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#SundaySevens 85 – the first of 2017

I’m so glad I write my Sunday Sevens.  The end of the week comes along and before I actually look through the photos on my phone I often feel a bit despondent that my weeks been a bit flat, too much work, no nights out, and just a bit mundane.  But then I look through my photos and within less than a minute I’m feeling loads better and always have a smile on my face.

The mundane things and the every day stuff bring back just as many happy memories of what I’ve been up to in the week, almost as much as when I’m looking through and see a pic when I’ve drunk too much wine and can’t quite remember the photo being taken!

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not always easy remember to take all these photo.  My family have gotten used to me whipping out the phone for a quick Sunday Sevens pic, and the hubby no longer pulls a face at the suggestion of a selfie.  At the beginning I’d forget all the time but now it’s just a part of my life, snapping away.

I’ve just looked through my folder of “2016 Sunday Sevens” on my computer.  482 photos!!  I don’t think I’ve put all of them on my blog but probably not so far off.

Well enough waffling.  I just thought I’d share my thoughts with you, and if you’re thinking of joining in, it really is worthwhile.  Not just for the lovely comments from you guys, but for yourself too.  Remember the little things as well as the big things that go on and often get forgotten.

I’m thinking of uploading all my Sunday Sevens pics to photo box and having a Sunday Sevens photobook made.  A little pressies to myself!

Sunday 1st January 2017 – I called in to see Cyber Mom & Pops to wish them happy new year on my way for my night shift.


I bought 2 of these yummy chocolate orange puddings from M&S for boxing day.  We were so full we only needed one, so even though it was a couple of days out of date we risked our  health and ate the second one!  I think the only after effects were sparkly wees and glittery number 2s.  (only kidding!)



What is it about cats and sewing?  I really need to teach her how to use scissors instead of just staring at what’s to be done!



Remember the fabric I bought in the sale at John Lewis?  Well, when she was cutting it out, I said to her (very politely) “if you’re going to cut it to the exact cm (which she was doing) can you make sure it’s actually straight.  So she messed about for ages.  Her cutting table was over flowing with fabric and ‘stuff’ (not mine!), and she said when they had their training the table had lines on.  This didn’t.

When I got round to pre washing it this week one length of the red jersey is only 195cm and the other edge is just over 2m.    The teal is a bit better and exactly 2m on the shortest length.

I don’t usually have a problem as most shops cut a little big extra to allow for this but she was cutting exactly on the 2m mark spot, which made me say something, especially when I  saw how wonky she had it lined up.

It’s only 5cm, but then by the time you’ve lost a bit for shrinkage in the wash it’s soon quite a bit less than 2m.  Am I just being a grumpy fart, and should I do anything about it? Maybe a polite email to John Lewis??



On a brighter note!  I’m joining in the Secret Valentine Exchange.  It’s a lot like Sewchets Stitching Santa.  Oh my goodness!  I’ve just check their blog and there’s over 400 participants!  Think that might be you next Sheila!!  I’ll give you hand!



My  zipper pouch from my Stitching Santa in action….. it’s like a tardis with all I can fit in it!



Friday Cyber mom came for lunch.  It was breakfast for me as I’d only be up an hour.  But it’s never too early for cheese cake.  Especially with this cream…. toffee and pecan flavour.  I swear I had all not not eating it all straight out of the tub!



A golf ball cleaner – made using the puff stitch that is on the face scrubbie from my secret santa pressies.  Golf balls get very grubby this time of year and we’re allowed to clean them in between shots if they’re on the fairway.  This little piece of handiwork will fit easily in my pocket, and all the dirt will be inside it so it does dirty my pockets!   I’m quite chuffed with my invention, though I won’t be taking it to the Dragon’s Den I don’t think!



And just an explanation of my ‘feature’ pic. Cyber mum cracking up laughing….. after lunch she was catching up reading my blog and went back to the dreaded dress post and was in hysterics at the photos and the comments.  There mom, you’re featured, that’ll teach you for laughing, lol xx


Sunday Sevens – a short-ish blog post with seven/a few/lots of (delete as appropriate) photos from your week, invented by Natalie from Threads and Bobbins

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  1. I would say to contact John Lewis-hopefully they’ll be able to help. The chocolate pudding looks delicious!

  2. Just had tena moment reading about sparkly wees. You are priceless!! Love the ball cleaner idea from the scrubby. Yes cutting out straight is a bug of mine. Squaring off is hard enough without bits missing and wonky lines K xXx

  3. In a way I feel badly for the cutting counter clerks….people are so picky about getting the pieces cut straight and their bosses are so demanding about cutting out “waist” or better known as profits from their pockets. My take in retail has always been – if the customer is not happy, the merchant will suffer. Contact the managers.

  4. I would take the fabric back and get a refund or another length. It should be very easy to cut fabric exactly, your just measure and whizz the scissors along, not cutting it in a scissor movement at all. And I worked in a fabric shop so no excuses! Golf ball cleaner – ingenious! Mums smile as lovely as yours!

  5. I love the photo of you and your mum – tell her she looks lovely.
    Cats and knitting are worse than cats and sewing.
    Say something about the fabric so it doesn’t happen to anybody else or put you off buying fabric there again. After all, John Lewis are never knowingly undercut.

  6. I would absolutely let John Lewis know. I’ve always found them to be very keen to know if you’re not happy so they can sort it out. It’s not a huge amount but it can be the difference between fitting all your pattern pieces on the fabric and not. And, let’s face it, JL fabric ain’t cheap. 5cm across every piece they cut soon adds up!

  7. I’m exactly the same, I often find myself thinking I’ll have nothing to post for SS until I look back at my photos. Glad the secret Valentine sign up is closed or I’d have been tempted. And, yes get yourself back to John Lewis with that fabric!

    • I think I’ll drop an email first, because I wouldn’t want to get the lady who cut the fabric if I go back, she knew I wasn’t really impressed with it but I kept smiling and just bought it! :-0

      • You sound just like me, I would have done the same. Mind, there is wisdom in humouring people with scissors in their hands 🙂 She really should be doing her job properly though and, although I haven’t bought fabric for ages, they usually cut it on the longer side. Sounds though to as if maybe she needs a bit more training, so a ‘complaint’ phrased kindly – which I know you would do anyway – may do her a favour?

        • You’re right. An email would be best. Someone mentioned about taking it back but I like it, so yes a kind email will be sent. Maybe I could copy all the comments and tell them a lot of my crafty followers are backing me and think the same. Only kidding! 😃

  8. Happy New Year! A sparkly wee would be rather fun I think! I’d at least drop an email to John Lewis, it is so irritating to have wonkiness and be short changed!

    • Yup, i think I will, and maybe I should add all the comments from here….that would be them something to read! they might give me a job in the haberdashery, lol 🙂

  9. OMG Ali, “sparkly wees and glittery No. 2’s” – that is priceless. I imagine laughing through your posts is something Cybermum does a lot. I certainly do. Your photos are great, and your sense of humor is just such wicked fun. Have a great week, and someone will be having a very happy Valentine’s Day. 😀

  10. Agreed as marked above. Love-Love-Love your posts & sense of humor! Girl friend, we gotta talk about that cheese cake topping: Why not deep, rich chocolate?! Hugs to Cyber Mum – got a bit for her in your next box but don’t alert your postie yet. Too much ice to get out the property. 😳 xx

    • Just!! I could only put one ball of wool. I’ve had different goodies in it last night for my shift, and I’ve taken a pic. It’s a perfect size to carry a mobile protect and my purse and charger. Thankyou again!! 🙂

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