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#sewdowndewsbury – only 9 sleeps

Before your read anything else here’s an important update!! —FABWORKS CLOSES AT 2pm ON A SATURDAY – 4pm Mon-Fri)—–Bear this in mind on our day out and when planning future visits!

Only 9 sleeps to go!  Well, that’s if I get this posted tonight.   If the maths doesn’t add up and it’s less than 9 sleeps I’m sorry, but I’m having to queue for the Mac as H has lots of revision to be doing, or so he says!

So here’s just a quick update for our meet up on the 25th February!  It’s only the 3rd one I’ve arranged, Dewsbury unfortunately doesn’t have the big fancy tea rooms and large Costas like some places so our meeting point will be Weatherspoons.

First of all I’ve made a map – The Fabraholics Guide To Dewsbury – click on the link below to view or download your own PDF copy.  I’ve not worked out how to convert it to jpeg to view it on here so have taken a photo of the screen!  Sorry!  If I was 25 and not 45 I’d likely be able to do it in a flash!  (Thanks Del for helping me out!! It’s now a proper photo! xx)


The map shows the train station and the 2 main car parks.  The car park at the train station is probably the easiest to find.  Both are very reasonably priced.


We’re meeting at Weatherspoons from 9:30am.  It’s less than 5 minutes walk from the train station and car park.


As you come out of the train station this will be your view, hopefully with the same blue sky!


Cross at the pelican crossing and turn left down the hill, and when you get the the first set of lights turn right.


Weatherspoons is 2 minutes down that road on your right.


We’ll stay in Weatherspoons until about 11am.  I say about as there’s really no rules!  Weatherspoon’s serve breakfast and coffees, so don’t think you have to start on the vino at breakfast time!

For those taking part in the Goodie bag swap Karen and Karen will be collecting them.   Please make sure that you add your name to your goodie bag  so the lucky recipitant knows who has made it!  They’ll will also collect any extra goodies for the ‘prize’ goodie bags – can you please add your name to anything which you have made for that.  And they’ll be making a list of those who are joining in to make sure you have a goodie bag to take home!

(if you’re not taking part in the goodie bag swap don’t panic, it really isn’t compulsory and is just intended to be a fun swap on the day).

After we’ve all had a natter and maybe a bacon buttie we’ll hit the shops and the market.  I’ve not got any real plans to have a spending spree of my own so please feel free to ask me to show you where any particular shops are, or if you want a bit of a tour of the market.

Before we leave and hit the shops I’d like to get everyone together for a group photo, and a photo too of those were their Montetas!  After all it is the weekend of the Moneta Party!! ‘m hoping there will be quite a few, and I’m wondering if Sue was serious when she said she’d wear my Tigger Moneta!!

We’ll reconvene about 3pm, and the goodie bags will be shared out – or we might even get chance to do it before we leave Weatherspoons for the Big Shop.  I’ll play it by ear as this is something I’ve not done before.  If you  need to leave early let me know so I can make sure you don’t leave empty handed.

And there’ll be a fabric and pattern swap in the pub.  Hila has kindly offered to find good charitable homes for any left over fabric or patterns.  There usually is quite an abundance of free patterns so maybe just limit them to one or two if that’s ok??

I’ll stay in the pub until the last leave – I’ll be driving so don’t worry I won’t end up in a heap under a pile of fabric!!  So if you have to stay to catch a particular train or til you lift arrives, I won’t leave you on your own.

A few ladies have gotten in touch and are travelling together.  Here’s who’s confirmed so far who are going – there’s going to be quite a crowd!!

So…..who’s coming?

Cyber Mom – NanOfTheMatch (unable to make it)

Chris – Hand Made By Chris

Hila – Saturday Night Stitch

Pam – Sweet Pea Green

Margaret – The Crafty Creek

Simona – Sewing Adventures In The Attic

Eleanor – Nelnanandnora

Catherine – Catternlace

Wendi – Wendiwooknits

Natalie – Somuchtolearn

Jenna – Stitched Up By Jenna

Hanna – Hand Made By Hannah

Pam – travelling from Chesterfield

Katrina – Rolling Eyeballs

Anne – Anne’s Blog

Gemma – Mustachioed Threads

Helen – Just Sew Therapeutic 

Sharon – Stretch Nation Clothing

Janette – travelling from Wakefield

Sam – travelling from Middlestown

Karen – travelling from Hull

Amanda – Apricot Mylo

Lisa – Lisalooby1234

Jan – Vivid Kitty’sWonderful World of Sewing and Stuff  (unable to make it)

Karen – The Sewing  Miserablist 

Katie – Monkeysocks Learns To Sew

Janet – JaySpangles

Lucie – Love Lucie

Sue – sue_976 (unable to make it)

Chris – Florrie1852

Samantha – CullenSamantha

Margeret – coming from the Yorkshire side of Manchester!

Mags – coming from Roberttown (unable to make it)

Glennis – coming from Brighouse (unable to make it)

Teresa – Navy Blue Threads

Samantha – Manfa697

Boz – agirlcalledboz

Shauni – The Maginificent Thread 

Liz – so_momma

Jenna – Stitched Up By Jenna

 If you’re coming and you’re not on the list above would you mind filling in the info on THIS page so i can add you.  Even if you’ve left a comment somewhere on my blog or on my IG please fill it in as it will be a nightmare to keep track otherwise.

So not long ladies for those who can make it!  #countingthesleeps

If you’ve any queries please get in touch.  If you’re worried about coming to meet a load of strangers from the internet, don’t worry, we all are!  Just think of it as speed dating for sewists!!

And if you’ve read all this and still have no idea what’s going on then this post announcing saving the date, and this post with an update will fill you in, and then there’s this post about the giveaway for those of you who can’t make it.

 See you soon, Thimbers xx


  1. artcoopsville says

    I would have sooo loved to join you all. A sewcial in the north. Yeah. But I won’t be able to make it this time. Next one.

    • Aw that’s a shame, fingers crossed you’ll make the next one. Redwsews will be organising one later in the year, which I think will be in Leeds.

  2. I like the fraze: “Speed dating for sewists”. Very claever! 😊
    What a great idea to organise a meeting for the sewists nearby! I would also love to get to know those who creat near my town. And you guys too if I were a tiny bit closer… 😅

    • Maybe you could arrange your own Rita? There’s a few that are travelling a distance to come (Chris from Germany!!) but a lot of ladies are within 30-60 minutes. If you write something on your blog you might be surprised how many how not too far away from you. The first year I organised it there were 12 which was just a nice number, I’d have had a major panic attack if there had been as many as this!!

      • 😀 I might just do that. I need to consider it. Although my readers are mostly abroad but still I could give it a try. Thanks Ali! I’ll sleep on it! 😉
        Or visit you next year!

  3. Just completed my ‘official’ form, can see why you needed everyone to do that now! Wow, what a crowd of us, great job! 🙂
    Really looking forward to it, though will have to leave a little early as off to see Anton and Erin of Strictly fame at The Bridgewater Hall in the evening with dinner beforehand. Will think through the logistics this week and let you know my timings so you can add to your no doubt, incredibly long itinerary list!
    Many thanks for organising 🙂 xx

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