Sunday Sevens
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2018 – Sunday Seven Style

Happy New Year!!!

Hope you’re feeling well rested and your seams aren’t bursting after the festive period!

Let’s hope I can remember how to do this! The format of how I’m doing this has changed but hopefully I’ll have a blog post by the end of the day!

To say it’s been a while is an understatement. I only managed 2 blogs posts in the whole of 2018, so instead of writing thread to the needle of what I’ve been up to, in true Sunday Sevens style I’ll give you 2018 in photos. I’ll write a separate post of the few bits and pieces I’ve made, and about the Spoolettes meet up.

Little H has gotten taller, cyber mum has to improvise when she needs a cuddle!
H went off to Italy at Easter skiing with his school.

I’m getting my wear out of my 80s fancy dress gear! Just a night out at the local with my golfing buddies!

No Sunday Sevens post would be complete without cake or the like. I can honestly say that this monster of a scone beat me, and I don’t say that very often, if ever!
I met up with some lovely sewing ladies whose faces I’m sure you’ll recognise.
On our way to Portugal for our annual ladies golfing trip. We didn’t stop laughing (and drinking!) for the whole week!
The rest of the golfing ladies in Portugal
I bought a house! Blog post to follow…
My sister and her hubby were my first guests to come with wine!
And cyber mum and pops were my first visitors to come for tea!
H’s football team won the league and the cup final

I helped a friend set up her very old sewing machine. Google is a marvellous thing, we were able to find the instructions online.
It’s a Necchi Lydia Mk 2
A trip to Edinburgh sight seeing
An impromptu meet up in Leeds with Eleanor, Chris and Hila.
Whilst working I spotting a swan nesting alongside the canal in Elland. Unfortunately I never got to see the offspring.
H’s graduation ceremony
Family celebrations for H’s 16th birthday at Nandos. Even if you’re not into chicken it’s worth going just for the slab of carrot cake afterwards!
Sunset from my attic (lady cave) window.
H played lots of cricket (again) in summer.
H’s last day at High School
I bumped into Margaret from Crafty Creek at work – twice in a week!
A windy day out with my camera on the east coast.
H all ready to go to his Prom
Arriving with his pals in style in a vintage bus.
A scorching weekend in Mid Wales
My first house guest – Sheila from SEWCHET – all the way from South Somerset. I arranged a meet up for the Spoolettes – further post to follow – better late than never!
A Hen Do in Manchester. The morning after…I think the sun glasses stop us looking as rough as we felt!
H struggles to get shorts long enough so I’ve started buying cheap jeans and shortening them. I really should make him some don’t you think?
H ready with his pals for the Leeds Fest. This was also the day he picked up his GCSE results (he got 8). I was more nervous for him going there than collecting his results. I should really have taken a picture when I picked him up 4 days later, looking like a muddy zombie!!
H’s first day at College – he’s currently studying a BTEC in Sport at Yorkshire Cricket College.
My sister and I received our Queens Medal for 20 years frontline ambulance service. We actually had 23 years but they’re always behind with the awards! (pictured with our Chief Exective)

Proud parents
Crazy Sisters!
A birthday gift – golf balls with my age on!
I’ve started a crafternoon tee at the golf club as lots of my golfing buddies are sewers too and have other crafty talents. We meet every 5 weeks. If any of you are local and want to join us, it’s a Monday, and the next one is on the 14th Jan.
Our village knitters and crocheters made lots of poppies to create this display for Remembrance Sunday.
We dressed up for a annual Turkey & Tinsel golf competition.
Christmas Dinner at mine.
It was actually the Sunday before Christmas I made dinner as I was working over Christmas. I moved the furniture from the lounge and cyber pops set up the emergency table.
As I worked the New Year too I had a party on the 4th Jan, no photos but lots of empty glasses!
At the end of the year H measured in at a smidging under 6ft 5 inches!

I’m hoping 2019 will be more productive in the sewing room. I’ve been busy decorating and doing other bits and pieces around my new home, and getting used to living on my own and being a grown up! I’ve made a promise to myself I’ll keep up to my blogging as I have really missed you guys, and am looking forwards to seeing what’ll be making in the New Year.

Cheerio for now

Thimbers xx


    • Thanks Margaret, it was busy! I’m hoping to be busy in the sewing room this year, and catching up on what everyone else is doing, I’m in need of some inspiration.

  1. Lisa says

    Fab year in pictures! So glad you’re back! Looking forward to another Spoolettes get together too 🙏😆 xxx

    • Thanks Lisa! I’ve just been looking at some dates, and am thinking of doing 2 this year. A Wednesday one, soonish (6th March) and a Saturday one – 13th July. Do them dates suit you xx

      • Lisa says

        Ooh fab 2 sounds brill! I can’t do the 6th March one though as I’m on a course 5 & 6 March 😫 xx

  2. Hooray! You’re back! You decamped to the parallel universe known as Instagram where everything has to start with # and I’m not keen – so I’ve missed you.

    • HI Lynn! I promise I haven’t moved across to the dark side, I’ve been fairly quiet on there too, but not as quiet as on here. Looking forward to seeing what you’ve been up to too xx

  3. Finally! I was wondering how are you and what is going on with you! I even planned to send an email! Welcome back! I’m glad to see that your ever great smile hasn’t changed a bit! 🙂

  4. Lucie says

    Yay!! Good to see you. I’ve just started sewing again and I’m considering returning to my blog too!! Happy New Year!! Xx

    • Hi Lucie, Happy New year to you too! Life just gets in the way of all the crafty goodness, I hope you do get back sewing, it’d be great to see. Are you still cycling? You could make some snazzy tops to get you noticed out there xx

  5. Missed your blog & Sunday sevens, glad to see you back. I’ve been just as bad with mine but resolved to not take on so much this year so I can start spending more time on things I enjoy,
    You look like you’ve had a busy but great year & it looks like what your doing is suiting you😃

    • Thanks Nicky, yea, busy and life changing, but I’m happy and looking forward to getting my creative juices flowing in my new sewing room. Happy New Year! x

  6. Good to see you back, Ali, looks like you’ve had a busy year. Looking forward to seeing more of you!

    • Hi Sam, Thanks! I’m looking at arranging a couple of meet ups in Dewsbury again so hopefully we’ll be able to have a catch up xx

    • Thanks Sandra! I probably have packed too much in which is why I’ve not had time to sew. Hopefully 2019 will be more creative and productive. Hope its a fab one for you too!

  7. Yay!!!! I was so excited to read this. As I have told you already…..I missed you. Your boy has grown into a very tall and good-looking young man. I know you are very proud of him. I love the look of your new house. I can’t wait to read more about it.
    Welcome back!

    • Thanks Robyn!
      It was your email that finally gave me the kick up the backside i needed to get back on here! So a BIG thankyou!! x

    • Aw Del thankyou! I bet you almost fell off your chair when i popped up in your feed, lol!
      We need to have that FaceTime soon, and i’m arranging a meet up in July if you fancy a trip to the UK – long shot but you never know! xxxx

  8. Good Morning and how wonderful to start my day with reading this post. What a year you had, Edinburgh and Wales too. Your son is tall isn’t he? I missed your smile. Happy New Year and so very glad you are here again.

    • Morning Cathy! Happy New Year to you too!
      He’s a big one for sure, I think he’ll be wanting me to sew for him if he gets any taller, but at the moment he’s too much into branded clothes. x

  9. Welcome back Ali!
    I think about you often and it’s great to see you settling happily into your new life.
    Glad you’re still golfing too (LOVE the Santa outfit!), hopefully 2019 will be the year we manage to play a round together x

    • Thanks Karen!
      Yes we should really get a game of golf organised – when it gets a bit warmer! I’m playing through the winter but only to keep the swing going! x

      • Lol I know what you mean, we got SOAKED on Monday and I wondered at my sanity!
        Looked at the dates you mentioned, I can do 6th March but we’re on holiday for the July one x

  10. Anne says

    Lovely to see you back blogging. Hope you have a wonderful 2019 as you settle into your new life. I would love to meet up with you (even play golf with you? – though that would have to after my foot recovers from #metatarsal.) – hopefully at the next Spoolettes if you’re doing another. x

    • Thanks for stopping by Anne, lovely to hear from you. Hope you’re soon fixed and back golfing. And yes, I’d love to arrange a game, hopefully when you’re back in action the weather will have warmed up too.
      The dates i’m looking at for the next meet up (and going to hopefully have a Wednesday and a Saturday one) are the 6th March and the 13th July. Hope you’ll be good for one of these days. Wishing you a speedy recovery xx

  11. corrineappleby says

    Yay, glad to have you back! I’m not surprised you only managed the 2 blog posts – it looks like you’ve been so busy! Pleased to hear you may organise another Dewsbury meet-up. I’d love to go!

    • Hi Corrine, yes hopefully you’ll be able to make the next meet up, one of them is going to be a Wednesday, and I assume you’ll be working, but the Saturday one is looking like the 13th July so fingers crossed you’ll be able to make that one xx

      • corrineappleby says

        Fabulous! I think I can make that one. I’ll pencil it in the calender. Not that I need more fabric!

  12. Hi, hi, hi! Welcome back…and what a lovely pack of photos! I love the one of H and Cybermum in specially arranged hugs. And his shortened pants with bare knees. And all of happy times you’ve been having in your new home. And you were in Wales! When? Not August I hope? I’d be so sad to have missed you. Look forward to seeing new posts again, we’ve missed you. ❤

    • Hi Jen, lovely to hear from you! No it wasn’t August, it was July when I was in Wales. Have you any plans to travel again this year? You’ll have to let me know if you do. xxxxx

  13. That’s a lovely catch up. I may Nick your photo style when I eventually get round to updating my blog. Welcome back 😊

  14. What a busy year for you! It’s great to hear from you here and to see what you’ve been up to.

    It never occurred to me that there are cricket colleges, but if he’s suited to it, that’s great–good for his team for doing so well.

    I love the santa suit–

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