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Sunday Sevens Centenary Catch Up

I’ve only gone and missed a whole months blogging, and missed my 100th Sunday Sevens post!

So here’s a catch up of what I got up to in June……

You might remember I hit my Slimming World Target at the end of May.  As a result I went through all my clothes, (yes all!!), some went to my sister, some were put into a pile to adjust to fit and some were put back into action!

Here’s my favourite ever RTW frock from 9 years ago that I can now wear again!!  I was so excited to finally be able to zip this up!!

We’re off the Ripon races towards the end of July and usually I make a new dress but I don’t think I will this year!

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A night out to see Take That in Sheffield…. an amazing night and more like a show that a concert.

#sundaysevens #thimberlina 26 (1)

I have no idea why I took this photo and why i’m looking so happy to be at work, but it was in my phone so I thought I’d share it with you!

#sundaysevens #thimberlina 25 (1)

My peony flowered and was stunning, but I just wish the flowers would last longer.

#sundaysevens #thimberlina 24 (1)

Stood by at Salterhebble in Happy Valley

#sundaysevens #thimberlina 23 (1)

Mini breakfasts – these are made with an oat base, chocolate flavoured quark and topped with fruit.  We had a food tasting session at slimming world where everyone took in different things to try.

#sundaysevens #thimberlina 22 (1)


Helen and I played in the first round of the Evening League Foursomes and won!  (foursomes for those who don’t know golf means we play with just one ball and take it in turns at hitting it!).

#sundaysevens #thimberlina 21 (1)

One morning I looked at H and I’m sure he grew 3 inches over night!!

#sundaysevens #thimberlina 20 (1)

Helen (my golf buddy) gave me a faux leather jacket, I’m not sure how it’ll end up – this was before I chopped the sleeves off!

#sundaysevens #thimberlina 19 (1)

Mr Captains Day at the club was like playing winter golf!  I managed to put a decent score together on the day and only went and won!!

#sundaysevens #thimberlina 18 (1)

Out with the family for H’s 15th birthday..

#sundaysevens #thimberlina 17 (1)

And his girlfriend joined us!

#sundaysevens #thimberlina 16 (1)

Back home after the meal for dessert!  The square plates are dinner plates but the puddings are so huge it makes them look like side plates!

#sundaysevens #thimberlina 15 (1)


Wendy from @wendiwooknits was at the same cricket match as me – H hubby was umpiring H’s game so I took my crochet and we had a good natter.

#sundaysevens #thimberlina 14 (1)

Early morning bike ride with the hubby – 22 miles… the longest I’ve done in years!

#sundaysevens #thimberlina 13 (1)

More crochet at another cricket match, but unfortunately no Wendy at this one.

#sundaysevens #thimberlina 12 (1)

An exciting package from Saturday Night Stitch – some active wear fabric! Thanks Hila!

#sundaysevens #thimberlina 11 (1)

We had a week in Turkey….love this photo of me and H

#sundaysevens #thimberlina 10 (1)

And this one of me and the hubby…..

#sundaysevens #thimberlina 9 (1)

And of course I loved all the food too!  So much so that I put on 7 pounds in a week!  Luckily it came off when I got ‘back on plan’ when I returned home.

#sundaysevens #thimberlina 8 (1)

H and I played golf but unfortunately we lost in the first round of the mixed knock out.

#sundaysevens #thimberlina 7 (1)

Dressed for the school run, matching shoes and PJs!  I was driving not walking!

#sundaysevens #thimberlina 6 (1)

Watchout …………shoe porn!  I just need the fabric now to go with these beauties!

#sundaysevens #thimberlina 5 (1)

George……….you’ve met him before but he’s not shy so here he is again……

#sundaysevens #thimberlina 4 (1)

Hair colour fix after too much sun in Turkey and a bit of a trim.

#sundaysevens #thimberlina 3 (1)

Round 2 of the evening league foursomes knock out – we won out match away at Hollins Hall….a course with amazing scenery.


#sundaysevens #thimberlina 1 (1)

I’ve another couple of posts to write for June – SewUpNorth and my MeMadeJune.  Hopefully I’ll catch up with everything soon, and get to read your posts too.

In the meantime if you’re new to Sunday Sevens and want to find out more, or join in too, head over to Natalie’s blog Threads and Bobbins to find out more!


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  1. Your happiness and joy in life shines through every picture in this post. And certainly you don’t need a new frock for the races you look stunning.

  2. What a lovely catch-up post! I really miss Sunday Sevens… So first of all, that dotted dress is absolutely amazing. You’ll get lots of wear from it. You H is growing like a weed, isn’t he. Love the pics from Turkey, the most handsome George, and I’m quite smitten with those pink shoes and pink paisley pants!

    • The pink shoes are my favourites. The pair that you rush you’d have bought 2 of!
      I wish I could hAve something of what’s making H shoot up! I keep wondering just how tall he’s going to get!!! 🙈

  3. Ali, that polka dot dress looks amazing on you! No wonder that you kept it for nine years!

    • Thsnks Rita! I was hoping to wear it a couple of days ago but it was a bit tight, hopefully I’ll loose a couple of pounds so I can wear it to the races next week. After all this time I’m desperate to wear it again!

  4. Love the photo of you and hubby at H’s birthday – such a happy picture! New hair do, new slimmer you, wow! Well done on the golf….and commiserations on the golf, lol. Surely H has to stop growing soon?

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