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The week started with my big sister’s birthday.  We’re the same age for 10 days once I have mine.  This card has been sent to each other and new messages added since she started her podiatry degree 3 years ago.  I think this will last for years.  LuckilyI only take responsibly of it for 10 days – my sister looks after it for the rest of the year.


A beautiful day for golf.  Don’t let Helens layers make you think it was cold she’s wrapped up all year round!   I only played in a t shirt with a coco over the top.


The sun being out really lit up the colours in the trees.


A lovely parcel arrived in the post from Fabric Rehab.  I just stumbled across them the week before and there was 40% off, so I just bought a few random things.  This little lot (and there’s 2m of the london mug poplin) only cost £16.25 inc postage.  I’m feeling a bit bad now for not telling you sooner.


Hubby treated himself to some new boots.  Check out these bad boys!!


Towards the end of the week I was making a decision about which coverlock machine I was going to buy.  To butter the hubby up I cleaned the conservatory windows inside and out – a job we both detest!


Guess where I’d been – obviously I needed to revamp the storage in my sewing room in readiness for the new arrival.


Hello Cruella!

We went to a Halloween Karaoke night, dressed up of course!  The top is a sewaholic renfrew with a high neck (I cut out 2 back pieces), bet you’ve not seen one like this before!  I’d forgotten how well this fitted and will be making a few more once my new machine arrives.


I had a narrow escape with an evil clown!


Saturday we had a ride to Halfords for some bike bits and pieces.  We usually go to Huddersfield but as the England Rugby team were in action there we went to Dewsbury instead.

I baled out at Lucky Fashions and avoided Halfords.  I’ve not called in for months – they had so much gorgeous fabric in.  I only had a tenner on me so just bought this.  I took a few pics of some other fabrics which took my fancy which I show you soon.  If you’re thinking of heading over to Fabworks, you need to call here too, but it’s only open on market days – Wednesdays and Saturdays so plan your journey!

There’s a map here which you can download if you need to see where to go, and park etc.


We took advantage of the extra hour everyone else had in bed, and got up early and went for a 17 mile bike ride.  My bum bones are sore this morning asiIt’s been a while!


Sunday I made Yorkshire puddings.  It’s so long since I’ve done any baking my scales were flat.  I had to google converting grams to american cups so I could measure my flour.  When I dished up H wondered where the meat was as he didn’t realise we were having Toad In The Hole!



Sunday Sevens – a shortish blog post with Seven/a few/lots of (delete as appropriate) photos from your week, invented by Natalie from Threads and Bobbins.

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  1. Hello Cruella! Your costume looks fantastic. The weather has been great hasn’t it, I got back from hols on Wednesday expecting to feel cold but have been feeling ok. Well done on your bike ride, I’m trying to get back into my running & cycling but finding the time seems impossible at mo

    • I bet you were ready for a holiday after all the wedding sewing! I think I might wear my costume again tonight as we always get loads of kids calling doing their trick and treating. Hope you soon find time to get the lycra on and get out there. 🙂

      • The holiday was really welcomed! Just need to catch up with everything else now… no housework or paperwork got attention during the hectic time before. Planning to go on a Pumpkin trail with grandkiddies today so at least that’s a toddler speed walk😂😂

  2. That clown is terrifying – I would have had to have taken strong drink after that encounter.
    You did a good job of the conservatory windows – how do you tackle the roof though, that’s the bit that always foxes me?

    • We have a big brush that the hose pipe attaches to. I didn’t do that tho!! Hubbies 11 inches taller than me, so that’ll always be his job! He did ask why I’d not done it, and I nearly hit him! 🙂

  3. Haha no one can resist an Ikea hot dog. Very excited for you for the new machine. Can’t wait to hear how you go on with it K xXx

  4. Oh lucky you with your new machine on its way – will it be called into action with your new gray fabric? And good job surviving the demon clown encounter. Definitely wear the costume for trick-or-treaters, you’ll have so few opportunities! Love the conservatory (always wanted one….) Fun week you shared with us!

    • It certainly will, the fabrics all washed, I might even cut it out tonight. But I’m in the middle of a jacket too. Not enough days in the week. It should be Sewday between Sunday and Monday! 😃

  5. FAB week, Lovely! From hubby’s stylish new boots to sparkly kleen glass house to imminent new arrival to Thursday/tonight’s costume (suggest a soft pillow till that bike ride wears off). Phew! You do pack it in!!! Thank you for step-by-step photos of toad-in-the-hole. Always wondered about that… And thanks (I think!) for that new shop to check out. Tough decision: to golf? Or to sew??
    Let’s start a campaign for SewDay between Sundays & Mondays.
    Have fun tonight! xx

  6. What a fun week! Hope you enjoy the coverstitch machine and it’s worth the pain of washing windows (I’m overdue for that, too). Love that gray knit–all ready for the new toy!

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