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This week has seen our first snow fall, which seems really strange after having such a mild few weeks.  We only had an inch or 2, but enough to cause chaos to the commuters.  Luckily I was tucked up in bed – I took the photo below when I returned home after my night shift.


I placed a couple of orders with Fabric Rehab.  The first one arrived, and after looking through it everything looked familiar, but only because I’d scrutinised the website when placing my order and nearly bought everything!! I couldn’t remember what I’d ordered but thought I’d ordered 3m of the top fabric to make cushions for the lounge.  There was only 1m so I checked my account. None of the other fabrics were mine!!  I got in touch with Fabric rehab and they were going to refund my money, but then a day later another customer got in touch as she had my parcel!


H and I called into Curry’s to look at TVs and ended up having a go at the virtual reality set up that was for sale.  The guy was fab, no hard sell and we both had a really long go.  At about £750 I don’t think we’ll be buying it!


H having a go…


Then we nipped into Pizza Express for tea.  I don’t mind the hubby being late home, it means me and H sneak off for a treat!


I’ve made a couple of blocks for ‘tealed with a kiss‘ – the next quilt that’s being made to raise money for ovarian cancer. Kate from Tall Tales from Chiconia is organising it.  It’s the same lady I made my ‘time for teal’ blocks if you remember.  This is the first block – it was only supposed to have one cross, but I went wrong and didn’t have another more of the cream backgground to had to do 2 small ones, but I’m really pleased with how it turned out.  This is before I’d finished trimming it.


There’s a challenge going on this month on instagram, and as part of it I posted this picture this week. It shows how to tidy up your straggly ends on your overlocking using a loop turner. I thought some of you might find it useful.


On Friday night we went to H’s cricket club presentation night.  He won the batting award for the under 15’s and also for the development team.  Proud mum!!  He also has won the batting award for the under 15’s in the league, but he’s not got that trophy yet.  I think he got 250 runs not out in the matches, where they have to retire on 30 (sorry for the gobbledygook if you don’t speak cricket!


A birthday treat arrived from across the pond!  Thanks Del xx


Saturday night we went to a charity night with an 80’s theme.  We only knew one other couple who were going so weren’t expecting to have such a good night, but it was fab, and I took advantage of the hubby in his dancing shoes!



Feature image at the top…my second package arrived from Fabric Rehab, this time it was mine!  This lot worked out about £10!! Bargain!

Sunday Sevens – a short blog post with Seven/a few/lots of (delete as appropriate) photos from your week, invented by Natalie from Threads and Bobbins.

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  1. You always have such a full and interesting week. Love the pic of you in your virtual reality head set. I’m sure the prices will tumble and we’ll all have them soon. Mind I prefer your blues brother look – takes me back. Great work on the patchwork and congrats to H, whatever that cricket speak meant 🙂

    • I do! We really need an 8 day week, me and Del were going to see have we can work Sewday in between Sunday and Monday. The virtual reality thing was really weird. It didn’t take long to forget you were in the entrance to a store with people watching as they went in and out!

  2. Blues Brothers? You and hubby must have been a fabulous pair out on the dance floor! Good for H – he is destined for the pros, don’t you think? We’ve not had not snow yet, but expected for next week. Awesome bag of threads! I love your weekly sharings…..

    • Thanks Jen! Yes we were theBlues Brothers! We had a laugh and the hubby let his hair down. He’s not boring but he doesn’t like to be the centre of attention, but that hat just did something to him and he danced all night! 🙂

  3. You are so welcome, Lovely One, and who knows – you might start making fascinators along with custom golf shirts. 😉 Huge congratulations to H on all his trophies, but no hablo cricket speak. How amazing about the fabric mix-ups. Those Blues Brothers look sensational! What a grand week you’ve had… you’ve already had about all the snow that fell down her all last winter. And schools closed and everyone was flummoxed for several days. All in what’s “normal,” idn’t it! xxx

  4. Thanks to you(!) I have my third Fabric Rehab parcel on its way to me now – I had missed quite a few good things by the time I found about it but I still managed to help them clear out some of their stock. The thread was a good deal wasn’t it?
    I know possibly less about cricket than I do abut golf but well done H anyway.
    The Blues Brothers is one of my favourite films – love the music in it – and you two look the biz, right down to the height difference 😉
    I do a similar thing with my overlocker thread ends but use an old metal darning needle which has really big eye – I don’t know where it came from originally, I have never darned anything in my life, but I use it to sew up knitting and would be lost without it.

    • I received another email from fabric rehab yesterday to say they’d added more stock, and nearly bought some more thread, but managed to resist! I never thought about the height different then had a look at them on the internet and you;re right, lol 🙂

  5. Super week. You had more snow than we did. I used to like it when I got to have a treat with one of my boys. Congratulations on the cricket prowess.

  6. Another busy, but fun week. I love the Blues Brothers outfits – you both look fabulous.
    If all those threads came in under £10 I really need to check out Fabric Rehab!

    • It’s worth a look, they might still
      Have some left. The 50% discount code was rehab – good luck! I’ve just checked the price of the thread, they were in colourways and 3 for £5.50 then 50% off! 😃

  7. Ooh, I’m going to hop over to Fabric Rehab, too – those threads were a BARGAIN! I still think you need to work on convincing hubby to do the Mr Motivator thing next time, lol. If the Blues Brothers hat made him dance, just imagine what a skin tight leotard would do!!! Well done to H, he is so talented. We haven’t had any snow down South yet:( I use a darning needle to weave in the overlocker thread ends, but I do have a rouleau loop turner so will try your tip – thanks!

    • I might make one and see what happens to test the water! He’s got something similar that he wears for cycling, so I could always pad the bum out so it won’t go to waste lol 😂😂😂

  8. corrineappleby says

    Another busy week! No snow for us in Scarbados though (we rarely get it here). Wish I was as quick as you for the Fabric Rehab sale – everything had sold out by the time I looked at the website! You and your husband look so good as the Blues Brothers – what a great idea going as them. And not too embarrassing either (unlike being Mr Motivator!). A belated happy birthday to you too!

    • Thanks for the happy birthday wishes! Hope you managed to get something now they’ve restocked – the threads are the best bargain I think and worth stocking up on 🙂

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