Sunday Sevens
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#SundaySevens 2018 #1

Hello Lovelies!

I’m wondering should I mention my absence and apologise for it?  Or do I just crack on and bombard you with lots of photos of some of my goings on over the last few weeks?  Yea, I think I’ll just do that.

I picked up a leather skirt from a charity shop, it was either £5 or £10.  It needed shortening and taking in at the hips – I forgot I had done this, I must dig it out of the wardrobe!

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 1470

My birthday lunch back in October!

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 1469

Cyber mum….not looking to impressed but looking very slim!

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 1468

Girlie night out – the same place I went for my birthday but it’s totally different on a Friday night, when there is usually a band on. The food is always great – here’s the link if you live over this way and fancy going – Jeremy’s at The Boathouse

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 1467

More eating out!  Not wonder I’ve put on 1/2 stone (or more!) since I reached my target back in May last year!  This time for my sister’s birthday.

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 1466

Magnetic signs for above patient’s bed – I think I should have this permenantly stuck over my mouth!

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 1465

A rare sunny day for H and I to practice our putting.

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 1464

Proper Yorkshire puddings!

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 1463

Fell in love with these boots I found in TKMaxx

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 1462

Catching up with the cricket mums – this has reminded me that another one is now overdue!

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 1461

Another birthday meal out.  This time with my lovely niece Lucy is is now 20!! OMG, saying that makes me feel really old!  Do you remember the post about Lucy’s Lace when she borrowed my sewing machine for her GCSE textile project.

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 1460

As usual I found it difficult impossible to resist a pudding!

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 1459

I picked this up in a charity shop.  It’s destined for a refashion but still in the to do pile.

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 1458

Family photo – is H growing or are we shrinking?!

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 1457

H being in touch with his feminine side – swapping coats with his (now ex) girlfriend.

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 1456

Me and my bestie all ready for a night out.  Yes it was fancy dress, honest.

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 1455

Cyber pops turnbed 70 back in November and we had a few days away in Whitby.  My room was in the attic of an old house.  There was no wardrobe but instead this gorgeous hangers on a coat stand.

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 1454

My big brother who I don’t see too often as he lives down south.

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 1453

Family photo – it took quite a few attempts with the self timer before we got a half decent one!

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 1452

Our ladies golf team at the presentation night – we won the team championships back in April 2017 but the presentation is always later in the year.

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 1450

Every year we have a golf comp where we all dress up and play golf.  Unfortunately Sue and I got the date wrong and turned up dressed like this a week early!  Oops!  We still played in our costumes, and everyone had a laugh at our expense!

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 1448

Works Christmas do!  These are some of the crazy bunch who respond to your emergency calls!  We certainly know how to let our hair down!

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 1447

A little more sedate… overnight spa break at the Titanic Spa in Huddersfield.  I would recommend this place whole heartedly!

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 1446

The apartments which you stay in have balconies with stunning views.

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 1445

And there’s a fab menu with gorgeous puddings!

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 1444

A Chick flick night in our apartment finished off a fabulous day.

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 1443

Me at work!

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 1442

Christmas Twister!

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 1440

New Years Even celebrations…

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 1439

Eating out at the Alchemist in Leeds…. this looked amazing and tasted just as good.

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 1438

Our local ducks having a skate instead of a swim.

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 1437

Still trying to eat healthy and H photobombing.

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 1436

I’m in the middle of buying my own house!!  At 46 I kinda feel all grown up as I’ve never done it on my own.

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 1435

The house has a loft conversion!  Errmm…. I wonder what this room will be!

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 1434

I saw this crazy lamp in Debenhams and was tempted to buy it but it was £100!  I’ll watch out for it in the sales.

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 1433

I popped into Fabricate when they celebrated their first birthday and bought this little gem of a pattern.  I was hoping it spurs me on to dust off my sewing machine but it’s not worked yet.

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 1432

Cyber mom celebrated her birthday last month…

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 1431

And I’ve gotten back into photography, and had a go at taking pics of birds.  This was the best from about 500 i took in a day!

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 1430

H was measured at a friends house.  He is officially the tallest person they have had in their home.  Currently 6ft 3 in his stocking feet and not 16 until June!

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 1428

Lunch at Salts Mill in Shipley – they always, always have lilies and they smell devine.

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 1427

On the hook – I bought some variegated wool – each ball makes a 14 inch granny square – I’m hoping to make a big blanket for my spare room for when any of my lovely sewing buddies want to come and stay over!

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 1426

H looks even taller next to the mini trollies at IKEA!

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 1425

I found a cafe in Newark that serves tea in the most stunning china …some of which is for sale.

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 1424

I snaffled this bargain on ebay for my new house – only £26 and I managed to somehow get it in my modestly sized car!

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 1423

I’m still eating egg and chips! Not quite as often as I used to,  but more than I should.

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 1422

Road trip with the cyber parents!

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 1421

How tall!!!!

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 1420

And lastly, this popped up on my Facebook feed…………love it!!

#sundaysevens #thimberlina #sewingblog 1419

Sunday Sevens – nothing like what I’ve just done – it’s usually a weekly blog post of 7 ish pics from your week.  It started a long time ago by Natalie at Threads and Bobbins and it’s now followed and joined in by many.

And now after going back and reading Natalies blog she too is playing catch up too so I don’t feel so bad, and am going to follow her suit and pinch her title for 2018.  Wanting to join in too?  Go one….it’s great to see what happens in other peoples lives in different corners of the world.

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I sew and play golf. I blog about my sewing as I don't think you'd want to read about my golf. It's bad enough watching it on telly! Contact me via email -


    • Hi Sam, thankyou! I have been a bit busy, and sometimes I think life gets a bit dull, but then Sunday Sevens really makes me realise how lucky I am to have such great family, and friends – in real life and here xx

  1. Glad you’re back lovely 😘. Congratulations on your new home too 🙌🏻🙌🏻 Some fab piccies there Ali xx

  2. LOVELY LADY ! ! ! ! ! ! !
    💕 🍷 💐 🎈
    WONDERFUL to see you back, and in excellent form, too!
    CANnot believe how tall H is!
    What colour is your new kitchen (going to be or already is)??
    Send me your address via email!
    Stunning post & am so glad you just got on with it.
    Talk soon? Lots of luv! xoxoxo

    • Thanks Robyn, it’s not quite mine yet but hopefully in the new future! I think H is very handsome too, but I am very biased, so it’s good to hear it from others. xx

  3. Pam (sweetpeagreen says

    Good to see you back Ali!😚

    The new house looks lovely – good and solid – and really, there is no better use for an attic 😃

    • Thanks Pam! It feels good to be back! I can’t wait to get sewing in the attic and I think I’m going to host a few sewing gatherings in my new home! Exciting times ahead!

  4. Well I don’t know where to begin but I’ll try.
    You look very happy, H looks very tall and Cybermum looks very small.
    I have a lamp like that but it’s a poodle instead of a gorilla.
    I love the look of the new house. Was the loft conversion a big selling point? – silly question.
    If anybody is allowed to let their hair down and go mad on a night out it must be the wonderful paramedics.
    I always wondered who on earth bought some of the ‘out there’ shoes they sometimes have in TK Maxx. Now I know. 🙂
    Welcome back, we’ve missed you

    • Lol….your comments always make me smile! the TKMaxx one especially this time! I wore them to a do with my back jumpsuit and felt like something from Saturday Night Fever!
      The loft is just an amazing space, and it has a converted basement too, which H is getting excited about as it will be his man cave! Shame we’ll be 3 floors apart!
      thanks for the welcome back, it feels good, and now i just need to get back in my sewing and blogging groove, and see what all my lovely pals have been up to!

  5. Well hello1 First up, your pins in the fancy dress picture!! Well done on the house purchase, and the loft conversion is begging you to dust off the sewing machine as the coat pattern needs to be made and the jacket refashioned. The bird photo is amazing.
    Lovely to see the cyber pair, and your boy. Lovely set of Sunday Sevens. Take care xx

    • Aw thanks Cathy for your lovely comments, I’m feeling a bit out of it all but looking forward to catching up with you’re up to too xx

  6. Showing up in the christmas gear on the wrong day was too funny–

    H is still quite the handsome young giant. My dad at his prime was barely an inch more than that, and tall as a youth too.

    That house looks great–I hope it works out well. I bought my own house when I was about 40 or 42, and it was a great thing to feel able to do what i wanted with all the nooks and rooms. I think it’d be great for you to have sewing friends over when it all comes through.

    That works do looks like a load of fun, and I love that purple on you. That grey shirt with the collar above is great too.

    No idea if I mentioned everything i wanted to while reading, but I’m just very glad to see you back and looking good.

    • the Christmas gear thing was proper funny! More so because in previous years I’ve never made such an effort, I’ve usually just worn a Christmas jumper and tinsel. So when we went completely OTT on the wrong day we did made everyone laugh!

  7. Yay ! you’re back! I was just hunting yesterday for a link with an email address to send you an “are you ok”message. Have missed your posts but can see you’ve been busy.

    • Aw Thankyou, I’ve been in the same predicament before when people I’ve followed go quiet. I’m now back and hopefully I’ll catch up and share my few makes and get back on it. Thanks again for your concern 😘😘

    • It’s good to be back! I didn’t realise just how much I’d missed it until today. We’re a crazy pair, we didn’t realise at first we’d got it wrong, we just thought done if the other ladies hadn’t bothered to make an effort 🙄🙄

  8. It was lovely to see you in Fabricate, and I’m so glad you’re back in cyberland too! Your turning up for golf on the wrong day made me laugh so much…I did the same thing in primary school and the whole class laughed at me, don’t think I ever got over it 😂
    I’m intrigued about the cafe in Newark, we often visit there…my mum was born in Newark and so was my hubby, and now our son lives down the road in Sleaford (he’s in the RAF).
    Anyway, I’m so pleased your back. Good luck with the house move, it looks perfect x

    • Lovely to see you too! It does make me wonder how much our paths have crossed before blogging as we have ended up in the same place a couple of times just by chance!
      I’ll have to look on the map and try and work out where the café is. If I remember rightly though, is off the market square And I think I spotted the air Ambulance charity shop nearby. But I might be wrong🙈
      Have you seen the art and craft exhibition centre near sleaford? I’ve not been yet but it’s on my list of places to visit. Xx

      • I’ll have a look, think we’re stopping off in Newark tomorrow en-route to babysitting in Sleaford! Not seen the art and exhibition centre, but guess where I’ll be going….although maybe not with my 4yr old grandson in tow 😂 I know what you mean about crossing paths…my hubby was born in Newark where we often visited my mum’s family; we both went to St Anne’s every year on holiday, then worked for same bank in Liverpool and then moved to Leeds like me….we then worked one floor apart and didn’t actually meet until I got promoted and put on the next desk!! If Cupid is real he’d have been banging his head against a brick wall 😂😂

  9. I’m glad to see you back, Ali. I enjoyed all your photos and laughed out loud about the wrong date! Congratulations on your new home – it looks fab. I love the idea of both a loft conversion AND a fitted basement. Anne x

    • Aw, thanks Anne, it’s really good to be back. Hopefully there’ll be chance to meet up again this year, I’ll be organising another #sewdowndewsbury once I get a date for moving into my new home. xx

  10. Thrilled you’re back with your photos, a new house with the perfect sewing space and posts of your son who just keeps on growing. Enjoy setting up your own place. Looking forward to your future sewing projects. 👍

  11. Ali looks like life’s been throwing lots of changes at you. Hope everything works out well in your new place and you are happy there. Sewing will return on its own…don’t worry about it.

  12. Welcome back Ali. You might have been quiet online but you seem to have been very busy in real life. Your new house is lovely – good luck with the move. I hope you will be very happy there 😃.

  13. Fiona M says

    So good to see you back! Fab photos as always, love the ones of your 50 foot son!

  14. So great to have you back in Blogland – I’VE MISSED YOU!!
    So funny about the golf fancy dress mix up; that is exactly what I would do and then brazen it out. H is going to have to stoop when negotiating a standard doorway soon, isn’t he? LOVE your new house, especially the sewing room. A basement, too? How utterly fabulous! Please feel free to inundate us with millions of photos as soon as possible. Can you email me your new address when all is finalised please? Lots of love. Xx

  15. Hello there! Love the story about the fancy dress Christmas mix-up – I would have been red in the face ALL day if that had been me! And thanks for the reminder about the lovely food at Salts Mill – I must head over there when I’m back in Yorkshire next week. Good luck in your new place, it looks like a lovely building with lots of history x

  16. What a lovely catch up post! ❤ Sooo many photos and so many smiles 🙂 Your new house looks fab. Great to see your mum looking so slim and so well – as for you, hate to nag, but do try to nip the increase in weight in the bud, or half a stone quickly turns into a stone. Time you told H to stop grown, methinks. Great to see you blogging again. Reading your post made my Sunday xx

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  18. So how are you? We’re eager for the next installment! This is like in the old days when you had to wait for a new sequel, perhaps over the summer season or a few years for a film, instead of just finding it instantly online and binge-watching a series. I hope you’re well.

    • Aw, I’m good Thankyou 😘😘the next chapter in my life had started..I moved into my new home 2 weeks ago today. I e not got my Mac set up or have WiFi but I will next week. You’ll have to wait another week or so. Love your comments, thankyou 😍

      • Oh, I’m so glad you actually followed through with the new house. We got as far as putting a huge downpayment on one two years back, and the $%^%&^ owners stole it for ransom (!) and we had to get a different lawyer to get some of it back. They stole US $6,000.00 right off the top, and we had not even done anything bad, just got robbed. I am glad it has worked out well for you.

    • Hello! Yes, all is well, I’m all settled in my new home and just need to get my brain into gear and start blogging again. I’ve done a little bit of sewing so hopefully I’ll be getting back on top of things. Hope your well too 😊

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