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Here’s just a quickie to let you know about the next Dewsbury Meet Up.  I posted on Instagram a while ago but thought I’d best just add it here too as I know not everyone’s on there.  Apologies if you’re only just finding out and it’s too short notice for you to attend😢.

So we’re meeting from 9:30 at Weatherspoons.  I’ve called in the and they are going to reserve the small area immediately on the right so don’t worry if you’re coming alone, you”ll soon see a friendly face.


After an hour or so we can hit the shops!

I’ll be mainly at Lucky Fashions as they were going to close that day as they have a family wedding.  They were struggling to find someone to open it so I said I’d help out.

Once you’ve exhausted your purses we’ll meet up back at Weatherspoons for a bite to eat and a pattern and fabric swap for anyone who wants to join in.  You’ll need to hang on to your own swaps until then.

The day is very relaxed and you can do your own thing shopping etc.  Here’s a map to help you find your way around, I think you’ll be able to download it ok to your phones, if you can’t let me know and i’ll email it to anyone who needs it.  If there’s anything in particular you are looking for let me know and I’ll do my best to point you in the right direction.


Click on this link to download as a PDF ……..   sewdowndewsbury-map

Places to go……


Lucky Fashions

The Creative Craft Centre – who just so happen to be having a birthday bash on the day we’re visiting!


The Pound a Yard Shop

And not forgetting the market

Hopefully we’ll have lovely weather, but we’ll definitely have lots of fab sewing chatter and make new friends and catch up with old ones.

In the past I organised the goody bag swap and we made name badges.  I’m sorry I’ve not been on the ball organising this meet up (live has just been a bit crazy!) but I’m sure it will still be as good as previous ones, and we’ll all have a fab time.

Hope to see you on Saturday,

Thimbers xx


  1. Fiona M says

    Sorry, only just seen this! I missed it, then. Hope you all had a blast.
    My puppy is now 2 years old, so I am starting to venture back into my sewing room, now that he can be left to his own devices a bit.

  2. So how was it and how’s life? I’ve not been here much myself and am now trying to catch up on updates. I hope you are well.

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