Sunday Sevens
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#SundaySevens 101

It’s a good job Natalie’s Sunday Sevens are free and easy with no hard and fast rules, cos I’d have broken them all by now.

I’m thinking for now I’ll post my Sunday Sevens fortnightly rather than weekly, so here’s my last 2 weeks…..


As usual I usually have something with me to do at work.  My main distraction is still this blanket which I also take to cricket.  I usually have a with me too pattern too on the off chance I get to cut it out.

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This is the canal basin in Elland.  This area was devastated by the Boxing Day Floods in 2015 but now looks amazing, I even have my own car park for when I’m stood by.  Well, it feels like my own as there’s only ever me there!

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Tea out….. Toffee fudge eclair.  I started at one end and the Hubby at the other.  We finished it!!  I’ve put his phone there so you can see just how big it is!

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The Tailors in Fartown has a new sign up…….

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog15

It’s a good job i did the unpicking on my sisters patio – such a messy job unpicking overlocked stitches.  The Prosecco made the task much more enjoyable!

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog14

The same evening…..Cyber Mom didn’t want her photo taking as you can see!

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog13

Me and my sis’ having a smiling competiton!

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Last Monday Hila from Saturday Night Stitch came for a Sewing Lunch…

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog11

And she brought her very cute Twinnies…… Sewing dates are great fun, and I’ll definitely be having more!

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That evening I played golf in the Evening League team at Baildon.  Stunning views, cold winds, and we all lost 😦

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The next day was Lady Captain’s day – it was so wet and miserable but our Lady Captain put on a great spread in the half way house with lots of lovely nibbles and prosecco.

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In the evening we had a Dinner with dancing…. Helen and I wore our handmade frocks.  Helen’s is the Beausoleil dress from Itch to Stitch.  I’m in love with the fabric she chose and might have to head down to Lucky Fashions before it’s all snapped up.

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And guess what…?!  I only went and came first and won a gorgeous Radley Handbag.  I played 3 under my handicap and I’ve not done that for ages and ages!!

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This wasn’t the meal at the Lady Captain’s Dinner!  2 days later I played in the semi final of the ladies knock out and won.  Egg & chips were my celebratory meal before I headed off to work.

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog5

That night a really funny thing happened.  After treating an elderly lady suffering from difficulty breathing we were getting her belongings together that she wanted to take to hospital.  She asks us to pack her book…… well, we all fell about laughing, and she was feeling well enough to see the funny side!  (she gave permission for me to take the photo).

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog4

Here’s cyber mom, or should I say Slimmer of The Week, sticking her sticker on her slimming book!

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As usual cricket’s taking over the summer, which can only mean one thing – not a lot of sewing but keeping the tan topped up……

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Saturday we went out for a meal with a big group from the Slimming Club.  They’re a great bunch and I love going to the classes even though I’m at target.  We went to Classic Persian in Bradford.  I’d highly recommend it to, and you can take your own alcohol as they’re not licensed.  You need to book though as it’s really busy – we booked a month ago and had to dine at 4pm as the evening was fully booked!

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So there we go….my Sunday Sevens…

Hope you enjoy your week and have a Sunny and Productive time wherever you are!

Thimbers x


  1. I’m with CyberMum on the close up face photo front! I hope she accompanied the gesture with the appropriate words 😉
    Love the book choice of the patient – I hope it didn’t come true!

    • I’ve since found out cyber mom was trying to be cool and maybe her hand was the wrong way round! ….the patient was ok thank goodness!!

  2. I can’t decide who has the biggest smile – you or your sister?! You are a happy bunch. x

  3. Great post. Well done winning that bag!
    I truly hope that book wasn’t a prediction 😱.

    • Thankyou, I was really pleased, I’ll now have to make a dress to match it!
      The lady was feeling much better, thank goodness, by the time she left for hospital 🤒🤕

  4. Shiver me Thimbers that was some week. Loved the eclair and the ladies reading matter. Say hello to cyber Mum for me please! x

  5. Great 2 weeks, Missus! Cannot imagine eating through that huge dessert as am not a toffee fan. Why waste calories if its not dark chocky is me motto ! Such cute twinsies, Hila – one looks like she’s grinning as wide as Ali! How do you always get such gorgeous golfing partners, Ali?! That’s a grand sign outside the cleaners/tailors. Wonderful catch-up Sunday ~ thanks again! xxx (Hello to Cyber Mum when you next speak!)

    • I shouldn’t have had the pudding at all – the spotty frock is looking doubtful for the races this saturday. Maybe I’ll have to have 2 days of water and soup! It’s funny how everyones taste buds differ – the dark choc doesn’t do it for me but there’s so much choice of sweet stuff I’m totally spoilt. I really need to try and keep my sweet tooth under control to keep the weight off though! xx

  6. That’s a monster eclair, that’s for sure; good job you had some help eating it. The Radley is a fantastic prize, you lucky thing! Just as well we English have a wicked sense of humour, so much so that your patient let you take a pic of her book for the blog. Must be a fab place to eat if it’s booked so far in advance, although the egg and chips did it for me – sometimes nothing else will do, lol.

    • The egg and chips were on the menu again this week but I didn’t have such a huge portion of chips 😟 The patient was really funny about the book – she really had no idea the relevance of the title!! Well, hopefully not! I’m loving the Radley bag and thinking I might have to make a new dress to match it!

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