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I’m feeling a bit like a bingo caller – “all the 7s – Sunday Sevens – Seventy Seven”

I’m blaming Sew Up North (S.U.N.) for my lateness this week.  I know I have regular readers who watch out for my Sunday Sevens (that’s you Mom!), but the S.U.N. post just had to jump the queue, and I don’t think there’s any apologies needed.

So what else happened last week?

I started the week in true Thimbers style with cake.  You’ve seen these meringues before but not in the pink version.  Whitleys Garden Centre had a fire earlier in the year and has been shut for ages.  It has reopened with new, not sure if improved, but still lovely and huge meringues.   If you’re around Mirfield way on the run up to Christmas it’s worth a visit.  The decorations are to die for, they do a great afternoon tea, and Santa’s there too.  And there’s a great cafe.


I have to show you the inside too!


My sewing cave has had slight makeover in readiness for the new arrival.  I took this picture with the panoramic setting on my iPhone as it’s the only way with the room being so small.


Tuesday I should have played golf, and whilst i was going to be out my Babylock was being delivered to Cyber Moms.  I received a text from Cyber mom 20 minutes before I was due to leave for golf to say it had arrived.  

Major isnic set in! What to do? 

I rang my pals, cancelled my golf and stayed at home and played with my new toy!


The next morning was an early start at 5am, and the first frost of the winter for me.  I think I forgot to mention I’d gotten a new-to me car last month.  Not sure how it slipped through my Sunday Sevens, but after the Merc failed its MOT miserably I needed a new car.  It’s not as smart as my old merc but it’s got a big boot for the golf clubs, so what more could a girl ask for!?


Friday night we went to watch the Wedding Singer at Lawrence Batley Theatre in Huddersfield.  My nephew was playing the lead role, and we had a fab night!  It always amazes me how our family produced someone with such an amazing voice – well done sis’!


After I arrived home from S.U.N. there was a slight reality check as the penny was straight on and I had to make a HUGE pan of chilli to take to my friends who was having a little bonfire and fireworks party.


Most of us stayed in the garage and watched the fireworks from there, it was freeeeeezing!


I’ve been on with my sponsored blog post this week for Sew Essential.  It’s been quite hard to get motivated as I’ve been wanting to sew stretchy fabric with my new toy.  A big bicep adjustment was needed and an inch off the length off the length of the arms.  It’s all cut and I’m hoping to do a bit more tonight.


I’ve been on with a slight refashion too this week.  Here’s Sue in a dress she bought online.  It does nothing for her petite frame.  She looks like she could almost fly in this batwing top!  It’s all done, and I gave her it back this morning.  Hopefully I’ll have a photo to show you in next weeks Sunday Sevens.


Sunday was Lucy’s birthday – some of you will have met her on Saturday at the meet up. Alfie (the singer, Lucy’s brother) made her a gluten free birthday cake. 


We all had tea at cyber moms and when we came to leave cyber mom had to stand on a little buffet so she could reach to give H a kiss!



Sunday Sevens – a short blog post with seven/a few/lots of (delete as appropriate) photos from your week, invented by Natalie from Threads and BobbinsI

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  1. (Am sitting here with my virtuous brunch (breakfast+lunch because of the tardy time) without even jam on my whole wheat, and you put that up for your first piccie.
    Pardon whilst I run screaming off to the jam jars!)
    Wonderful pic of your sewing room and can see how you’ve really made so much order in such a teensy space. Good for you! Have to ask: What was that centre filling – cherries? Am pleased to hear garden centres still have cafs. They don’t often over here. Strange…
    Happy birthday to lovely Lucy and thank goodness your sis has you to help with her wardrobe – what an oversize! (Notice I’m not including H in that category. He’s perfect as is!) Love this – we call a stool what you call a buffet. (Is that like a tuffet?) And a new merc – congratulations! Am delighted you had such fun on Saturday.. and green with envy! 😘

    • Strawberries Del, big fat juicy ones and some sort of syrup too. I didn’t get another merc, if I had I wouldn’t have been getting the babylock and I think I’d rather spend my money on sewing machines! And Sue – she’s my crazy gym and golf buddy not my sister. And you need to thinking about moving over here and becoming a proper Yorkshire Spoolette! PS I’m still looking 😉 xx

  2. Your cake made me smile, I can imagine it was a yummy experience.

    What’s the pattern for the top you’re making?

    Merc or Babylock? Easy decision 😀

    • It’s Butterick 6390 – a cropped denim jacket style but not in denim. And yup, babylock will win every time! Not sure if a bloke would agree!

  3. I can’t think of anyone else who would post not one but three photos of a meringue on their blog. It does look scrummy though.
    I thought about England on bonfire night as it peed with rain here for the first time in ages and it reminded me that it always used to conspire to rain or be freezing cold (and sometimes both) on the 5th November but, if you managed to get close enough to the bonfire, you could steam either your back or front for a little while. Aaaah! Memories.
    Are you having fun with your new machine? – I’ve played with mine for a bit and I’m going to try to put some clear elastic on with it later so that’ll be a test.

    • I’m loving it, there’s some great you tube videos out there for babylock, and Lucy on the Sewessential blog has a few videos which I found helpful too. I just can’t believe how quick they are to thread! 😃

      • I know, I want to serge everything that’s not nailed down. Of course, I only have an overlocker version but I just love hearing that little puff of air and seeing those damn loopers seen to.

  4. Love that you blew the golf buddies out for a night in with the Babylock! Yep, that meringue looks amazing even to someone without a sweet tooth. HOW tall is H getting? Or is it just that Cyber Mum is a little on the short side. Refashioning for a friend and sewing for a sponsor, eh? Busy, busy, busy!

    • I need a pic off her! I’ll see if I can get one after the gym – it was only a slight refashion but makes it so much better.

  5. Oh goodness! What a week. Your very tall H, and not-so-tall Cybermum (Hi, Cybermum!) are a very cute picture. Now, my arms would welcome those batwings, but very curious to see the transformation in tiny Sue’s dress!
    Enjoy your new Babylock, can’t to follow your progress and creations. 🙂

    • He does make cyber mom look even shorter, but as she’s always said to us, “you’re never to big for a crack” but only trouble with H is I’d have to get him to sit down first!!

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