Sunday Sevens
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Sunday Sevens 2020-1

Looking back I never knew how I used to find photos from my week that warranted writing about. I’ve just had a look through the photos I’ve taken over the last week and bit the bullet and am going to try and get back into my Sunday Sevens.

I started the week with meeting my sewing wify Lisa. We called at Yorkshire Born and Thread. They were having a pop up sale, I bought this gorgeous flocked chiffon type fabric, There’s just over 2 metres and I’m thinking Pussy Bow blouse with fancy sleeves. It has an amazing drape and soft feel to it.

There’s a lovely country pub, The Hare and Hounds, only 2 minutes drive away so we popped in for a spot of lunch. It’d have been rude not to! Definitely worth a visit if you’re in the area.

Tuesday is normally my golf day when I’m not working, but yet again the foul weather closed the course. Before meeting the ladies for lunch (we still usually go down for a catch up) I managed to make a new pair of trousers using Newlook 6217.

I’ve struck up a deal with one of my golfing budding who is an amazing knitter. She’s going to knit me a jumper and I’m going to make her a Sapporo coat. This is the jumper I’ve chosen, now I just need to decide on the wool. Or yarn if I’m using proper lingo!

This might seem weird me posting the next pic which is a screen shot. I’m usually a rubbish sleeper and manage on 5-6 hours but I woke on Wednesday after having over 8 hours!! I felt like I’d had a weeks holiday😂

After all that sleep I had too much energy so had to burn some off. How else do you do that but go fabric shopping! A friend has just had a baby and I’m making the Honey Dew Hoodie so popped into Fabricate Mirfield and bought this:

Inspired by the pic on the left I cut out a new top. I used Threadcount Patterns 1902 as a starting point, and redrafted the sleeves to make them big and floaty. It’s nearly finished but here’s how it started. I inserted 1 1/2 inches where each of the broken lines are on the sleeve head.

A long overdue girls night out on Friday 🍷

I’d been rummaging through my stash and found this fabric which I bought at Ditto back in August 2016. Turns out my sewing wify has the exact same fabric so I’ve challenged her to sew something up with hers, and I will with mine. We’ve a 4 week dead line. If you’ve something too special to cut into in your stash why not join our little challenge. The hashtag on insta is #cutmeupandsewme

To finish off the week I had a walk with my ‘friend’ to Hartshead Pike. The views were amazing. I think this is the first blue sky I’ve seen on a weekend this year! He took a panoramic shot on the iPhone – he started it and as e moved the phone away from where I was, I ran round the back of him to be in view at the other side of the pic. I’d not seen this before but I think it’s pretty cool!

So that’s my week! Hope you’ve had a good one too!

Cheerio for now

Ali x

Fancy joining in Sunday Sevens or wondering what it’s all about? Head over to Natalie’s blog Thread and Bobbins and read all about it…..

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  1. Lisa says

    Hooray!!! The wifeys back with her Sunday sevens 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 !!! Ooh I’ve missed these! Xxx

  2. There are still a few Sunday Seveners about, not me. Loved sharing your week- can’t beat the round the back shot- how many of us have school photos where someone did that!

  3. A good week on the fabric buying front 😀
    I love the panoramic photo. It reminded me of school photos where someone was challenged to be on both ends. I was never brave enough 😂

  4. So enjoyable to see your Sunday Seven pop up in my reader! Will try to remember and take some piccies this week to keep you company next Sunday. But wow! How many fabric shops do you have round you over there?? 🙀

    • We’ve got sooooo many Del, we’re spoilt rotten! Gonna catch up on yours now I’ve just seen your other comment XX

      • Spoiled rotten your folks definitely are!
        But given all the decades of fibre production, sheep raising, yarn spinning, and so forth, guess you’ve earned ’em. Not that we’re not green with envy! 💚💚💚

  5. Good for you for doing the Sunday sevens–I missed them. Sleep is so important and I’m glad you got enough.

    That expensive shirt could certainly be made for less than four hundred quid and is attractive in its way–have fun with it. I always get sucked into gorgeous drawings like Marfy and find that the reality in fabric doesn’t quite match my fantasy–

    • They certainly know how to market stuff, all the inspiration online gets very expensive! I’m in the wrong job😂

      • I think it’s often just fantasy–I imagine that some gorgeous drawing like a Marfy pattern or some kind of lovely visual would make me slim and gorgeous and young, and it bugs me if it doesn’t and I blame the pattern!

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