Stitching Santa
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Stitching Santa

I’m starting to feel proper Christmassy now I’ve received my email telling me who my swap partner is!!  I’ve been having  a good look at her blog today and come up with a couple of ideas already.

This is the 3rd year that Sheila from Sewchet has organised the secret Stitching Santa and this year there’s a whopping 44 taking part.  I missed out the first year as I didn’t feel brave enough to join in, so last year what my first.  I was soooo lucky to have been the person who Sheila was creating a Santa parcel for.  I wrote a post HERE all about what I received from Sheila, and also what was in Corinne’s parcel from Appleby Makes.



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  1. O.K. It’s made me feel quite Christmassy too – as long as I don’t have to start listening to Slade, Band Aid, Wizard and all that lot yet 😉

  2. Yay! I’ve received my new partner! Let the stalking, planning, and making festivities begin! (Although I agree with tialys, we can wait on the Christmas music)

    • It’s fun to wonder who’s stalking us too as well as us being stalked! Give it a week or so and then we’ll have the music! 😂

  3. We’ve already had the Christmas oldies on but, to be fair, it was in half term during the kid’s Christmas present making workshops. Which reminds me, I should blog about what they made:)

  4. This is my first year so im very excited. Looking forward to stalking my partner to see what would be a good gift. I agree that it is making Christmas feel more imminent, and I would actually quite like the Christmas music out soon 🎅

  5. I’ll be excited to see what you make and what you get in return. I daren’t take part in swaps in case what I make isn’t good enough. If only I wasn’t a perfectionist! 😂

    • I know exactly what you mean, I’ve looked at who I’m making up my parcel for and I’m thinking crikey she’s so clever, whatever can I make!!

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