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It’s been a while since I shared any Happy Valley photos in my Sunday Sevens but here’s one taken only about 200 yards off the main road from Halifax to Hebden Bridge, only a couple of miles from town.  Such tranquility but close to civilisation fabric shops.


Here’s a screen shot of what I’m planning for Linda’s Designin’ December.  I’m thinking i could make a similar effect from my husbands tie collection – I’ve not told him yet!!  If you’ve not heard of it, click on the link and have a look.  It’s all about copying a designer garment.


Sue and I had our gym Christmas Do – we went into Leeds to see The Monty – it’s well worth a trip to see it if it goes to a theatre near you.  Afterwards we hit the German Market.


This arrived in the post.  I was totally baffled as I didn’t recall meeting a Sue at a table top sale in Hawes.  It turns out cyber mom did though!


A slight accident whilst attempting to multi talk – was it as bad as  you pictured Del!?  Luckily the coffee spilt away from my fabric.


Saturday I had an impromptu coffee with the lovely Karen from Wakey Makes, and she gave me this super duper fabric from Funki Fabrics. Thankyou!! xx  This will soon be very sweaty in the gym!


Saturday night we had our works Christmas party.  A few of had an early start in Wetherspoons before we met up with everyone else.  A Fab night, with a rather delicate day after.



Can you believe it – I’ve only got 7 photos!  If you don’t include the ‘feature’ photo – now that’s got to be a first!

Sunday Sevens – a short blog post with seven/a few/lots of (delete as appropriate) photos from your week, invented by Natalie from Threads and Bobbins

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  1. Happy week, and if there was an award for blogger with the best smile I sure would nominate you! I saw a bag yesterday made from ties!

    • Aw thankyou! I’ve always done cheesy smiles, I can’t help it. When I got married the photographer wanted me to try and tone it done a bit but I couldn’t 😂

  2. Aaah! I remember the endless round of Christmas parties/dinners/lunches/dos/etc. in the U.K. Keep strong!
    That Funki Fabrics piece is amazing – I thought it was some sort of arty farty photoshopped image of a neon city at night or something at first. Can’t wait to see it made into some gymwear.
    One question. Who, in the name of pants, is that chap sitting behind you and Sue? Please tell me he is a participant in the German market festivities and hasn’t just forgotten to put his big boy trousers on.

    • Haha, he was playing the accordion looking thing but was taking a breather! I’ve got one if him playing, I should add that too! 😂

  3. Suzanne Mawson says

    Haha seen Full Monty and yes its brilliant. Think I went to school with Sue? Was she Porter now Hardwood (I think)?

  4. Oh this is a funny Sevens! (And Lynn….”what in the name of pants?” I love that!) You’ve had a lovely, happy week, haven’t you? Your workout fabric looks as if it’s already moving! I remember making a tie skirt in college. It was horrid (tie selection was apparently rather meager) unlike the one you pictured, but holy cow look at the price! And Happy Valley looks so inviting………..

    • Did you dismantle the ties before you sewed them together? I’m thinking of keeping them in one piece, butting them up against each other and trying to stitch them with some wide zig zag stitch. But any suggestions are welcome. Happy valley is lovely and there’s lots of lovely places around here to visit – if you ever make it to this neck of the woods I can always be your tour guide 🙂

      • Hmmm, it’s been a very long time, but I don’t remember dismantling. I think the ties were pretty uniform. They do vary in size and shape though, so it would probably be best to take them apart and straighten out the edges.
        You are a very good guide, so if I’m ever there, your services will be enlisted no doubt! 😀

      • On second thought, dismantling would be so time-consuming. You could just overlap where necessary and the zigzag is a good idea. Think I did some overlapping.

  5. Quite a spill, Lovely! Much more than I’d thought, so am glad we nixed a longer convo although it’s always delightful to natter! Thanks for sharing that cover! That card is also priceless, as is the Happy Valley photo. Another grand week over your way! xx

  6. What a nice gift from Karen – you must have a different gym outfit for every day of the week at least by now! I love The Full Monty, a true British great. Thanks for treating us to another photo of Happy Valley, it truly is beautiful scenery. I showed hubby the scissors thing and told him “See, it’s not just me!”. Were you cutting out on the floor when the coffee spilt? Lucky miss, by the look of it!

    • Yup, I was on my hand and knees, sometime I find it easier than bent over the table. Cutting out whilst talking to Del with the phone being held by my shoulder – it could’ve been a lot worse if it had been an accident with the rotary cutter – ouch! I’ve only got 2 outfits for the gym, but have made dozens in my head. The spotty ones aren’t no good for jumping around in as I’m always having to pull them up, but they look the part until you see where the gusset is!! I need to do some more research for my next pair!! 🙂

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