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Goodie Bag Guidance!

For the next Yorkshire Spoolette’s Meet Up on the 25th February there’s going to be a goodie bag swap.  It’s not compulsory to join in but it is compulsory for it to be fun!

A few of you have been wondering what sort of thing you could put in so I thought I’d give you a few ideas.

I’ve not even got any photos together yet, I’m going to find them as I write.  And guess where I’m going to look first?

SEWCHET’s Stitching Santa posts!

She is the Queen of all craftiness and has the most amazing ideas.  I think they’ve started to rub off onto her followers because everyone who took part in her Stitching  Santa have made some great gifts.  So that’s where I’m going to start!!

Before you start looking, don’t get worried.  They’re just ideas and you don’t have to make a huge bag of goodies!

A key ring – made by Lyn at Tialys



A Zipper pouch – we can never have enough zipper pouches! Also made by Lyn – both gifts for Sheila.


A Padded Notebook – Tutorial from Sheila HERE. Kim made me one in my stitching santa and I LOVE it!


A Peg Bag!  I would love one!  I’ve made loads as gifts but not for myself!  Some of my friends use theirs to put other things in or just hang them up for fancy!  Here’s one I made for Corrine who’s a teacher.


Granny Mauds Girls has a great tutorial – click on her photo below – this is what got me started making them.


Or some coasters – I made these for Corrine in Stitching santa 2015


I also made some for Sheila for organising the Secret Santa


Sheila made my secret Santa parcel in 2015.  It was HUGE!!  She made me a case for handy andys tissues and a matching coin purse – both handy for in my golf bag, but would be useful to keep in your hand bag too.

And this needle keeper is one of the most useful thing I have – you don’t need to add scissors – you could attach the ribbon with a press stud.  It’s fab because before this I was always looking for a needle when it came to doing a bit of hand sewing.


And I made one for my stitching santa this year….


If you’ve seen my stitchin santa post sorry, but here’s again what Kim from The Material Lady made me, and I love them all!

Is that enough ideas for hand made gifts?? I’ve started a Pinterest page too with more ideas. Some are more adventurous than others, but there’s quite a few that could be made in a spare hour or 2!

You could also have a rummage in your own sewing stuff and see if you have anything you could add.  I’d been saving some free stuff up for my stitching santa and this is what I added:

Maybe some trim, or a zip, or a fat quarter, or a bit of embroidery thread??   An odd metre of knicker elastic even!  You know that we would all love anything that’d put in it because it will have been chosen and placed in with lots of crafty careful thought.

Don’t have sleepless nights about it!  It’s fun!  And if you don’t want to join in it’s ok.

I thought I’d collect the bags, I’ll fetch something to put them in, and share them out after shopping when we go to the pub.  If anyone needs to leave early I’ll make sure you get one!

And now onto the name badge I suggested we all make!  I’m going to bring some stickers for those who don’t have chance to make or acquire one.  Some of us might be lucky enough to own a name badge already.  Margaret you know I mean you!!

Check out this super duper badge ladies…………..


Now I hope I haven’t scared the living daylights out of you showing you Margaret from The Crafty Creek’s awesomeness.  She’s already won the best badge prize before she’s even got there, but I just had to share.  Click here to read the story behind her badge.

For mine it’ll be something more like a blue peter moment, and I’ve no idea where to start, but I’m sure I’ll think of something.

If you want to add any links in the comments for other goodie bag ideas or for badges too, please feel free!

I hope thats put some of your minds at rest.  Please don’t fret in silence – if you’ve still any questions or concerns please get in touch!

Ali xx


    • You’re welcome! Hope you didn’t mind me adding your awesome badge! I’ve just spotted that I missed the link so just off to fix it m, and all the typos, I did it in a bit of a rush! 😀

  1. All sounds brill Ali. Would love to come but I think I am going to hold out for maybe sewbrum this year? I think these type of goody bags sound so much more thoughtful and personal than “sponsored” ones!

    • That’s a good idea!! Sewbrum is a fab day, totally huge compared to Dewsbury, and probably easier to get to fit you even though it’s further. I keep looking out for the date so I can book it off work! See you there 😀

    • You’re welcome! We’ll have to make sure there’s nothing sharp in your goodie bag or you won’t get through customs!! 🤣

  2. What a great idea. You’ve got me yearning to sew something now. Of course we both know that’s unlikely. But on the off chance that I do, can you give me a link to your peg bag tutorial please?

    • One of these days you’re gonna surprise us both and dust off that machine! There’s a tutorial if you click on granny Maud’s girl photo, I don’t think I’ve done one. There’s a bag that might float your boat on the Pinterest page. It’s half leather, half knitted! If you’ve no leather mini skirts that you want to upcycle I’ve some from Fabworks going spare. Even better, how about I do the sewing part and then send it to you!? What a compromise that would be and a joint effort!! Have a look and see what you think 😍

      • Sit down before your read this…
        I took my sewing machine out just before Christmas and made two cushions – one for my new great nephew and one for my new great niece – with their names on! 🙂
        Sorry, didn’t read your blog properly and missed Granny Maud’s link.

        The pouch/bag is cute and I’m wondering if it would work well replacing the leather with some up-cycled denim (doing some sort of button hole stitch around the punched out bits) and a nice blue fair isle pattern in the knitting. Of course, you guessed right, no leather mini skirts lying around – in fact I don’t think I own a skirt at all. And thank you for your offer of leather and sewing – that’s so (sew) kind. And although I’m not thinking leather pouch, I’m wondering if I could take you up on it in another capacity. I’ve been wanting to make a knitted bag for a while. I was thinking of making one a bit like the pouch, but bigger than a purse – although not necessarily much bigger and with a leather/fabric bottom as well as top and handles. Handles are the thing that always sets me off procrastinating, because if you knit them they’re too stretchy. But they could be knitted and then felted or better still fabric or leather – any thoughts on how that could be done? I know i could bowl off and do denim top, bottom and handles, but it might be nice to do a blog a collaboration of making two bags – I could do the knitting (maybe cable/textured rather than fair isle, as colourwork is slow and rather boring – especially if it’s a bigger bag) and you do the sewing and we can have one each to blog about and keep or give away if we chose.What do you think? I can still do something in denim and use that for the handles, if you don’t want to/don’t have the time. And I can email you a picture to make things clearer if what I’m written doesn’t make sense. So what do you think?

        • I think it’s a fab idea, especially if we have one each. I won’t want to give mine away, that’s for sure!! I’ve been trying to find a pic of a knitted bag I made for my niece ages ago. The handles were knitted but I inserted a tube a satin fabric to match the lining to stop the handles stretching. I machine stitched the lining and handles in one go and it worked well. I’ll find the pics and show you.
          Yup, we need to get our heads together, it’ll be a great joint venture! Do you want to draw some pics and we’ll take it from there? #excited!! 😃

          • Excellent! Glad you’re in. I’ll do some drawing over the weekend. I’m having a nightmare with the payment gateway on my website and I think I’m going to have to sign up to having a paypal one tomorrow and I think that’s going to suck away any spare time I had before the weekend. It’s taken heaps already this week and I’m only trying to get one person through the flippin checkout.
            PS I draw like a two year old, but hopefully even I can draw a bag #excited too 🙂

            • Haha, looking forward to seeing your drawing! I have an old suede jacket that’s miles too small for me, it’s dark brown. I wonder if that could be of use. I’ll also have a rummage and find the leather and see how big the pieces are. I’ll email you some photos, is your address on your blog? 😀

              • Heck I’m going to end up with half your wardrobe here. There’s a contact form on the blog, but you can’t attach photos to that and anyway, I’d rather use my personal one. I’ll email you, so you have it. But I did email you a while back when we were talking scratchy yarn and presumably that never got to you. So if you don’t hear from me, contact me through the contact form and I’ll try again. Will do straight away 🙂

                • Hello! I’m sat down now at my proper computer so can type fast and waffle on! I’ll head over to my emails and send you one. I got the one you sent earlier but not one before – i’ve got through my spam folders and everything. Strange, but never mind. Catch you soon 🙂

                  • Thank you. Have all three emails, but only skimmed before I went to bed as I had a friend round until late. Will read properly and reply this aft. Must work and not get distract this morning. Hope you’re having a good shift 🙂

  3. I have so many ideas for goodies to put in my bag! I may have to stop referring to Pinterest otherwise I’ll be bringing a bag the size of a suitcase with me! Margaret’s badge is beautiful! I fear anything I make will look very dull in comparison! I will have to get my thinking cap on!

  4. Thanks for posting this – I don’t make any of these kind of things but I’m sure I could, if I tried and I wouldn’t have known where to start. It’s all very thoughtful Ali – you’re a star!

  5. corrineappleby says

    I love my peg bag and coasters! Definitely great additions to a goody bag!

  6. Once again, so jealous of your meet up across the pond! Maybe I’ll make it there someday… have a fabulous time!

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