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A Quick Polo Shirt Refashion

I think MeMadeMay spurs us all into action and opens our eyes to gaps in our wardrobe. Last week I was wondering what I could wear for golf, then I remembered a top the hubby had discarded and put aside for the charity bag.

#poloshirtrefashion #thimberlina #ladiesgolf21

It was kinda huge on me but I thought the collar the the zip opening didn’t look too big and once the sides were taken in it would still look in proportion.

I measured it and decided to take the side in for it to measure 40″. I measure 39″ so I thought with a little stretch in the fabric 1″ of ease would be enough.  I’m still now sure now if i remembered to include a seam allowance as the finished garment is a bit snug (though I could get off my butt and go measure it and find out!).

#poloshirtrefashion #thimberlina #ladiesgolf19

The marks drawn on were with a frixion pen.  I recently bought some felt tip style ones.  I’d always recommend testing to make sure the heat from the iron removes all marks before you go ahead and draw all over your fabric!

#poloshirtrefashion #thimberlina #ladiesgolf18

Once I’d sewn up the side I tried it on and drew roughly where I thought the shoulders should finish.  The curve where I’d already estimated where the armsyce should finish was way out.  I needed to use the original one, and if anything could have done with the opening 1/2 inch higher, so just be careful if you’re doing something similar – don’t get too scissor happy!

#poloshirtrefashion #thimberlina #ladiesgolf17

Once I’d cut off the excess on one shoulder I used the piece I’d removed as a guide as to what to cut the other side.

The length was obviously too long, and the existing hem was stitched with a facing on the back piece.  This was what I used to trim the arms. Unfortunately I removed the excess length after I’d reduced the side seams which meant my width at the bottom was about 4 inches shorter than it could have been.  So next time I’ll remove any excess width before I reduce the sides.

#poloshirtrefashion #thimberlina #ladiesgolf

I cut strips of fabric for the binding 1 1/4 inches wide, single folded them, stitched with a regular stitch to the right side of the fabric, turned and coverstitched in place.  I didn’t have a matching thread for the pinky colour so used a contrasting thread the same as the cream.

#poloshirtrefashion #thimberlina #ladiesgolf13

I only had enough of the cream colour trim to use for the front of the top so joined a piece of the pink to make it long enough to go all the way around.

#poloshirtrefashion #thimberlina #ladiesgolf5

How neat….!

#poloshirtrefashion #thimberlina #ladiesgolf1

Loving my coverstitch……

#poloshirtrefashion #thimberlina #ladiesgolf4

A bit wonky with the hem, and I’ve not gotten around to trimming off the excess fabric with my duck billed scissors.  But it’s tucked in so no one knows but me!

And here it is…….

#poloshirtrefashion #thimberlina #ladiesgolf6

Luckily it was a warm day and I was able to wear a skort that was a really similar colour to the cream trim. (excuse the wonky boobs!!)

#poloshirtrefashion #thimberlina #ladiesgolf9

I shortened the skort a couple of inches, I’m getting a bit brave now I’ve got a tan!!

#poloshirtrefashion #thimberlina #ladiesgolf8

And a couple of action shots!

#poloshirtrefashion #thimberlina #ladiesgolf11

All the ladies were loving my top!  I can’t wait for the sun to shine so I can wear it again.

#poloshirtrefashion #thimberlina #ladiesgolf10

So what now…. I think I’ll have to have a rummage in my hubby’s wardrobe and see what other golf tops he doesn’t want!  This one was actually destined for the charity bag when he was a stone heavier as it showed off his Moobs, but now I bet it would look ok, well it would if I hadn’t chopped it up!


  1. Excellent job and perfect fit. You make it look so easy. Better get in hubby’s wardrobe quick before he discovers things fit him that he thinks don’t πŸ™‚

    • They’ve just started appearing more in the shops here, do you have the biro versions over your way? πŸ™‚

      • Not sure what you mean by biro versions – of frixons? Don’t know about that.
        If you mean biro as in plain & cheap as chips pens, our version is called Bic.
        Hope that answers your question! πŸ˜‰

  2. Loved this when I saw it on IG! Such a brilliant re-fashion and doesn’t everyone have wonky boobs?! Love the cream detail around the armhole fronts, too, no wonder all the other golfers admired it so much:)

    • Haha, yes we do! Someone once told me each side compliments the other and we’re not supposed to be symmetrical, but I would prefer my boobs to be less wonky! πŸ™‚

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