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The 2nd Half of MeMadeMay17

No don’t rub your eyes, you have read correctly, and yes I am that behind!

No apologies necessary, absent friends don’t need to do that….right?  I hope so!

I’m here, I’m back and I’ll just get on with it! You can read the first instalment of MeMadeMay HERE.  With me writing this so late I’m just so pleased I posted on IG otherwise it would be a struggle writing this!

Day 18 & 19 – I worked 10-20 so it was uniform all day.  If I’m starting earlier or later I do tend to wear ‘my own’ clothes either before and after my shift but with this rubbish shift it’s all work, PJs then bed.  But my trusty Brooklyn Hoodie saves the day when I need me made on a work day – this was made with a colleague’s old fleeces that were destined for the bin!

#memademay #thimberlina #memademay20172

Day 20 – I took part in the Forget Me not Trust Colour run.  My jazzy Espresso leggings were perfect.  I looked like I’d been splattered even before the race started!  This was obviously afterwards!

#memademay #thimberlina #memademay2017

Day 21 – a repeat from earlier in the month – my Simple Sew Jersey Top.

#memademay #thimberlina #memademay20171

Day 22 – Lekala 4119 with some old cut offs of H (does slicing the legs off count as me made!?).

#memademay #thimberlina #memademay20173

Day 23

The Lekala 4119 again but this time with my favourite, too big, Yasmin Yoke skirt.  The comments on IG prompted me to bite the bullet and take it in.

#memademay #thimberlina #memademay20174

Day 24 – a golfing day and it had to be a repeat as I’ve not many memade golf clothes, hopefully this will be rectified soon!  Here’s an up cycled top that previously belongs to my XL hubby!

#memademay #thimberlina #memademay20175

Day 25

Cynthia Rowley / Simplicity 1783 skirt with a RTW top.

#memademay #thimberlina #memademay20176

Day 26

My newly taken in and well fitted and even more loved Yasmin Yoke Skirt with an trusty old faithful Colette Sorbetto.

#memademay #thimberlina #memademay20177

Day 27

Yasmin yet again!  But this time with another old faithful – the Seamwork Aurora Top.

#memademay #thimberlina #memademay201714

Day 28

My chopped up Colette Moneta.  the one I wore for the Moneta party, and has not been worn since.  That was until I made it into a skirt and now it’s worn in fairly regular rotation.  Here it is as I wore it before I added a striped band to finish off the waist.

#memademay #thimberlina #memademay201710

Day 29

Vogue 8805 – this was made pre – weight loss but there’s nothing like a few goes in the tumble drier for a better fit!

#memademay #thimberlina #memademay20178

Day 30 – outfit number 1 of 2 – a Yasmin Yoke skirt made in a stretch cotton sateen.  This has been take in twice now, and I just love it!  It perfect for golf worn with gym shorts underneath and much easier to make than skorts.

#memademay #thimberlina #memademay201711

Day 30 – outfit 2 of 2  …heading off to see take that so wanting to look my best for Gazza!  Wearing a HUGE favourite the Vogue 9242 made with a gorgeous border cotton from Minerva.

#memademay #thimberlina #memademay201712

Day 31 – last but not least.  Yet another Yasmin Yoke skirt.  I made this in a very sturdy black denim about 3 years ago and gave it to my sister.  It turned out too big for both of us but luckily she still had it.  So she gave me it back and I’ve take it in and have worn it loads!  I’m wearing it now!

#memademay #thimberlina #memademay201713

So that’s it!  Better late than never.  It’s tough writing and reflecting on MMMAY so long after the event, but looking through the pics has made me realise how much I need separates in my wardrobe as opposed to frocks.  I’ve also been surprised by how old some of my clothes are, and that they’re still going strong!


  1. Fab to see you are still alive and looking amazing! I hope all is well with you! Nee x

  2. Lovely to see your gorgeous self. Wish I could get over for that sewing show – have great fun! Hugs to you & Nee & Amanda~πŸ˜β€πŸ’

    • Yea, I’ve been a paramedic for over 20 years in the good old days I used to take my sewing machine to work and sew on the night shift πŸ™€

  3. Welcome back! Missed you. Your outfits are so cute. Love the versatility of your golf pieces. By the by… The Open at Royal Birkdale starts this Sunday, we’re looking forward to watching the play. Do you have a fave to win? Me, I think they’re all great.~cheers

    • It’s good to be back!
      I’m a bit rubbish and don’t follow the golf on TV any more, but I do like to swoon over Adam Scott when the hubby’s watching it! 😍

  4. Wow, so many memades/remades, you put me to shame! I think I’d have taken everything that was too big to the charity shop and made new things as I LOATHE alterations. Worth it though, especially as some of them were favourites. Great to have you blogging again:)

    • Struggling for time I’ve enjoyed the alterations as it’s been speedy way of increasing what I’ve to wear, I hate having to buy clothes unless it’s something I really love. I really miss the blogging, and keeping in touch with everyone and what they’re up to. It doesn’t help that the mac is in H’s bedroom so it’s not so accessible on an evening. I may have to shuffle things round.
      I’m heading off to read about your ascott day now……πŸ˜„

      • I can understand that and I know what you mean about missing blogging – it’s become part of my life now. Hope you enjoy the Ascot post!

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