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Gosh it’s Sunday!  Time for Sunday Sevens!

I think getting my sewing space in order has done something to me, and helped me get organised and productive in other areas of life too.   Or maybe I’m just older and wiser since having a birthday last week!


Quite a random photo…. I’ve been so chuffed with my successful egg poaching this week I just had to share!


We’ve had quite a few sunny spells this week, but it’s been really quite chilly with it.  Here’s a planter that cyber-mom bought me for my birthday.  Often I look out and see it I think it’s the cat on the patio waiting to come it.


I’ve been out testing a coverlock machine this week.  I’ve not made a purchase yet,  and I’m thinking I’ll write a blog post to share all my research into buying one, as they’re not something us sewers would dash out and buy without a lot of thought. UPDATE – PART ONE OF COVER STITCH QUEST IS HERE


H has finally mastered doing wheelies which frightens me to death!


A little treat that I bought with some of my birthday money.  An ironing mat.  I usually have to put the mini ironing board on the table and move my overlocker,  or run downstairs to use the proper ironing board.  I think I might splash out and buy a separate iron for my sewing room.


Lunch out with cyber mom at a new pub that’s opened within walking distance.  Bis Sis’ joined us for a cuppa just as the desserts arrived.  My dessert, which is slightly over exposed, is the biggest vanilla slice you’ve ever seen, and cyber-mom had a slab slice of twix cake.  We did share them 3 ways and even had some left to take home for cyber-pops.


Before I started my first night shift on Friday the hubby and I had tea out.  Somewhere slightly more refined with a lot smaller portions!  My chocolate orange bread and butter pudding was very nice, but I could have eaten another!


I missed going to a friend’s 50th birthday party on Saturday night as I was working.   I made her an arm knitted scarf and dropped it off on my way to work.  The hubby was a very will model, which was rather a shock!  I had to change the photo to black and white though as he did look a bit red in the face, so was maybe a little embarrassed.


A couple of links after being prompted by one of my lovely followers.  I used King Cole – The Ultimate Super Chunky – 3 strands worked together.  (I bought mine fro Leeds market, so for anyone who’s going to Sew Up North you’ll be able to pick some up then).   And I followed the video tutorial at Wool and The Gang.

For my first one (I made myself one a year or so ago) I cast on 8 stitches (using the long tail method) but the scarf wasn’t quite big enough to wrap around twice.  For this yarn 6 stitches works perfectly.   If you just want to have a go to see what happens just use 3 balls of whatever you’ve got knocking about – a thinner yarn will produce a more loopy scarf.  Just experiment with different amounts of stitches, and yarn.    Just make sure you go to the loo before you start and have anything you might want close to hand!

Sunday Sevens – a short blog post with Seven/a few/lots of (delete as appropriate) photos from your week, invented by Natalie from Threads and Bobbins.

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  1. Some lovely birthday pressies. Love the idea of an ironing mat and yes please share research on coverstitch I love the idea but it’s a big commitment. Are they puddings from Heathfield Farm? If so the rumours are true ie Yorkshire portions!! Beautiful arm knitting K xXx

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  3. I agree that organised the sewing cave absolutely improves productivity in other areas – my theory is that it is a multiplier effect :-). I find myself getting things done faster in order to get back to my comfortable cave – when there arent any eyesores in the cave I am very happy to be there all the time. You should get an iron for your sewing room – it deserves it. I have been considering a coverstitch – maybe next year – so I’d love to hear about your research. Where did you get to try one out?x

    • I tried one out in Huddersfield, but they only had one – the Eastman Tailor – which is a combo machine. I’ve ended up choosing something else though. There’s a place in Leeds 11 that my friend trailed a few machines before she bought her sewing machine, i’m not sure what it was called but she would recommend it for trying out machines. My ‘cave’ is looking so much better now, more so after a trip to Ikea. 🙂

  4. THANK YOU, lovely, for all those great arm knitting details! Don’t know as I’ll ever try it out, but will pass along your info to those eager to experiment!
    Am sooo glad you decided to post about your experiences with coverstitch, and look forward to reading your synopsis.
    As for a food-heavy post: Oh. My. Stars! ! ! No wonder Big Sis pulled such a face! Didn’t know there could be portions that huge. Quite a difference between those and that b&b pudding. 😀 Am gaining just thinking about them. . . ACK! Cyber-weight gain!!!

    • I think next time I’ll give the main course a miss and just have a pudding! They really are too big (I can’t believe I’m saying that!) and they’re not even expensive. Next time I’m going to try the sticky toffee pudding. It comes with a jug of custard and looks like it’d feed a family of 4! 😃

      • Sticky toffee is something I’ve never been fond of so it would be all yours, Lovely ~ good luck!
        Get yourself an iron for your sewing room! Didn’t know you were traipsing up & down stairs for that. Phew. Too much like hard work.
        Liked your how-to video much better than what I saw last week at hair dressers. Will drop off your info next time I’m walking past them, and let you know what they say. Thank you again! (I even learnt proper finishing off 😲 oh my!)

  5. V g point about going to the loo before beginning arm knitting. I definitely wouldn’t have thought of that! 😂Looking forward to your rundown on the coverstitch…

  6. Ali, you put the world to shame the way you’re pushing out these Sunday Sevens week after week! They leave me hungry every time, so it’s off to the fridge for me again.
    As well we sew, this way we can just make clothes that fit…

    • Hope you had something yummy in the fridge! I love Sunday sevens, especially when I look back as see what I’ve been up to, it’s so easy to forget all the good times, especially the small ones 😃

    • It’s really handy, but was a bit pricey at £27 but was ok as it was my birthday money (I sound like a kid, lol!) I bet they’d be easy to make tho 😃

  7. Fiona M says

    A vanilla slice is quite possibly my most favourite thing in all the world …. 😋
    (shuffles off to Google Heathfield Farm Shop!)

  8. Lovely scarf – although maybe better on your friend. Boys and their death defying behaviour – at least you’re a paramedic. Now even I know how essential an iron is to dressmaking – GO BUY ONE! Love the planter, that did make me smile 🙂

  9. A massive pud like that would put me right off – much prefer the small bread and butter pudding. Nice to have big sis join you in time to share your desserts – a bit too well-timed to be chance, perhaps?! I can’t watch when I see The Boys in the garden. You’ve got to let them find their own limits, but it doesn’t stop you wanting to shout pointlessly “be CAREFUL!”. At least you know what to do in the event of an accident:)

    • Touch wood (I’m touching my head!) I’ve not had any major catastrophes with H so far, but it’s a wonder. His friend broke his ankle at the beginning of the week, whilst H was giving him a backie! He never rung me though, I found out from one of the other mums! :-0

  10. Oh, your ironing mat is nice. Your young one doing wheelies is frightening. Your desserts look delicious. Your arm scarf (with help for beginners) is lovely. Your cat planter is my favorite. And – booo- my birthday greeting is late. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!!

    • Thanks for the happy birthday – you do have a good excuse for it being late, having quite a hectic weekend yourself. 🙂

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