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McCalls 7577 – A playsuit with frilly legs!

Back in February I joined Slimming World.  I’d lost about 10 pounds on my own, well not entirely on my own, I’d been hitting the gym classes with my bestie but I needed a bigger push to shed another 20 pounds.

One of the things that spurred me on to loose the weight was the Mc Calls pattern 7577.


As soon as I saw this cute little playsuit I really wanted to make it for my June holiday.   So as the inches melted away I rummaged in my stash and found the perfect fabric for View A but without the sleeves.  I bought this crepe from Leeds Market last November in the first SewUpNorth meet up.  

#M7577 #thimberlina #mccalls7577 #playsuit #jumpingintojune1

Shockingly (for me) I didn’t trace the pattern and I didn’t make a muslin!

My thoughts on tracing have changed slightly.  Before I used to trace absolutely everything as I was hoping to be a smaller size in the future, now i’m tending to cut straight into the patterns as I’m adamant I’m staying the size I am now!

I’d read a few reviews for this pattern and the general opinion was that the sizing ran a little big.  So I cut a size 14 even though I measured a 16 at the bust and a 12 at the hips.  I also lengthened the bodice by 4cm.  I’m not particularly tall (5’4″) but most tops and dresses I’ve made have always needed the body lengthening.

#M7577 #thimberlina #mccalls7577 #playsuit #jumpingintojune2

I never thought how it would effect the cross over on the front – it did gape slightly – but being daring on holiday (i.e. braless and tanned) I wasn’t bothered but back home I think a safety pin would be in order.  But to be honest, I’m not sure when I would wear this at home – it’s definitely more for the holiday wardrobe.

I didn’t have any suitable lace in my stash for the contrasting panel in the back bodice, but I did have a lace top that I was prepared to loose as the cream colour was a perfect match for the fabric.

#M7577 #thimberlina #mccalls7577 #playsuit #jumpingintojune3

The cutting out of the whole playsuit took bloody ages!! I actually lost track of just how long!

#M7577 #thimberlina #mccalls7577 #playsuit #jumpingintojune7

I fussy cut every single piece, after all I didn’t want any tits in any unfortunate places!

#M7577 #thimberlina #mccalls7577 #playsuit #jumpingintojune4

As each piece was cut I placed them together and tried to balance the pattern.

#M7577 #thimberlina #mccalls7577 #playsuit #jumpingintojune6

It felt a bit like doing a jigsaw!

#M7577 #thimberlina #mccalls7577 #playsuit #jumpingintojune5

Eventually I had all the pieces cut out for the front…… (note I purposely wanted nothing sprouting out of the front seam in the shorts!)

#M7577 #thimberlina #mccalls7577 #playsuit #jumpingintojune9

And the back……..

#M7577 #thimberlina #mccalls7577 #playsuit #jumpingintojune8

The whole pattern went together easily.  One of the things I did that wasn’t mentioned in the instructions was to topstitch the seam of the upper and lower back bodice.

#M7577 #thimberlina #mccalls7577 #playsuit #jumpingintojune11

As you can see above it just didn’t lay as flat as I would have like, even after pressing, but once top stitched close to the edge it was much neater.

#M7577 #thimberlina #mccalls7577 #playsuit #jumpingintojune12

A facing was applied to the front and neck opening.  I thought it was going to be too bulky so trimmed as much as possible away, turned them top stitched in place. 

#M7577 #thimberlina #mccalls7577 #playsuit #jumpingintojune26
#M7577 #thimberlina #mccalls7577 #playsuit #jumpingintojune25
#M7577 #thimberlina #mccalls7577 #playsuit #jumpingintojune13

The worst bit of the construction was gathering up the lower parts of the legs. If I had a sewing nemesis it would be gathers.  Come to think if it, I do have a sewing nemesis. It’s gathers!  So this was a nightmare and seemed to take forever. 

#M7577 #thimberlina #mccalls7577 #playsuit #jumpingintojune15

But it was all worth it!! Here’s it finished all ready for my hols. A week to spare and at my slimming world target weight! 

And here’s on the first night of our holiday at the end of June. 

#M7577 #thimberlina #mccalls7577 #playsuit #jumpingintojune19
#M7577 #thimberlina #mccalls7577 #playsuit #jumpingintojune18
#M7577 #thimberlina #mccalls7577 #playsuit #jumpingintojune20
#M7577 #thimberlina #mccalls7577 #playsuit #jumpingintojune21
#M7577 #thimberlina #mccalls7577 #playsuit #jumpingintojune22

 Though I love this version of the pattern I don’t think I’ll make it again. The ruffles stuck out and I did press the gathers to try and stop the legs looking too puffy.  

I think I’ll make a straight legged version, maybe the long legged version, especially as I still have athe back of the lace top to use as the contrasting back panel. 


  1. I love your perseverance, and attention to detail. I don’t have that much patience! It looks great, hopefully we’ll get some really hot weather here, and you can wear it again.

    • You must have the patience with all the lovely clothes you’ve made, and yes please to some scorching days 😎😎

  2. A great holiday garment. (I wish I tanned like you – I’m fair skinned and could challenge Casper the ghost for paleness).

    • thanks kim, I think i need more holidays to wear it more! the hubby is fair skinned too, though by the end of summer his freckles have usually joined up to give him some colour.

  3. So much to think about in all that cutting out… and you’ve totally pulled it off on every level – congratulations.

  4. What a stupendous Job Well Done ! ! !
    Too bad its not a garment to wear more often. Perhaps the best solution is taking more holidays? (he-hee!) 😂 😎

  5. You look fabulous, well done on the weight loss, I know how hard it is as I’m on that journey slowly, one pound at a time! The effort to get the gathers right is worth it, they look lovely and such a unique outfit. I know what you mean about pattern placement, I’m making summer trousers and am trying to avoid birds flying out my front and backside!

    • lol…birds flying from your nether regions is not a good luck!
      Keep going – I did mainly just one pound at a time and they soon add up and you’ll be where you want to be.

  6. Love the snippets I’ve seen (on IG?) and have been looking forward to this blog post. I often top stitch where there are no instructions to do so as it so often makes sense to do so. At first glance it looks like quite a simple make – until you showed us all those cut out pieces! The cream certainly shows off your tan to its best advantage:)

    • Thanks Sheila! It’s one of those makes that takes quite a bit of effort and won’t be worn much. Maybe I should dig it out for one of my dolled up days!

  7. corrineappleby says

    Congratulations on getting to your target weight and generally looking tanned and gorgeous! You’ve done a marvelous job on this playsuit – I hope the lace top sacrifice was worth it and you get to wear this again soon. Good for you for cutting out the pattern. I’m a tracer but that’s ‘cos I think I’ll mess up the pattern rather than sizing issues!

    • Thanks Corrine, i’m amazing how good I feel just loosing a few pounds! I’d love to be able to wear it again though not got anything soon I don’t think. Maybe I’ll just wear it at home and shock the post man, lol

  8. This made me smile because I’ve come to realise I can’t sew gathers to save my life! Yours look lovely to me fwiw 🙂

    • Thanks Amy. Someone mentioned on a FB post to use a twine and a zigzag stitch – I think I’ll give it a try next time.

  9. Back to Blighty says

    Congratulations on your weight loss – you look amazing!! The playsuit is so lovely – great choice of fabric and I love the lace detail. 🙂

    • Aw thankyou! I’ve loved sewing something out of my usual comfort zone, I just need more excuses to wear it again!

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