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Fabric Shopping In Krakow

Has anyone been and can you point me in the right direction for any fabric shops. I’m going in the morning for a short break, mainly eating and drinking but hopefully shopping too.

And can you give any tips for stumbling across  these shops without my husband realising it wasn’t accidental!

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  1. Never been, sorry – have a great time and if there are fabric shops to be found, I’m sure you’ll sniff them out 😉

    • I’ve just found some oldish info on trip advisor and it looks like there’s a habbadashery near our hotel! 😁😆😁😆😁

  2. Cool! Have a great time and take pictures so the rest of us can have a vicarious vacation, too!

  3. Haha – love that last sentence you wrote, and glad I’m not the only one with that tactic! It works for shoe shops too 🙂

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