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Keeping It Cosy


I don’t always take part in a lot of challenges, but there’s a few that’s caught my attention in 2017.


The January ‘Keep It Cosy” #dressmakingbloggerchallenge is the first one I’ve managed to complete!

I’ve had 1.5m of this ridiculously thick sweater knit for about 2 years.


I bought if from Fabworks for ÂŁ10 a metre with no project in mind. the squishiness just drew me in and I just had to buy it!  I has a thick slightly felted feel so it, and has 4 way ‘give’ rather than a proper stretch stretch.

I wasn’t sure if it had been pre washed so I did the sniff test.  It smelt ok so I’m thinking I must have done.  I’ll wash it cold when it’s made up just in case it hasn’t been washed.


It’s been in and out of the stash box for ages, and when i saw the challenge was to make something to keep you warm I knew it was coming out for good this time!

The pattern choice was a no brainer for me.  I loved the grown on/dropped sleeve style of the Molly Top and have worn my first 2 loads.

The problem with it though is it’s quite fabric hungry due to the grown on sleeves.  I didn’t realise that this sweater knit had a huge pattern repeat so I wouldn’t be able to make the front and back match.


So in  moment of madness I had a brain wave to cut it on the bias (down a sweater knit actually have a bias!!??)


Ta-Dah!!  The front cut out!

Definitely the right decision – I love it!!


I was able to match up one wide seam but not both – I put the from piece onto the fabric the wrong way round to decide how to cut the back piece.


It knitted up in no time! Well, it didn’t really, it sewed up, but it looks like something I knitted doesn’t it?  Well, not something I’d have knitted, as it just wouldn’t be this good!!

Now excuse the slightly blurry photos.  We’ve had the most horrendous gales ever.  A tree has even blown onto someone’s roof in our village!  So photos taken inside, and although H is getting better at being friendly at the other side of the camera and not making me scowl, he needs to learn a steady hand!


Don’t think this is my best angle, but it shows off the stripes so I thought I’d show you anyway!


Do you like the arms?  I did one straight up and down and the other crossways.


This is going to be one cosy jumper!  I’m just gutted I never thought to make the neckline smaller.

The Molly Top has a band, but it would be just too thick to add it.  I think this is going to my go to pattern for anything long sleeved, I just need to remember to adjust the neckline in future.


I thought about adding some inserts but it just spoilt the look I thought.  So I left it just as it was and I’ll wear a scarf if needs be.


Before I made the final decision of how to finish the raw edges there was quite a lot of trial and error with different effects.


You can just about see the stitching around the neckline.


I finished off all the raw edges with a wide cover stitch about 5mm fro the edge of the fabric, with the cover stitch on the right side.

Below is the cuff….


I sewed the seams up with the single chain stitch.  Then just added another needle and stitched the seam flat and open with the cover stitch being on the right side.


On the inside I trimmed away the seam allowance with my duck billed scissors that I bought at the knitting and stitching show.  Seriously, I don’t think I could ever manage without them!  No more accidental holes cut into my clothes!


So there you go, my first make of 2017.  A super duper cosy jumper, and given the weather we’re having at the minute this will be worn loads!!

I now need to make a day dress before the week is out as I’m hoping to join in the day and night dress challenge.  I made my night dress at the end of December, I’m wondering if I’ll have time to make my first Anna……fingers crossed!


  1. That looks well cosy. Love the way you cut the knit. You could add a funnel or roll neck to the top if you have a rectangular bit of fabric left?
    Nee x

    • Another good idea!! You ladies are just so fab! I have a red cotton jersey (the one from John Lewis) it would be perfect underneath this. Thanks Robyn! 😃

  2. That’s lovely – really like how you’ve cut the stripes. It’s amazing what you can do when you need to – some of my biggest successes were when I had to improvise. Your neck’ll be a bit drafty in this weather tho!

    • I think mine have too, all sorts of colour blocking and miss mashing goes on and usually turns out better than ‘normal’ stuff! 🙂

    • Yup, it did it to the cape, I need to made something to wear underneath that, it’s an orphan and never gets worn! 🙂

    • Thank’s Margaret, I’m loving it, can’t wait to get more stuck into sewing & using it more now the holidays are over! 😃

  3. Looks great – maybe I should abandon the knitting needles. What happens when you cut the fabric, does it look like it will unravel like a hand knitted garment would?

    • Thankyou! It has a feared feel to it – which has made it fairly stable. It doesn’t unravel at all. It won’t have the longevity of a proper hand knitted jumper, but is ok for a quick fix like people like me so haven’t got the staying power to knit a jumper 😃

      • Yes you can. But if you wanted the bias effect you’ve got in the jumper, you’d be better to knit straight and adjust the colours to look like it was fabric cut on the bias or you’d make a lot more work than than necessary, both in knitting and designing.

    • It’s such a thick squishy knit I’m not sure the rib would go, but thankyou, I’m enjoying reading all the suggestions 🙂

  4. Looks lovely & warm, and what terrific ideas for the layout! Had a thought, in case the collar suggestions don’t work… You know how the Renfrew uses a band to finish off the neck? You might try a version of that to fill in a bit of neckline. Give you another opportunity for creative cutting, too. Just a thought. 😘

    • I think that would work if it was just one layer – it is so thicks it’s crazy!! And it would probably benefit from that sort of neckline having a softer inside as this can be a bit itchy. I’m even thinking of lining the arms now after wearing it for a bit. 🙂

  5. Fabulous! It does indeed look cozy as can be. Fill in the neckline with a fluffy scarf perhaps? What a fun challenge and you’ve given a lovely, cozy entry. 😀

    • Thanks Jen!! Yes, it needs something round the neck – such a chunky jumper with an open bootish neck looks a bit not quite right! I’m on it! Well, I will be at the weekend! 🙂

  6. That’s a cozy looking sweater. I think I can also participate in this challenge, but I can’t find the source. Do you have a link or a url for the people who are having this challenge? My google is unable to help.

    • When I’ve worn it in real life friends think I’ve taken up knitting when I say I’ve made it, it’s great fabric, and not something I’ve seen on sale before. I’ll definitely be looking out for something similar to this to make another 🙂

  7. I love it! Great idea to go on the bias, and it does look super cozy! (Sorry I use “z” 🙂 It’s a constant battle between me and my UK colleagues ;-))

    • Thankyou!! It’s funny how we change just a few things, especially like zip and zipper. I tend to say zipper without thinking and my pals look at me daft! 🙂

  8. Fiona says

    That’s very cool. Yet another thought, you could actually knit a single layer band to sew on to the neck. It wouldn’t take long and you could match the wool to the colours.

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  10. Brilliant- love the eclectic thisway-thatway of the stripes. Bummer about the itch factor though- maybe using some navy t shirt fabric scraps as a neckband might help a bit? I like thta idea of a dickey too…

    • The itchiness has started to calm down, or maybe it’s me, lol, and I’ve managed to wear it a few times. (sorry it’s taken so long to reply but I’m behind with everything!) 🙂

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