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The Cold Shoulder – Lekala 5669

I was browsing through the Lekala website a couple of weeks ago and stumbled across this little on-trend beauty!  Lekala 5669…..


I just fell for it straight away – the cold shoulder detail was bang on trend but subtle enough for a someone approaching middle age to wear – not that I feel it.

So it was downloaded and stuck it together before you could say boo to a goose.  Then came the hard bit.

I have quite a few jersey’s in my stash.  32 to be exact if I check my Cora App!!!  And true to form I fancied making a muslin of this pattern.  Mainly because it looks a bit confusing how it’s put together, not because of the fit – when I’m sewing with jersey and using Lekala I generally find the fit to be spot on.

So I had a rummage through the app on my phone and decided upon this very stretchy see through mesh fabric.


I had bought 5 panels, each being 1.2m, for less than £6 inc P&P from an ebay seller last year.  So I thought i could make the top, and if it worked out all well and good, and if id didn’t I had loads of this fabric so it wouldn’t matter.

I gave a little thought to the pattern placement, but not much.  Just to mention, you can see below the seam allowances.  I bought this pattern without SA (you have the option of them being added for about 50p).  As I intended to sew this up on the overlocker I thought I would need different allowances on the neck, side seams and hem so opted to add my own.  And I traced too.

Traced a single sized PDF?” I hear you cry.  Errm yes, I just can’t help it – sorry!


So this was a speedy make – it came together without any major hiccups, except I didn’t add the notches to the cold shoulder armsceye so added the shoulder too high.  I’d sewn it on with a chain stitch so it was easily unpicked and rectified.


I’ll write another post later of how I hacked it into a dress, and also a few construction pics in case you’re thinking of making this – it might help visualise things as it is a little unusual.

But I’m too excited to do it now – I just want to show you my dress!!


I look pleased to be wearing it too don’t I!?  I don’t think I could do a cheesier grin if I tried!


Remember I said I didn’t give a lot of thought to the pattern placement.  Well, looking at the photo above I’m kinda regretted that now!


I’m really pleased with how it’s turned out!  Can you see how it’s see-through at the top, but for the skirt I cut 3 layers of fabric and pattern matched them all to reduce the opacity and save any embarrassment – I didn’t want my silhouette illuminated with the disco lights!!

Here’s a close up of the 3 layers of the skirt.  I spaced them equally apart – this doesn’t quite show the pattern matching – I was leaning forward to take the photo, but it does match up, honest!


The highlight of the evening wasn’t my dress unfortunately.  It was the tribute act – George Michael – sorry not sure of his real name!  But he was soooo much like him – the moves and the voice and the mannerisms!  Everything!


So there we go.  Would I recommend it?  I sure would!!

And not just in the mesh, I imagine it would look fab in all sorts of stretchy fabric.  The mesh was really easy to sew with – I sewed all the seams up using the rolled hem on my overlocker.  I even used the rolled hem stitch to add the binding to the neckline which worked a treat.  I’ll share all the photos once #sewdowndewsbury is over, it’s kinda taken over my life at the minute so it’s good to talk about something else!

Talking of sewdowndewsbury, when i was in lucky fashions the other day I showed Sanjit this dress and she proceeded to unearth loads of different mesh fabric!  So if you’re heading there tomorrow and fancy making a stretch mesh colour shoulder number you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Happy sewing guys, and if you’re going tomorrow – only 1 more sleep and I’ll see you soon!!  Now best get back to finishing off my name badge!

Thimbers x


  1. Looks fab on you, love the fabric choice. Have fun tomorrow, gutted I can’t be there but have a lot on at the moment. Nee x

  2. Saw this on your IG & couldn’t see all the detail, so am delighted to read your post. Looks fab, m’lady! Know everyone will have a grand time Saturday. 💋 Mwah to all!

      • If I only had the dosh, Dear One, I’d be over in a hot minute. Cannot wait to start reading everyone’s #DownDewsbury ‘ventures. Hope you have the rest of the weekend off to get caught up. And start working through any newly acquired bits & bobs. xx

  3. Very glam!
    Have a brilliant time today and I hope the weather is kind to you over there for your dashes between shops.

    • thanks! I need a bit if funky in my life! And it was even better as those who know I saw my own clothes thought I’d bought this dress 😃

  4. Read this listening to George (the real one) Big fan, so sad he’s gone😢such a great talent. So happy I manage to see home live twice😀
    Anyway back to your dress, it’s soooo fab. Love the fabric & the style. Looks great on you, perfect for a night on the dance floor.
    As for age, well it’s only a number! We should be as old as we feel….even if some days are younger than others!

    • You’re right, it’s just an she, and at the minute I’m feeling great with the healthy eating, let’s hope the feeling continues! 😃

  5. seweverythingblog says

    Fabulous job on the dress! You look great in it. You mean, that is not the real George Michael???

  6. Awesome work. And no, I can’t believe you traced a PDF – for me, the whole point of a PDF is that you can just print it again next time..!

    • I don’t like the paper when it’s stuck together and I was fairly sure this pattern was going to be a keeper, I couldn’t face sticking it together again :-0

  7. hahahaha!! Sorry I can’t believe either you traced the PDF of just your size, I hate tracing, but the dress looks so cool, I love how the print on the mesh looks as if it’s a lot of different pieces sewn together. You look utterly delighted with this dress, as you should.

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