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#sewdowndewsbury – A Giveaway for those who can’t make it!

Last year when the Spoolettes got together down Dewsbury for a day of sewcialising I ran a little competition/giveaway and prizes were awarded to 2 ladies who guessed the closest to the total mileage of how far everyone had travelled. Tialys (international winner!) guessed 655 and Sam (UK winner) guessed 666.  The total mileage was 671.


This year there will another giveaway with the same format, but the prizes will be different.  Attendees are taking part in a goodie bag swap and quite a few have said they will bring something extra on the day for the Giveaway Prize Goodie Bag.

So I will make up 2 Goodie Bags … one for a UK winner and one for an international winner.  The contents of the goodie bags are totally unknown at the minute, but I imagine they will be totally amazing!


After the meet up I’ll open up the giveaway and you’ll be able to leave your guess of how far everyone has travelled in the comments.

To help you I’m going to add a list of who’s going and links to their blog or IG at the end of this post.  Your guess can be totally random, or you can click on the links and do a little homework to try and find out where they’ve travelled from.  If someone doesn’t have a blog/IG i will state where they are travelling from.

Most of those who are coming have filled in the form on THIS post.

If you haven’t would you mind completing it when you get a minute. It’ll help Hila on the day who is the mileage monitor, and most of the maths can then be done in advance!

So if you are coming look out for her on the day, and say hello and check she has you on her list and the correct mileage.  Keep her busy, you’ll be doing her a favour – it will stop her buying her weight in fabric!!

Here she is if you don’t know her……   (Hila on the left with Lucy)

#yorkshirespoolette #fabworks   328

So…..who’s coming?

Chris – Hand Made By Chris

Hila – Saturday Night Stitch

Pam – Sweet Pea Green

Margaret – The Crafty Creek

Simona – Sewing Adventures In The Attic

Eleanor – Nelnanandnora

Catherine – Catternlace

Wendi – Wendiwooknits

Natalie – Somuchtolearn

Jenna – Stitched Up By Jenna

Hanna – Hand Made By Hannah

Pam – travelling from Chesterfield

Katrina – Rolling Eyeballs

Anne – Anne’s Blog

Gemma – Mustachioed Threads

Helen – Just Sew Therapeutic 

Sharon – Stretch Nation Clothing

Janette – travelling from Wakefield

Sam – travelling from Middlestown

Karen – travelling from Hull

Amanda – Apricot Mylo

Lisa – Lisalooby1234

Jan – Vivid Kitty’sWonderful World of Sewing and Stuff

Karen – The Sewing  Miserablist 

Katie – Monkeysocks Learns To Sew

Janet – JaySpangles

Lucie – Love Lucie

Sue – sue_976

Chris – Florrie1852

Samantha – CullenSamantha
(for those that are coming, if it’s not fairly obvious on your blog/IG where you’re travelling from how about giving a clue to those who might be checking you out!)

Phew!! and then there’s me of course!  And maybe cyber-mom.  She’s pretending to be shy and not decided if she’s coming yet, probably a bit like one of 2 out there!

If you’re coming and you’re not on the list above would you mind filling in the info on THIS page so i can add you.  Even if you’ve left a comment somewhere on my blog or on my IG please fill it in as it will be a nightmare to keep track otherwise.

And if you are coming, and you are taking part in the Goodie Bag Swap you might want to have read of this post and also take a peek at a Pinterest board I’ve created with a few ideas of things to make.  You really don’t have to go overboard, so please don’t get stressed by it, and it isn’t compulsory.

So not long ladies for those who can make it!  #countingthesleeps

And for those who just live a bit too far away, good luck coming up with a number – I will keep the list of who’s going as up to date as I can.

And if you read all this and have no idea what’s going on then this post announcing saving the date, and this post with an update will fill you in.


  1. After my win last year – and nobody was more surprised than me!! – I’ll leave it to everyone else this time although I might have a guess in private just to see if I can get it right again. You’ve reminded me that I still haven’t made anything with my lovely prize fabric yet – must get back into dressmaking mode.

  2. Faye Ryan says

    You have given me a prize just here with links to all these “new to me” blogs! I can see I may have to start one of my own!

    • You should!! That’s how I started, and now I love it and have made loads of new friends, both in real life and across the globe on the internet! 🙂

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