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Gosh, Only 6 sleeps to Christmas and time for 1 or 2 Sundays Sevens before the year’s out!

It’s been a funny week, starting with a couple of night shifts with not a lot of time for anything other than work.  I woke up to go to the backroom mid morning after my first night only to discover our electric was off.  And worse still, no one else’s was.  I actually discovered this when my sewing machine wouldn’t work.  I should have been going back to sleep as I’d only had 5 hours but I wanted to make one more Stitching santa pressie before I had to post off my parcel.  I ended up not been able to sew, no electric for 5 hours, and this big hole in my drive!  And no sleep either!!  And even worse, nearly a week later the hole is still there!


One of my Stitching Santa pressies.  Even though mine’s the stitching one I thought my giftee might like something crocheted.

I’ve managed to make a quick muslin of the close fitting stretch top form my Winifred Aldrich book.  I’m wanted to make something with the Funki Fabric from Wakey Makes but I don’t want to rush into anything and spoil it.


I started a crocheted shawl with a new to taking it to do on the flight to Poland.


Stuffed mushroom.  Any old left overs (well not too old!) wizzed up in the processor keeps my hubby happy!  He loves these and thinks I’m so clever that I can make them!!


Thursday morning we flew to Krakow.  My hairdresser actually recommended we go to Wroclaw but I got it wrong when booking the flights!!

Here’s the view from our hotel.  Try as I might I couldn’t persuade the hubby to try his hand (or foot) at ice skating!


I sampled many cocktails and took advantage of the happy hours!


We stumbled across one fabric shop.  The shop keeper was miserable and never even acknowledged me, or said hello so I didn’t spend any money.  There was a lot of fabric, and could easily have made one or 2 purchases.


On the Saturday there was all sorts going on at the main square including grown up nativity plays!


It was only a 2 night break but i managed a me made 3 days, which I was really pleased about.  The main thing I wore was my new Cleo Dress with my me made tops.  I loved it with my new shiny Renfrew.  Sorry for the funny face – I had a mouth full of cake (for a change!).


We walked for miles each day and saw some beautiful sights.  The weather was just below zero, but really crisp and gorgeous for exploring the city on foot.



All in all a busy week.  We arrived back Saturday night and then it was back to reality at 6am Sunday morning when i was back in work.  I’ll share a few more pics of our stay when I get chance and let you know where I found the fabric shop.  And also a few tips if you’re planning a trip to Krakow.

Hope you all have a fabulously festive week.  I’ve a couple more shifts to work before I break up, but I’m feeling more Christmassy now I’ve bought my goose fat!


Sunday Sevens – a short blog post with seven/a few/lots of (delete as appropriate) photos from your week, invented by Natalie from Threads and Bobbins.

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  1. A city always looks better when the sky is blue doesn’t it? You get a completely different feel for it if you spend time there under grey skies. I’m glad you enjoyed Krakow – even though you meant to go somewhere else,
    Nothing like goose fat to bring on the Christmas mood I find. 😉

    • We were so lucky with the weather and yes your right about the blue skies. The locals said it was unusual not to have snow at this time of year but I’m glad we didn’t have any, we’d have had to stay in the bars longer! 😄

    • Thankyou, and to you too!
      This week has been ok so far, it’ll get busier nearer Christmas, it always shocks me how many people try and get their old folk in hospital over Christmas!!!

  2. Great photo of you in your Cleo, although obviously the mouthful of cake meant you couldn’t smile! Have a lovely Christmas! x

  3. corrineappleby says

    Another very busy week. I’d be really annoyed with that hole in my drive. Still it looked like you had a good time in Poland, despite the miserable old fart in the fabric shop. I like your Renfrew/Cleo combination! Have a lovely Christmas 🎄

    • You too! I hope you’re not feeling too delicate after your Christmas do! Happy Christmas to you all!! 🌻 (can’t find the Christmas emojis so you have an unseasonal sunflower!)

  4. Love it – Krakow is on our to-do list of city breaks. Still rockin’ the Cleo, I see – looks fab. That pile of Stitching Santa pressies! I thought it was my job as the organiser to go overboard!

    • After getting my huge pile of pressies last year it spurred me on to go big! I didn’t make as much as I wanted to, but I’m really pleased with my acquired/free pressies! Mines still at the sorting office, I’ve not been able to collect it yet. 😃

  5. Another lovely week – and Krakow looks beautiful.
    Have a wonderful Christmas – I hope you don’t have to work too many shifts (and I hope they are quiet too!)

    • Luckily I’m off for Christmas but dropped for the dreaded night shift over the new year.
      I collected my parcel from the sorting office yesterday – thankyou!!! Hope you’re feeling better 🤒

  6. Great week, Lovely! But when I went to find this post, it wasn’t… Categorized, that is. So I did a search on 83 and discovered it. Might want to tick a box… just sayin’ 😉
    Only 3 more sleeps! xx 🎄🎅

    • Thankyou, I’ll have look, in getting a bit giddy now I’ve finished work. Back in on Tuesday but happy that I’m off for the main event! xx

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