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Cover Stitch Quest Part 2

Can I just say a HUGE thanks to all of you who left comments on Part 1.  They were all invaluable in helping me come to a decision and the links and suggestions took me to some really useful sites.

The overall feeling I had from everything I’ve read was that almost everyone loves their Janome Coverpro 2000CPX (and earlier models) and everyone loves their Babylocks (any and every model!).

The best write up about the Janome can my found on The Clothing Engineer’s Blog (Thanks Accordion3)  She bought the Janome after having a Babylock Evolve – a combination overlock/coverstitch machine for 9 years.  So she knows both makes.

In the middle of all the reading up I kept thinking back to when I first watched the You Tube video of the Ovation.  How much I dreamed of owning one, and how since I make  virtually all my own clothes I could justify buying one.  Especially sewing active wear for the gym, and leisure wear for golf, which are both ridiculously expensive to buy.

Thinking of golf, that lead to to think of  when I upgraded my first set of golf clubs.  My hubby bought me my first set – he really wanted me to get into it, so he could play more!  The set I bought were a reasonable priced starter set.  A bit like buying an entry level Janome 2060 for £99.  After 2 years my handicap was 17 (I’d gotten quite good!), and I’d outgrown my starter set.  I really wanted some Pings (the sewing machine equivalent of say a memory craft horizon!), but they were about £500, so instead I bought some others which were cheaper, but slightly better than my starter set.

I was always disappointed and within a year traded them in for the Custom Fit Pings that I’d always wanted.  16 years on I’m still playing with the Pings and have had no need, or desire, to change them!  So that was money definitely well spent!

All this thinking and research frazzled my brain somewhat.  So I emailed Lucy from Sew Essential with  few lots of questions about different machines.  She told me I needed to speak to her MIL Angela who was the machine Guru.  So I rang her and she was brilliant.  After a lengthy conversation my brain was unfrazzled, and my bank balance quite a lot lighter.   I ordered the Ovation!

It’s coming today, but I’m playing golf so it’s being delivered to my mum’s.  I really don’t think I’m going to be able to concentrate!  I don’t think I’ll be stopping for egg and chips afterwards.



Fast forward 9 hours to now.  I received a text from cyber mom just before I was about to set off to golf to say my machine had arrived!    Golf cancelled – friends ok about it, especially as one is a fellow Spoolette.

Dad brought me up my special delivery up and helped me unpack it!


I’ve played all day and now I’m having to leave it to go the Box 45.  My golfing/gym buddy Sue won’t let me skip both!!

I’ll be back soon to let you know how we’re getting on!




    • Thanks Robyn! I’ve been working my way through the manual today, so far so good and I’m sticking my fabric samples on to paper. Loving playing with it but wish I had something to wear! 🙂

  1. Tammy says

    Good for you! You won’t regret buying the best that’s available. This machine will allow you to learn sew much more, too.

    • I think I’m picking this coverstitch lark up quite quickly, but I’d done a lot if reading. It’s certainly a new way of sewing. It’s knowing what to use it for as I want to do everything with it, but still need my normal machine.

  2. Congratulations and best wishes for a long and happy future together. I look forward to hearing how the honeymoon is going.

  3. Fiona M says

    Wonderful! I’m glad you went for what you really wanted, otherwise you’d always be yearning. Happy cover stitching (you’ll love it!).

    • Thanks Fiona, it’s all a bit daunting at the minute. I can do it but after reading and watching so much about it before I just thought I’d be able to do amazing necklines straight away!

  4. Carol says

    Just came across a fantastic resource which includes lots of short video tutorials. Thought you might like a look as its all done on the Ovation. I really recommend it. Great patterns and workbook tutorials you can buy too. Its about time I used the wave stitch and some glittery threads….

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