Sunday Sevens
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Hello Sunday Seveners!


This weeks pics revolve mainly around my hubby’s 50th birthday, and a girlie golf night out with a couple of other pics thrown in for good measure!


When it’s mine or the hubby’s birthday we try to take the day off work and depending on the weather either go play golf our head somewhere undercover.

This year we headed into Leeds and mooched around the shops and went to the theatre.  The new centre that homes John Lewis is very impressive, but still not a patch on some of the old arcades.


A spot of lunch and cocktails in the Alchemist before we went to the theatre to see the Commitments.


And a mandatory Starbucks fitted into the day too!


After the show more food in the local with they family.


Friday night was the ladies christmas dinner at the golf club.  There were lots of dancing and cracker pulling!


And afterwards, the night was still young so we headed to our favourite local for a spot of karaoke.  It’s a good job there’s no such thing as last orders any more otherwise we wouldn’t have been let in!


The morning after in true trooper style we hit the gym for a Body Vive class and sweated the alcohol from our system. Do you recognise Karen – she blogs at the Sewing Miserablist?  She joined us too – I’m loving making more real life friends as well as online ones, a lot of which I’m hoping our paths will cross one day.


Sunday was really cold and windy.  H couldn’t have had his football batch in a more exposed spot!


Feature pic – H has been helping himself to all the chocolate in the advent calendar! without me knowing!  I don’t usually buy these type, I fill in the pockets of one we bring out every year.   i don’t think I’ll be buying these again!

Sunday Sevens – a short blog post with seven/a few/lots of (delete as appropriate) photos from your week, invented by Natalie from Threads and Bobbins.

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  1. Happy Birthday to your hubby – looks like the requisite amounts of food and drink were taken.
    Your local karaoke spot looks like somebody’s sitting room – very relaxed.
    This was our first year without an advent calendar, well my youngest is 21 now and I thought it was time to call a halt. I’ve missed it – might have to re-start the custom again for Christmas 2017.

    • The karaoke pub’s the same one we all had tea for hubby’s birthday, it’s a totally different place come 9:30 on a Friday night! 🎉😲🎤🎼

  2. Belated Happy Birthday to hubby! Naughty H. Lovely littlest worked on the Cadbury’s advent calendar commercial last year and still has a huge heap of them – maybe she should send them to him 😉

  3. Lovely places for shopping, I must say! And happy belated birthday to your other half! Little H doesn’t half know how to get his choccie, does he? 😊 Lovely week, m’dear, and sounds like this week is more of the same. Stay warm! 🎄

    • I think H must get his greediness from me 😟 I’m not one for new resolutions but I’m going to try to be less greedy with the unhealthy part of my diet. Gosh, that sounds a bit drastic now I’ve written/typed it!!

      • It’s only typed, not written in blood or carved in stone – don’t fret! Something to work on, when you’re feeling strong. 😉 (Or towards, when life butts in. 😢)

  4. Ooh, that arcade is just gorgeous – I could spend ages on my back looking at the ceiling! My Boys have never had chocolate advent calendars and think they’re missing out, ungrateful beggars, lol. How many other children get “Fly to Lapland to see the real Father Christmas” behind the window on Day 12?!

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