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Hello Sunday Seveners!

I work either 2, 3, 4, or 5 10 yours shifts a week.  It averages out at 33 hours per week.  This week was a shocker as I had to work 5 shifts.  Luckily these weeks don’t happen too often and I somehow managed to cram in quite a bit to share with you.

Before starting work at 4pm on Monday I had a lovely hour with Hila and Eleanor in the Shuttle in Shipley.  The name kept popping up and Hila just HAD to pay a visit.  And like all fabric addicts good sewing friends do we went to keep her company.  I did have to make the obligatory purchase or 3!  The Shuttle isn’t online but see THIS website for reviews and where to find it.  It’s definitely worth a visit if you’re ever in the area, or not!


As soon as I got home from the Shuttle I dug out my rulers and set about making my first block.  I’d been wanted to get started for ages but needed measuring.  I took my tape measure to the Shuttle and Hila got it all done – thanks Hun, you’re a star!  the shop was really busy but no one batted an eyelid!


I also did a bit of tidying up and have started using the different sized IKEA bags to organise my bits and pieces.


Wednesday the hubby and I celebrated 20 years since our first date.  Unfortunately I was working but when I came in from work at 2am there was a bunch of flowers waiting for me – do you like the make shift vase?!


Thursday was cyber-pops birthday.  We all went to the Empire fish and chip restaurant in Wakefield.  Aren’t these just the poshest fish and chips you’ve ever seen?


Alfie, our very own star baker, made the birthday cake!


If you’ve not time to eat it there’s a drive through!!  That was the first time I’ve ever seen a fish and chips drive thru anywhere!


Friday we had quite a fall of snow.  This was in the morning, and at lunch time we had a couple more inches.  It was crazy as on Tuesday when I played golf (after 5 hours sleep!) it was unseasonably warm and for about an hour when the sun was out our coats were off and we played in shirt sleeves.


The hubby made tea tonight.  It doesn’t happen too often so I just had to take a photo!


I finally got a photo of Sue in the dress I altered for her.  She sent it to me at the end of the week, but I think next time I’m round at hers we’ll have a proper fashion shoot!




The feature pic at the top is adding the finishing touches to my Butterick 6390 jacket – adding the buttons!

Sunday Sevens – a short blog post with seven/a few/lots of (delete as appropriate) photos from your week, invented by Natalie from Threads and Bobbins.

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  1. I can’t believe you fitted in so much after working so many hours! How lovely to come home to the flowers. That vase could start a new trend😂

    • I feel like I miss out a lot of ‘normal stuff’ with shifts so make sure I make the most of when I’m not working! The vase definitely put a smile on my face when I came in 😃

  2. Love the Shuttle, I used to go regularly as a kid as my dad worked round the corner, my mum would pick him up so of course if we were early we had to wait somewhere!! We regularly came out with big brown paper bags full of fabric 🙂

  3. yes yes, that’s all very well, but what about the Babylock?? I believe I’m almost more excited than you 😉

    • Lol..😂😂😂😂 I’ve made 2 tops! And done loads of samples stuck onto paper. I’m so in ❤️ and will share soon, promise! 😍

  4. Oh what a week! Lovely flowers in the perfect makeshift vase, and how sweet to celebrate your first date! Great looking fish and chips – happy birthday CyperPops! You seem to have had a grand time in the fabric shop, with very able enablers! 😉

  5. Love the Drive Thru’ – although I used to quite like waiting at the counter and watching (and smelling) my cod and chips being prepared.
    Happy Anniversary of your first date! – on our first date we went for a curry and when we got back to my flat my flatmate’s cat was giving birth to a litter of kittens in the bottom of the wardrobe so fairly memorable.
    I am also looking forward to your findings after living with your Babylock for a while – it sounds like you’ve been very thorough about it, with samples etc. I haven’t had much time to play with my overlocker version yet, only done very basic seams so far.
    The dress makeover you did looks fab – I bet your friend is very pleased with it now.

    • Gosh, you’re first date was certainly one to remember! Sue’s really chuffed with her dress, it just drowned her before but the fabric was so different it was a shame not to try and make it work. I used to work in a chippy when I was in 6th form and it was strange that even with a long queue everyone was happy to wait. Must have had the same thoughts as you 😀

  6. I’m always so envious of your blogging pal meet-ups, but I get to do one myself in a couple of weeks! Whilst in Amsterdam with hubby, I’m meeting up with Marianne Dekker-Roos, who has just published a crochet book. Happy first date anniversary! We got married on the tenth anniversary of our first date, so hubby has no excuse to forget that one. Two birds with one stone, and all that. Gosh, that dress looks better now! A drive-thru fish and chips? I didn’t know such a thing existed. The snow missed us – but the floods haven’t:(

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