bit of a fluke that the seam lines on the arms matching the colour blocking on the back, it looked like it had been done on purpose!

To set the scene for photo shoot number 2 I had a new photographer – Sue my lovely gym, karaoke and golf buddy!  It was a bit of a rush after we’d playing golf and were ready to go home, but she took these quickly for me in the ladies locker room:


mmmm, doesn’t look to fit as well across the back, but this fabric isn’t quite as stretchy as Molly No 1.


How amazing that I managed to match those squares.  Pat on the back is in order!


And just before I go, my troublesome neckline:


I know we can get a bit picky and unintentionally strive for perfection, but I just wasn’t happy with the collar.  The first one was tight enough, just in one section, but it’s quite soft fabric and the colour blocking detracts from the neckline so I wasn’t too bothered.

But for this striped one, the ones I’d seen on the internet seems to lay quite snug but mine stands up a bit.  I think maybe for a thicker fabric that the neck band needs to be narrower??

But on a positive note, I think i’ll have loads of these in my wardrobe before so long and will soon master it!  Watch this space!!





    • The value for money patterns makes up for needing extra fabric as usually a metre should do a simple top. Just gutted I missed out on the 20% off! xx

  1. Brilliant use of fabric. I am not keen on drop shoulders on me, so will be sticking with coco for now. Are you going to make any more of the patterns?

    • I’m thinking I’d like a shirt dress next. I bought one as a bargain and have enjoyed wearing up and feeling dressed up with very little effort. And the skirt too, and the jeans! I’m gonna be busy! πŸ˜ƒ

  2. Hi Ali, sorry if this is a bit long!
    Well done on the colour blocking, they both look fab.. I bought the ebook as soon as it came out, as there was 20% off – so even better value. So far I’ve made the Erin skirt, no issues with that, the Alex shirt dress is quite loose fitting and a bit long at the back (to be fair you can see that in the pictures & I did make a size smaller as the finished measurements were huge) but both were made from remnants & will be worn.
    On to the Molly – I’ve made 2, again both from remnants and had similar issues. Looking at some of the pictures it’s meant to have a wide neckband, I sewed my first at 5/8″ and it sticks up ever so slightly at the shoulder seams, so maybe that would work better for you. The second I sewed with a slightly thicker t-shirt jersey at 3/8″ as stated & I think it looks too wide. It’s also quite loose fitting and it looks that way on her pictures which probably explains your ft issues in the back. I also think the sleeve length is a bit weird. I ended up making my 1st one into 3/4 length and adding a cuff to my second, as they were too short. I think overall with a few tweaks it’s a decent pattern but it needs more information on sewing with knits and the difference in fit etc. And no mention of stabiliser on any of the seams, my hemline went really wavy on my second so I added stabiliser there but not on the shoulders, only time & wear will tell on that. So I’m on the fence on this one!

    • Don’t be sorry for being long, it was great reading it, and good to know I’m not in my own. My sleeves though we’re both ok in length. With the neck thingy I’m fairly sure I took 5/8″ SA as I wouldn’t have read the instructions properly! I’m looking forward to making the shirt, and will measure the actual pattern pieces now before deciding in my size. Thankyou! πŸ˜€

  3. Suzanne Mawson says

    Love both of then but how much fabric! I like to get my moneys worth, 1 metre of scuba from Fabworks will make me a dress! Although I do need more long sleeve tops in my life.

    • I’m with you there! I have a small collection of sleeveless scuba Renfrew dresses that are just a quick, cheap and satisfying make. Living close to Fabworks can be dangerous! πŸ˜ƒ

  4. Great makes! Admire your perseverance making the “crazy-quilt” version, and your skill in using the vino to overcome any thoughts about “breaking the rules.” Really demos there aren’t any! 😘

    • Thanks Linda! The grey was a bit boring on its own, but really was perfect with the floral, especially as a winter garment. I’ve worn it lots already!

  5. Love that colorblocking–very sharp! I definitely approve of making use of every centimeter of those beautiful fabrics. And very impressed by your stripe matching; I am just hopeless at that, but yours is perfect!

    • Thankyou! Have you got a walking foot? That’s a must for matching the stripes. I did this without pins, well just one at the beginning, and the walking foot does the rest! πŸ˜€

  6. Love your colour blocking & I really love a bargain too! Surprising how the same pattern has different issues when just a simple change in fabric weight. I made 2 coco’s & the second (which is red/white stipe too!) is too big. My hands disappear up sleeves. Really need to shorten but so so comply to slouch around in

  7. Oh I lost my comment! Sorry if it appears twice. I love the colour blocking. It really adds a lot. How different in the different fabrics! Fit and style.

    • It only came through once! Yes, but totally different, but both worn lots already. There’ll definitely be more in more wardrobe in the not so distant future. πŸ˜€

  8. Fiona M says

    Love them both, the colour blocking definitely looks like it was meant to be that way, and that floral jersey is just lush! It’s very much ‘my’ style of top, I must look out for this pattern.

    • It’s just so easy to make and wear. I like a challenge, but I love clothes that I know I’ll get my wear out of πŸ˜€

    • It must have! Now I’ve got my stash better organised I think there’ll be a lot more matching up fabrics, and colour blocking going on. Yay for Cora, Thankyou! πŸ˜€

  9. What amazing serendipity in the placement of your grey sections! Necessity really is the mother of invention!

  10. Lovely top. Although reading your post has really got me wondering if I’m ever going to get my sewing machine out again for dressmaking – patchwork and embroidery yes, but clothes I seem to have forgotten have to make and your post actually made it look scary 😦 which isn’t my usual reaction.

    • Oh no, it wasn’t scary really. I’d hate to put you off one day getting back into it, or at least making just one thing. Bit of a daft question, but I have a spare Tilly’s Coco pattern if you’d like it. It’d break you in gently πŸ˜‰

      • Aw Bless you. What’s getting me isn’t that I couldn’t have done it happily in the past, but now it’s looking all too much 😦 The cocoa pattern is a good idea to get me back on the horse, and a kind and generous offer – much appreciated. At the moment however, I’m desperately trying to find balance amongst everything I’ve already got on. So maybe I could ask if you still have it at a later date? That way I’ll take it when I’m really going to make it. If you give it to someone else before, I can always buy my own. Thanks again. And thanks for being so lovely, feeling pretty crap this morning, so the kindness of friends means even more today πŸ™‚

        • Aw, sorry to hear you not feeling to great, you have got a lot on at the minute, maybe just take a moment to have a big hug with Mr Hicks will cheer you up, and I’ll send you one too πŸ€—

  11. Looooveee the colour blocked one, the diagonal piece and the back work so well together. The stripy one is lovely too. Too much fabric for a top though but well done for being so inventive πŸ˜‰

    • It is crackers how much it needs, it can’t beat a bit of co,our blocking for originality and for being too tight to use a bigger piece of fabric πŸ˜†

  12. corrineappleby says

    As an adopted Yorkshire person I like value for money too which you must have got with your great colour blocked top! I’ve made a Molly but as I only had a metre of fabric I had to leave off those sleeves. You’re right about it being a fabric hungry pattern. I made quite a narrow neckband (I only wanted two stripes on show) which seemed to work well. I also stabilised the shoulder seams although I have no idea if it was necessary!

    • I’ve seen yours and it was that than swung me to splash out on the ebook. I know you didn’t add the length to the arms with the arm piece, but did you alter the front and back pieces or did they fit on? I think a narrower neck band would be better if i make any more. πŸ˜€

  13. Blimey, they look like two completely different patterns – now that IS value for money! You’ll have to sort out that neckband, though, especially if you’re going to fill your wardrobe with Mollies. Could you try making the neckband narrower and shorter in length, stretching it to fit a bit more?

    • I think narrower is the way forward. Yesterday I wore the floral one out for lunch, my sister said she thought it was ok, just looked like it needed ironing! So when I got home I’ve had another look and I’m going roll over the band and sew it down as it love it but it is driving me a bit mad. πŸ˜€

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