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#SEWDOWNDEWSBURY -a photo speaks a thousand words

Hey there!   You all asked to take lots of piccies, so we did!  I’ll keep the words brief, or I won’t have time to post (I don’t watch much TV but Broadchurch is on in 15 minutes!!)

First just a few thankyous!  To my lovely prefects for helping everything run smoothly….Hila, Karen and Karen.  I’m so lucky that these ladies live close to me and are real life friends now, as well as on the screen!



Karen and Karen – how crazy is it that these 2 discovered whilst doing their goodie bag duties that they were in the same class at high school!!  So as well as having a sewists meet up, little did I know that I’d organised a school reunion!!


We took over a section of the pub, it seated about 28, but before long there was standing room only.




The goodie bag swap went down really well – I’ll write a separate post for that as there’s the competition for you to win one too to announce!












This picture (which I’ve borrowed from Eleanor) really sums that day up!




And I met Shauni’s amazing new dress.  It’s even more stunning in really life!










Before we hit the shops we had a group photos for the Moneta Party – I’m sure by now it needs no introduction!






And then 30+ ladies hit the shops!


FABWORKS (thanks for this pic Eleanor)


As Dewsbury is only small, even though we didn’t all stick together we all kept ‘bumping’ into each other.






Hila being her usual not very restrained self! I can’t wait until she updates her you tube channel with her Dewsbury fabric haul – it’ll be a feature length film, be sure to stock up on popcorn before you sit down to watch πŸ˜†. 


We headed back to the pub for a bite to eat and for a pattern/fabric swap…..




Do you recognise the pattern below Del – I took the pack of patterns you  sent a while ago and they all went to good homes!






And then the sad part came when it was time to go home.  But I smiled all night, and I’m still smiling now!

I’ve some more to tell you from Sewdowndewsbury, including my haul and how the goodie bag swap went, and of course to open up the completion, so hopefully later in the week…….

Until then


Ali x


  1. Thank you so much for organising everything and for being such wonderful host even on day 2! You are the best!
    All those pictures make me smile even more than I’m smiling already!

    • One if the best weekends I’ve had in ages, wouldn’t be the same without you guys! Thanks for making the huge effort to come and join us! 😘

  2. Ahhh, such a lovely, feel-good day. It was great fun and lovely to catch with some old friends. Really, really enjoyed it, thanks for organising xxx

  3. Great day Ali,thanks again for organising these days, I seem to have a big grin on my face on all the photos of me πŸ™‚ Do you mind if I lift a couple for my blog please?

  4. Brilliant day. So much to see and so many people to talk to. Great to see all the photos together on here and Facebook. Hila is a superstar with the video and everything else she did. Thanks to you for setting it all up it went so well and the bag swap was a great idea K xXx

    • Thanks karen! And thankyou for helping with the goodie bag swap. It really worked well and I’ll definitely do it again at the next one. Now I just need to get sewing!! xx

    • It really was, I worry a little (though not as much this time as the other 2) but there’s really no need as everyone gets on with each other! πŸ™‚

  5. It really was a fab day. I don’t think I’ve smiled and talked so much in ages (to new people too which is a whole new thing for me πŸ™‚!) Can’t wait for next one already, It’s not quite same fabric shopping alone 😁. Everyone is so friendly, you talk on social media but then feel like you actually know them in real life. Thanks so much Ali was best start to the weekend 😘 Xx

    • You’re welcome Lisa! Thankyou for coming! It does change following people on IG and the like when you’ve met them ‘in real life’! Hopefully we’ll bump into each other an another one later in the year. I’m hoping to arrange one in the Summer but not sure of the date yet. πŸ™‚

    • You do! You’ve done one meet up already, so you’ve got a start for who might be interested. All you need is a shop and a Weatherspoons! Or no shop, just Weathersppons near a train station, and organise a yarn/pattern swap! Cheap coffee at 80p for a big one can’t be sniffed at! πŸ™‚

      • Ha Ha! Laughing here as you say all I need is a shop and a Weatherspoons, but what I need is a train station. Our nearest is 35 miles away in Exeter – although I’m not saying that’s not doable, but I think it’s that so many of you are bloggers is what I’m ‘jealous’ of – since you talk to each other all the time, you’re a group of friends meeting up. I have barely any blogging chums who are Cornwall/Devon based – I suspect that’s due to the very very slow roll out of broadband. If I was more into Ravelry maybe I’d have more knitting internet buddies, but I’ve tried on more that one occasion and just can’t get into ravelry as a social forum. Still, where there’s a will there’s a way and from little acorns etc etc. I’ll get there πŸ™‚ Thanks for the encouragement.

  6. Sam Chandler says

    Such a lovely day Ali, it’s great to get together with people who just ‘get it’, thanks for organising it.

    • It is! Looking at the photos anyone would think we’d all known each other for years, but I think for about half it was their 1st time at a meet up. But it’s the ‘just getting it’ that makes people just on get on do well! Was lovely to meet you at last! πŸ˜ƒ

      • Sam Chandler says

        You too, the offer is still on for a cuppa, I work Mon, Tues & Weds (late on a Weds til 6.30 – it’s usually dead so it would be nice to see a friendly face)!

  7. Thanks Ali for organising such a fab day! I really enjoyed it and my eyes have been completely opened to just how fab Dewsbury is for sewing supplies – so many hidden gems! Can’t wait for the next one already πŸ™‚

    • You’re right, it really is fab! And not too far away either! We are soooooo lucky 😍 can’t wait to see your new trousers!! πŸ˜ƒ

  8. Thank you so much for all the photos, Ali! Had totally forgotten sending those patterns, and am so glad you remembered!
    You are such a dear to have done all the planning and recruited Karen, Hila and Karen to help. Thanks to you all for such an enjoyable post and lovely photos! Will be watching for that video, too!

  9. Brilliant! Thanks so much for taking so many photos – it really shows the atmosphere of the day. The video of the Moneta catwalk show still makes me smile. It’ll be fun looking out for all those posts on what was made from the fabrics bought.

    • There’s more video footage to come from Hila, she was a star on the day! I’m dreading how my Yorkshire accent sounds when she interviewed me! She’s so funny! πŸ™‚

  10. kageymee says

    Thanks for organising such a wonderful day, I had a great time. The floral corduroy I got at the fabric swap it already 90% of the way to being another Brumby skirt,

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