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#SundaySevens 86 (16/1/17)

Hello Sunday Seveners!

I’ve managed to squeeze in quite a bit in the last week.  I should have included a photo of Dewsbury hospital as the MIL was admitted a week yesterday with her breathing, and is still there.  So I’ve spent quite a bit of time backwards, they’ve not got to the bottom of what’s causing the shortness of breath but fingers crossed we’ll have answers soon.

I had quite an eventful time at work this week, it started off with needing the assistance of these guys…..



 On Tuesday we played in the Lady Captains New Year Comp, and had a huge meal afterwards.  The only photo I have though is of me and my partner in crime practicing a selfie!


 Later in the week Bekki (from the Dartmoor Yarn Company)  and I started collaberating a joint venture.  Bekki is a proper knitter in case you don’t know her, I think she could even knit in her sleep!   We’ve come up with an idea (not really sure how it happened!) but it’s a secret at the minute.  We’re still in the planning stages, but here is my contribution so far:


Just because…..

I don’t do dry January – I don’t think I have enough wet days for it justify a dry month!


We were forecast snow at the end of the week.  We’re quite high up and normally get quite a dump of it, but we didn’t even get enough for a snow ball fight!


Saturday I had a trip down Dewsbury.  It’s not down to Dewsbury, cos that wouldn’t be right.  It doesn’t matter which direction you come from, you always say you’re off down Dewsbury.  If it were Leeds, you’d say you were off to Leeds not down Leeds.  But Dewsbury is different!  So that got me thinking about the trip, and I think it’ll be #sewdownDewsbury – what do you think?

For the eagle eyed amongst you, can you spot Fabworks!?


I usually get away with not having to do the Costco trip.  I just think it’s crazy filling up such a huge trolley, but we called to Leeds after the trip ‘down Dewsbury’.


Cutting out my first Moneta – I think Rory was worried the cat fabric might be a relation, or that she might be next!  (yes, Rory’s a girl!)



About the only time you’ll see Mr Thimbers in the kitchen is after a night out when he’s got the munchies.


I started the week with the surprise of a double yolker, and then at the end of the week 3 out of 3 eggs were double yolkers!!  Shame my egg cracking skills haven’t lived up to the occasion!


I’m joining in the Triple Stitchers Moneta Party!  I was gifted this Tigger velour fabric last year in Jungle January but I was rubbish and never made anything.  So I made a muslin of the Moneta dress with it and discovered that due to having a gigantic ribcage it sits way too high above my waist.

It would be fun to wear it to a kids party, and it’s really comfy too. But realistically I don’t think it’ll be worn in public.   On a positive note it has the most amazingly hems, thanks to my cover stitch machine!



And just one more bit of news.  Quite a few of you have asked me if I knew how Teresa is from Navy Blue Threads.  Just to let you know I’ve caught up with her, she’s fine,  and she can’t wait to catch up with all the Spoolettes when she joins us for #sewdowndewsbury!  Yay!

Sunday Sevens – a short blog post with seven/a few/lots of (delete as appropriate) photos from your week, invented by Natalie from Threads and Bobbins.

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  1. I think the dress is lovely nonetheless! How disappointing that you didn’t get more snow–all of ours melted. Sounds like a good week! 🙂

    • H was disappointed, he still loves to play out in it as big as he is. I must be getting old as I was relieved at least I could get to work!

  2. Another packed week. I get breathless reading them. Hope MIL improves soon. Love the Moneta and your hems are great. Yes to #sewdowndewsbury and glad Teresa is fine K xXx

  3. I think you and Bekki are making a Superhero Outfit kit which, once Bekki’s contribution is added we will see has special knitted inserts for areas that might chafe – all in British wool of course. I think red has been a bit overdone on the Superhero front – think Spider-Man and Deadpool – and perhaps the mask could do with a bit more work but it’s looking promising.
    You taunt me with your bottle of wine – I AM doing dry January and I never realized there were 56 days in the month before now 😦

  4. I didn’t realise Teresa was ill, probably as I’m so far behind with blog reading. Sorry to hear it but glad she’s rather better now.

  5. Hope the copter patient is going to be okay, and your mum-in-law gets well right soon. Tialys, you’re too believable sometimes, but I know there’s only 40 days in January. Couldn’t spot Fabworks amidst the beds and buses and construction so on to Moneta… love the fabric, but couldn’t do the style m’self. After you’ve fixed the waist try pulling all the skirt fullness out of sight and see what you think. xx
    Hope you’re having another grand week & an excellent golf game!

    • Thanks Del! We won at got yesterday – it was a fun team competition and the weather was mild with no wind so all was good and we had a great morning. The Fabworks yellow sign is just above the front of the single decker bus, hiding behind the trees. I’m thinking I’ll be changing the style if the skirt for my next Moneta. Unless I drop 20 pounds the gathered skirt isn’t me. I prefer optical illusions that flatter not make me fatter! 🤣😍🤣

      • Ah! Thanks for letting me know about the yellow sign, and congrats on winning your golf Tuesday. (Coincidentally, Hyacinth Bouquet is swinging her golf club around her head at the moment on telly. Lol!)
        Wise choice on your next Moneta, imho. 😉 Not everyone can wear anything. Sigh. 😢

  6. I want to come live over there…across the pond. You have so much fun!!!! Nothin’ but doom and gloom over here.

    Cannot wait to see what you and Bekki have been dreaming up. It can only be super cool.

  7. Hurrah for Yorkshire air ambulance. Clearly you and Bekki are making Father Christmas. So sorry I am not able to come to sewdown. Have a good week.

  8. Oh what a week! First of all, hoping that MIL is better very soon and thanks so much for the update on Teresa, I’ve missed her, too. I cannot begin to imagine what you and Bekki are cooking up….but hurry! The suspense is killer! Barefoot makes some good wines. We’ve had very little snow (to my great delight but I worry for the crops) and as Robin says….dismal times over here. You might be expecting many of us! 😉

    • I’m sure it’ll all sort it self out over your way and things will get back to normal. But it would be fabulous if you came over again! Once we know exactly what we’re up to we’ll let you know, I’m just hoping it won’t be an anti climax now tho! 😀

  9. Best wishes to your mum-in-law and I hope things are looking up soon. Your post made me smile–here you are drinking west coast wine and your honey making toasted cheese, as mine did a little earlier today! Mine’s after me to join Costco, but I keep asking him where we’re going to store the pallet of coffee he’s likely to buy there. Hope you were able to find homes for all your treasures!

    • Thanks for you kind wishes, she’s out of hospital today, and has made a huge recovery just in the last couple of days, so that’s a relief! Costco is just crazy isn’t it?! And when everyone goes crazy i don’t think they’re really saving money as I bet they don’t need half of it. If it were fabric, then that might be different, lol 🙂

  10. Sorry to hear your MIL is unwell. Hope she’s sorted and on the mend very soon. Like the sneaky partial reveal 🙂 Will have to work one into my SS next week. Still not got to email today. Will get there tomorrow I’m sure.

  11. Just trying to catch up on blog reading – think I may have stumbled across your collaboration in the comments. Sounds interesting! I’m glad Teresa is going to meet up with the Spoolettes again; sounds like it will do her the world of good and I can’t wait to see her blogging again. FOUR pieces of cheese on toast?!! That’s some serious munchies!

    • We shared the cheese and toast! So 2 each but this was his second round!! The collaboration – I can’t believe someones guessed, I mean super heros!! lol You’d have been top of the list if it were as you’re my sewing super hero (ine) !!:-)

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