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#memademay17 – Halfway there

I pledged to wear me made every day and post on IG and so far so good!  It’s been tough at times as I discover more clothes that are too big for me, but on the plus side some of my older makes have been dug out of the archives.

1 – My first Molly Top from Sew Over It has had lots of wear since I made it back in October, and is still in regular rotation.

#memademay17 #thimberlina #memadeeveryday18

2 – Me Made May sprung me into action the night before a game of golf when I didn’t know what I could wear that was me made.  I up cycled an unloved golf top that belonged to my hubby.

#memademay17 #thimberlina #memadeeveryday17

3 – Day 3 and I managed a whole outfit!  A fairly recently make, my Cynthia Rowley Skirt (simplicity 1783) and a top using a Simple Sew pattern from last year (sorry I can’t remember which one!)

#memademay17 #thimberlina #memadeeveryday16

4 – My first and only Fehr Trade VNA top.  I really need more of these for my new action packed life!

#memademay17 #thimberlina #memadeeveryday15

5 – I spent hours making this dress – Vogue 1353.  Muslins, interlining…you name it and this dress had it.  It’s a bit big but when worn with a wide belt I love it more than when I first made it.  In fact, when I made it and wore it I didn’t actually love it, but only wore it because of the work that had gone into it! How crazy is that!

6 – another old favourite, I think this Sorbetto will be in my summer wardrobe forever!

#memademay17 #thimberlina #memadeeveryday12


7 – Another Molly, a thick sweater knit I bought ages ago fro Fabworks.

#memademay17 #thimberlina #memadeeveryday11

8 – I love crazy leggings and these are definitely that!  My Espressos from Sewing Cake.

#memademay17 #thimberlina #memadeeveryday10

9 – Even more old faithfuls – A Yasmin Yoke skirt from Maria Denmark and a Tonic T in stretch lace.  The Tonic T is a free download from SBCC and well worth a look if you want plenty of wardrobe staple.  It’s free here if you sign up to their mailing list.

#memademay17 #thimberlina #memadeeveryday8

10 – This is a top I copied from a favourite RTW one.  Unblogged I’m afraid, is 3 years too late to rectify that!?

#memademay17 #thimberlina #memadeeveryday7

11 – Lekala 4119. Yet another blast from the past!

#memademay17 #thimberlina #memadeeveryday6

12 – this was a pattern hack from the Simple T in the GBSB second series book.  I hacked it into a raglan sleep.  Looking back it surprises me how adventurous I was when I didn’t really know what I was doing!!

#memademay17 #thimberlina #memadeeveryday5

13 – One of my favourite makes ever is here!  I reviewed some fabric for Minerva but unfortunately the post won’t be going live until July.  If you’re loving the fabric it’s for sale here and I’d snap up quick whilst the sun’s shining – it’s only Β£2.99 a metre!!

#memademay17 #thimberlina #memadeeveryday4

15 – This wasn’t too good a day, i had a fall at the gym and spent the day in my Liberty PJs feeling a bit sore.  I’ll show you my war wounds in the Sunday sevens!

#memademay17 #thimberlina #memadeeveryday3

15 – playing out on a school night I wore my favourite jacket – Butterick 6390 and my black lace Tonic T. This jacket is just the best thing ever and I’m so glad it still fits!

#memademay17 #thimberlina #memadeeveryday

So that’s my half way round up!  I’m loving watching IG and seeing all your outfits and reading up on your posts.  Lets see what the weather brings us for the rest of the month and hope we can see more summer clothes and less winter woollies! πŸ™‚



    • Thanks! 😊 the fabrics really lovely, I’m just on with cutting a different top from what was left over, now we just need some more sunshine! 😎

  1. I have been away for blogging for a while, but you are looking so slim and well in your me mades, well done!!

  2. Great to see so many makes all together along with you looking so fab. Sorry to hear about the fall, but the occasional day in PJs can’t all be a bad thing? xx

  3. Looking good! Sorry to hear about your fall – hope you are OK now? Mr Jane Makes is sporting a very bruised foot after falling off a sea wall – don’t ask, I have no idea how he managed that!

    • Oh dear! No alcohol involved? 😲 I can’t believe how long this is taking to go, but it doesn’t hurt any more so that’s a blessing. Hope the hubby’s on the mend too πŸ˜ƒ

      • No alcohol – just stupidity and the wrong footwear! He’s fine thanks – still planning to do the park run today! Glad you’ve stopped hurting. πŸ˜€

  4. Oops – hope it’s not too serious! Love that your me-made wardrobe is so varied and that at least some of it is still wearable after losing weight:)

    • Just badly bruised and embarrassed at the time as I had big audience! πŸ™€ I think my RTW fast in ’14 spurred me in to make more varied things πŸ˜ƒ

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