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Save The Date For The Next Dewsbury Meet-up

Yay!   It finally arrived at 11:19 last night!

The email letting me know for definite the big changes that would affect my shift pattern and when they will take affect from.

That can only mean one thing…

A date for the next Spoolette’s meet up can now be set!  I didn’t want to do it before knowing as I’d be gutted if I arranged it and then couldn’t even go myself!

Saturday 25th February 2017

We’ll be meeting at the same cafe as last year but in the afternoon instead of going to Weatherspoons I’m thinking we might go to the pub at the train station instead.  I’m going got make a trip to Dewsbury in the next week or so to let Fabworks and Lucky Fashions know to expect a stampede of fabric starved ladies, and to check out meeting places.

If you’ve not been before it’s a time to spend a fews hours laughing, admiring and stroking (clothes of fellow Spoolettes) and generally having a fab day with people who you’ll feel you’ve known for years by the end of the day!

I’ve had a couple of new ideas….

Make a name badge!!  

It can be paper, fabric, plastic, anything!  From my own experience you will have that moment when you know someone’s face from IG or their blog but you can’t remember their name!  If you wear a badge we’ll all know who you are!

Bring A Goodie Bag!

Now with all the best intentions I would love to spend time sourcing all sorts of loveliness to make each of you a goodie bag, but I really don’t have time.  So what about we all make just one, put your own name on it so whoever gets its knows who has put it together.  You don’t have to spend money, hand made gifts are just the best, or add a notion or 2 from your stash.  If you don’t wish to take part in this, that’s fine, but you won’t be able to receive a goodie bag if you don’t bring one (hope that doesn’t sound too harsh!!).  What do you think…. a good idea or not….I’ll go with the general census of opinion,  other suggestions are welcome too!

I’ll be writing another post in a couple of weeks where you’ll be able to add your name if you’re coming and I’ll give you all the details of the day!

Now hasn’t that just made your Friday!  Now Christmas it’s over unless you’ve got a holiday booked soon there’s not a lot to look forward to, well there is now!!

See you on the 25th Feb!! 

Ali x

If you want to read more about past meet ups and what Dewsbury has to offer their a section on my main front page with all the links to the Spoolette posts.

Here’s just a few pics from past meet ups!


  1. Gutted not to be over there with you all, but know you will have a fab(ic) time! Your goodie bag idea sounds just right & hope everyone will be very pleased.
    Somebody buy a metre for us across the pond who’ll be there in spirit!
    xxxx to all!

  2. Ok I am in and love the idea of doing our own badges and goodie bags. Let me know if I can help with anything K xXx

  3. I’m in! Minus the fabric acquisition, of course, sigh, but I can definitely look and chat and buy all the haberdashery. Guesses on a postcard who is going to be destashing haberdashery next year, haha! Great idea on the bags and badges. Are we doing a fabric/pattern swap too or did I miss that bit?

    • I’m thinking that I probably aren’t going to arrange a swap, there’ll be no where to do it, unless I can arrange it to be done at Fabworks. I think the pub will be pretty busy with it being a Saturday. We’ll see, you want to add to that stash don’t you!?! 😂

  4. apricotmylo says

    This sounds great! Just so that I can plan, what are the timings for the day – meet up and depart?

  5. Fiona M says

    I’ll be away too, but in all honesty, I could not for shame buy another piece of fabric until I have got something sewn! (Pup has settled nicely in recent weeks, so I hope to get back in the sewing room soon).
    Obviously I’d otherwise have been delighted to assist with fabric stroking, ogling, enabling and drinking ….

  6. Simona says

    I think I’m in and I also think the goodie bag is a good idea as well. Something to look forward to así have no holiday until then. 😉

    • Brilliant, see you then! This’ll be much more fun than laid on a beach with nothing to do and no fabric shops for miles 😎

  7. Would you be willing to accept overseas visitors as well? I was just thinking, as the 25th is the beginning of our mid term break I might as well use the chance to get over to pre-Brexit UK before they make us take out visas and all that. It would be such fun to meet you all!

    • Would I?!?! It would be amazing if you came over!!! If you need any info to help plan your trip let me know. And where you thinking of staying?? Any ideas?? Dewsbury isn’t a place that attracts overseas visitors but there’s other places round and about 😃😃😃😃😃

      • Well, I only just went and booked a flight, so I guess I will be coming 🙂
        I will fly into Manchester on the Friday, so I would greatly appreciate recommendations for places to stay on the Friday and Saturday. I will have use of a hire car, so locations off the beaten track are no problem.
        Oooo, all excited now! 2017 suddenly got a whole lot more exciting!

          • Fantastic, thanks for the support! We are going to have to think about a new joint project to celebrate this international event, don’t you think?! 🙂

    • You need to have a shout out and see if anyone fancies doing something near you. That’s how I ended arranging my first meet up. They’re not huge dos, there was only 6 at the Halifax one but we still had a great time. 😃

        • I’d just choose a date and place, write a blog post and see you fancies coming. Where are you from?? Is there any fabric shops not too far away?? 😃

            • They’ll all be as scared as you!! It’s like internet dating for sewing friends!! You’ll find everyone’s will have loads in common and it’s like finding long lost friends.
              Go on…. check you diary and do it!! There’s no point wishing there was one near you when there’s no reason you can’t arrange one….. I’ll be watching out for the post!!! 😃

              • I’ll have to think about it, I’d do a yarn store one though! 😂 if nothing else I’d get a trip to a nice shop.

        • Beware though, it does cause sleepless nights and nightmares organising it!! I kept dreaming there’d only just be me, or that no one would get on!! No need to have worried though 😂

  8. I’m so sad I’ve organised to stay at my sister’s that week (hubby is in Cyprus so I’m helping her do some major life laundering!) Can’t wait to hear all about it though, and hope I can make the next one x

    • Oh no! Hopefully there’ll be one later in the year! Life laundering – not heard of that saying, but sounds like something that can’t be put off 🙂

  9. I’m in! 🙂 Is travelling by train do-able? I live near Newcastle upon Tyne, and could come down by train for the day. A goodie bag sounds a great idea. Looking forward to it.

    • Such a shame you’re not here Jen. Next time you’re over we’ll see if it coincides with a meet up and if not we can arrange one 🙂

  10. See you there! SO glad I can make this one 🙂 and love the goodie bag idea too. Will get thinking of crafty things.

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  12. I’m in, Ali. The idea of a goody bag is a bit scary! Like a secret Santa for a particular person or more like lucky dip? I’d need a bit of guidance. Love the idea of the name badges. Anne

    • Just a lucky dip! It doesn’t have to be much, I thought I might make a peg bag cos that seems to be my speciality when it comes to home made gifts. But anything hand made would be lovely. I’ll have a look through some of the stitching santa posts and write a post with some ideas if that might help 🙂

  13. Wild horses couldn’t keep me away! Count me in. I love the badge idea. Goody bag is a bit scary for me. Like Anne says – a bit of guidance would be appreciated. Please lets do a pattern swap because they don’t take up as much space as fabric does :-). If you need me to help out with anything I am game just text me. Thanks for arranging this – you are ace!

    • ….guidance post ✔️
      Ok then, There’ll be a pattern swap! But what do you think about including free ones??? There’s always lots of them left. It needs some thought so there’s not loads left. And I need to find a proper place for it. If I find enough space we could do fabric too but maybe limit it to people fetching only 1 or 2 pieces. What do you think??? 🤔 xx

  14. Hi Ali,
    I’ve not been in touch for a while. To be honest my tablet died an d I lost loads of contacts. I’ ve been meaning to track down the Spoolettes again but with one thing and another time passed. Anyway here I am grounded with a broken arm and googled Thimberlina and guess what….. yes a Spoolettes meet up. fate I call it. Count me in I enjoyed myself so much last time. I say count me in but the hospital are threatening to operate to reset my arm. So I’ll have to give final notice later. Oooh I’m so excited

  15. Can I still come if I have not made anything for over a year? What is the statute of limitations on still being able to call yourself a spoolette?
    Maybe the thought of a meet up with sewing peeps will be just the incentive I need to crack on with something!

    • Another wowee! Course you can come!! You’re one of the founder members of the Yorkshire Spoolettes!!
      Dust off that machine – making something for the goodie bag might be just what you need to get you seeing again!!
      I’m going to finally get round to making an Anna soon – I think of you when I think of Anna dresses, and everytime I drive near where you live when I’m working!! Have you still got the same mobile number?? I’m just surfacing, I was in nights last night and was 2 hours late off but it’s my last one so I need to get up, but will give you a call in a bit when I’ve had coffee and feel human!! Xx

      • Yep. Still have the same number!
        I must make another Anna, as I currently don’t fit into any of the ones I have. it is a dead quick make (or at least it is if you don’t need too many adjustments).

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